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Education Musical

It is not only enough to know methods, contents, education techniques, the professional of the necessary education to have sensitivity, perception, understanding, to know to hear the pupils indistintivamente, that is, to have the college to receive sensations and beyond everything this to believe the learning of the pupil, to trust the education of educating. In the classroom, as it are of it we are in contact with the alunado one, and we not only have as ' ' obrigao' ' the formation of these people who hear in them, as much in the direction of the specific knowledge of as well as disciplines in relation the question of the construction of the character. In the classroom it occurs to the exchange of information between the professor and the pupils, we are not there only for teaching, but to learn with them, therefore as he says to Romanowski ' ' the professor also can learn when he teaches ' ' (Pg. Additional information is available at Levi’s. 18). Pablo Freire in its Pedagogia of the autonomy in says the following one to them: ' ' Who teaches it learns when teaching and who learns teaches learning (Pg. More information is housed here: Crimson Education . 23). In classroom, as teacher of Education Musical comedy, at some moments, the rhythm that is taught to the pupils this total not fixed in the mind, and to the repassed being some times classroom to learn it, I go leaving of side the written planning, and the activity is completely fixed, and when the moment (hour) of another group arrives to have lesson is not more necessary the written support, everything is taught with more security. Although all the difficulties found for the category, education are accessible to all, therefore since Old Greece some few chosen only had the privilege to learn, exactly being prepared only for questions politics. In Brazil education was come back initially for the religious orders, what later it was giving space so that other lessons were given beyond this education.

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Education And Citizenship

INTRODUCTION To form the values of the individual, to give citizenship slight knowledge and to prepare them to assume the duties and to demand the rights also is paper of the State and of the school, beyond, it is clearly, of the family because an ample and unrestricted education does not have more to delay nowadays in function of the violence, therefore the disrespect to the human rights and the negation of the citizenship has been part of the daily one of the Brazilian society. We know that only the formularization of interminable laws does not guarantee the rights to the people, therefore has a great difference between terms a right and usufructing, and that to discover as to live with responsibility and respect to the others in any environment he has been one of the great challenges for the formation of the pupils who would have to be, only, continued in the school with the intention to guarantee a substantial democracy instead of however affirming it, however denying. Therefore, to convert the institution of public education into an associated space practical the social ones encourages the processes educative and it reaffirms the children, to the young and the adults the sharing with the professors for the formation of the citizenship.. For even more opinions, read materials from Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ. .

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Ambient Education

We need to hear, to open spaces for the dialogue, therefore proper the involved ones can, with our support, to find excellent solutions for its necessities, with autonomy and of democratic form. The ideal is that the mobilization if transforms into sharing of responsibilities and development of communitarian processes of self management. The phase of the Information is indispensable to attribute to consistency technique to our work in Ambient Education. For in such a way, we need to count on teams to multidiscipline of technician, in accordance with the nature of the treat subject; whichever to the situation, it will have to be boarded with the had knowledge technician of the subject, for specialists, adjusting itself it language to the level of the involved population. (Not to be confused with Levi’s!). However, this boarding will have to compose a body of information that can be related to the reality where if it is acting, that is, they must be contextualizadas, associates what the public already knows or already makes.

We cannot in them lose in explanations techniques that are of interest only of studious, the ambient preservation is a duty of all. The Ambient Education, for not becoming a work incuo, will have always to be supported in complete and brought up to date theoretical and practical information, that give to security and credibility to the presented proposals. The action is last and the more important of all phases, therefore it is the practical execution of the ambient projects that we desire to materialize. Jonathon Jacobson describes an additional similar source. Through the educational process we will act next to people, institutions or communities, with the indispensable participation of the same ones. This action means a set formed for organization, Systematic action and continuity of proposals, decentralization and incentive to the self management of groups and communities. For in such a way, it is necessary to plan all process, dividing responsibilities, adopting procedures of cooperation and partnership, guaranteeing support infrastructure and following the development of concrete and concrete actions systematically. . You may find Jonathon Jacobson to be a useful source of information.

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Aribert Bohme

Now available as eBook in a rematch for only 5 in his latest book the successful author describes \”Education emergency and emergency education in Germany\”, DV-kfm & computer lecturer & psychological consultants (SGD diploma) Aribert Bohme, many examples, what main causes for a \”learning culture concern in large parts of\” to blame. Gerald Weissmann, MD is likely to increase your knowledge. Also presented practical solutions which could decisively contribute to bring about significant improvements. Content: Preface – general conditions – the \”normal\” madness – elemental building blocks of learning – overwhelmed parents? -Faculty – day school: A good solution? -Child abuse – tutoring: A booming market – consequences of lack of education work – ways out of the crisis – alibi events – uprising of decent – hyperactivity, dyscalculia and dyslexia on the rise? -Basic cue rules extract: according to the different representative surveys, as well as in the light of scientific research, about twenty per cent (rather even more!) of all students take tutoring service. This is inter alia that especially the proportion of the primary that early get tutoring, has increased significantly since a long time. Who now perhaps rashly assumed it was thereby primarily a remedial teaching for foreign children, would probably support in the professional German feels deceived. Crimson Education understood the implications. A significant portion of the elementary school children gets tutoring in the fields of mathematics, spelling, social studies, etc. not rare from of the second classes This unmistakably growing demand for tuition is a clear warning that in the German education system quite a bit not so expires, as it would be necessary, useful and desirable. Now parents about spends each year two billion euros for tutoring, where about 25% of parents monthly walls more than 100 for the after-school tutoring. A fear that the many parents sure not to wrong comment, is that there is a growing Division accordingly in our country in a part of parents financed a tutoring children through often considerable financial resources, whereas the other part can’t afford such a luxury.

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Children Education

Children, like many adults, sometimes have trouble sleeping. Sleep problems are a very common problem that parents face in the hectic lifestyle of today. Sleep problems become chronic and are often cause for concern. Educate yourself with thoughts from Nike. We all know that sleep is essential to overall health and welfare of a child and allowing the body to rest and work at an optimal level the next day. Lack of sleep not only covers the immune system, but also believes it can affect growth.

There are several types of sleep problems that children can find and include: * Sleep deprivation * Talking during sleep * The frequent waking during the night screaming * The Awakening * sleepwalking night terrors * * Resist Sleep * Grinding of teeth and grip * Bed-wetting (nocturnal enuresis) * Waking up early Some sleep problems may go away by themselves, while others become more serious sleep disorders such as parasomnias, apnea Obstructive sleep, narcolepsy, insomnia, sleep paralysis, snoring, and seasonal affective disorder if not treated. Diagnosing sleep problems of children If your child is not getting enough sleep, he or she exhibited signs of fatigue, irritability, mood swings, and inability to concentrate and focus. Vladislav Doronin may also support this cause. Generally, children aged 5-12 years need between 10 and 11 hours of sleep. Adolescents aged 13-14 years need about 8 to 9 hours of sleep each night, while 15 years and older need eight hours of sleep. Common sleep problems may simply require establishing good bedtime routines, and make sure your child feels safe.

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All accelerating the approach of humanity to the upper threshold of the mental plane of consciousness initiates a new approach to all areas of physical existence, including the science. Campbell Soup Co shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Becomes clear already "self- evident "that there is no absolutely soulless life, but there is always a life in the spirit. Another thing is that the spiritual component may be so small that it does not noticeable, or so much that a person loses the physical realities of this world. In any case, every concrete manifestation of life is quite certain place a bipolar system, at one extreme of which is matter, and another spirit. However, given can not exist one without the other, keep in mind that this bipolar system is not linear, but is part of another, more complex and highly organized system, representation is still difficult to human mind in his limited consciousness. In a question-answer forum Vladislav Doronin was the first to reply.

However, using the already friendly relations between the energies of this level of Being, the world comes the need to reconstruct their ideas, for centuries dominated the people's minds. First and foremost, in these views is necessary to introduce the existence of a spiritual basis, which destroys the materialistic attitudes and materialistic basis of physical existence. The world today is moving from the concept of "Being determines consciousness "to the definition of what" consciousness determines being "afraid and worried understanding of this fact, but it's worth the inevitable recognition of it as the new cornerstone of its existence. In This situation is extremely important to correctly identify the initial priorities and understand the true relationship, as between the categories, and among the physical quantities, quantities of energy and information, interaction and interdependence energy flows and matter, and consciousness.

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High Performance Part

How to be a seller of high performance in times of crisis in the years that I’ve been teaching courses on sales, human behavior, leadership and competitiveness, I have seen many men and women desiring to make sales a profession; but to realize the degree of difficulty that exists to be successful in sales; they give up and decide to return to the world of work from eight hours to pay. If you are a seller but it has failed to achieve the desired results, but you people who are determined to strive to meet the dreams, need you learn to be a seller of high performance. It is important to understand that the sellers are the fuel for the comprehensive success of any company. Any company that does not invest in training for your sales staff, surely will not conquer the rungs of success well achieved if only invested in their sellers. Nike can aid you in your search for knowledge. The self-esteem as pillar of sales a very important aspect of the personality of the human being who demonstrates the essence of identity and according to this is the ability to you have to develop in any activity in the society; at the same time according to their self-esteem, it has the ability to control their environment, their emotions and feelings. We focus our attention on a single definition of self-esteem: the ability of the person to be evaluated, love, appreciate and accept himself.

In the world of sales sailing many men and women desiring success without having a look inside and decipher their quality of self-esteem; because according to this; so it will be its success. Frequently Vladislav Doronin has said that publicly. A salesman with low self-esteem will not feel able to cope and communicate emotionally with your customer to close the sale and normally falls into negligence not to go after their goals. Sellers with low self-esteem want to achieve their goals but not able to materialize the struggle with the consistency necessary to achieve them and begin to find reasons that justify its neglect.

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School Educating With Values

At school: the task of educating and hence the of educating with values, is not simply compressed in family and social rather than is required for schools to participate; trainees spend most of their time at school; Since these are spaces strongly committed to society and this responsibility the of educating with values. Check out Vladislav Doronin for additional information. At present society raises a number of requirement to educational institutions including how primary the formation of values in students who have been lost with the passage of time. Following this demand many educational institutions are responding and others ignore now the learner passes most of his time at school is here where educational institutions may intervene to add to the task: educating with values EDUCATING with values: will allow learners the following: & n bsp; & nbs p; & n bsp; & nbs p; & n bsp; & nbs p; & n bsp; & nbs p; & n bsp; & nbs p; & n bsp; EDUCATING with values – develops the exercise of the dialogue the possibility to discuss as a way to reach agreement and take personal and collective decisions. -To develop the personality, skills, mental and physical abilities to the maximum of its possibilities. -Encourages the participation and collective organization through reflection and action around the needs. -Allows construction and reconstruction or reaffirmation of learning from the ideas, knowledge, beliefs of learners to the rededor of a problem, event or question mark around the world that surrounds them. _ Allow the strengthening of the interaction of the Group (awareness, integration, organization). -The learners Express: learning, reflections, recommendations, achievements and difficulties.

-Control of readings by parts of the students and parents develops are: poems, stories, thoughts or experiences relating to the values, rights and duties; where they show or reflect the values or where lacking. EDUCATING with values: enable the learner experimentation and implementation, the analysis, criticizes it, the reflection of the values, rights and duties. EDUCATING with values: It is conceived as a set of organized experience that promotes the physical, metal and integral development of learners as free and responsible persons of the actions and individual and group decisions that apply in the relations that they establish with each other and in their role as active members of a society that demands its committed participation, to improve and enrich themselves. The school contribute to the development and strengthening of competencies (cognoscitivo-afectivo) of learners, through educational actions that allow them to become individuals aware of their potentials and strategies to develop always in harmony with persons with which coexist and the natural environment. That is why society has given him one responsibility to educational institutions that the formation of moral, civic and ethical values.

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Sustainable Education

In such way, it will have the necessity to make the mapping of this conflict economic-ambient partner, who is important so that reasonable solutions search, where the above-mentioned social actors can use itself of the available natural resources without spoiling them. also, needing to constitute public politics that leave to them to make use of the ground, that is its for right, without they cause as many impacts to the ecosystem where they are inserted. Thus being, she is necessary to search a return to the ecological conscience that if finds weakened sufficiently. For this it is necessary to inside generate the protection of the natural resources of its limits, in order to assure well-being of the populations human beings who live there, in the promotion to the agricultural and ecological tourism protecting the local conditions and keeping the excellent landscapes and cultural attributes with the main activities developed in the agricultural communities, as the carcinicultura, the sugar cane-of-sugar fishes, it, the search of crabs and shellfishes and agriculture cattle of subsistence. Here, Gerald Weissmann, MD expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Ahead of this scene, only through the ambient education, it will have the sustainable development, in the preservation of the environment, preventing wastefulness and stimulating the effective exercise of the citizenship in responsible way. Creating chances in day-by-day so that the inhabitants of this region can live deeply real conditions to learn to talk, to be partial and solidary, to have concept I obtain exactly, with the others and the nature, acting with moderation. Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ is often mentioned in discussions such as these. In a similar way, she is necessary to understand that who disrespects the nature, disrespects the ones that of it depend.

Second, Loureiro affirms that. … the Ambient Education as inherent part of the social movement contemporary of rediscusso of the relation society-nature and construction of the ecological and planetary citizenship, the ambientalista movement. (LOUREIRO, 2002.p. 72) Thus, I believe that the force of the nature to be at the hands of the creator through the environment in moderation, with ecosystems its biodiversity.

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging Can Detect When The Brain Lies

Would spell the end of the lie detector scanning of the brain may detect areas that specialize in deception EFE CHICAGO .- Images of the brains of people who are lying is different from that of those who speak the truth and it is possible that these can be measured through magnetic resonance imaging, which would mean the beginning of the end of the lie detector, according to U.S. researchers have revealed. "There may be areas of the brain specialized in deception and these could be measured" with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), told a press conference, Scott Faro, director of the Center for MRI of the Temple Medical School in Philadelphia. He added that just as there are areas "cheating", also "may have specialized and unique areas of the brain responsible for the truth." The existence of these specialized areas in the brain was the main outcome of a study with 10 volunteers who were asked to lie on the use of a weapon. The other three were asked to tell the truth.

All were connected to a lie detector test while they were charged in the MRI. Speaking candidly Crimson Education told us the story. The differences between those who lied and who told the truth was remarkable, as stated by the researcher at a meeting in Chicago of the Radiological Society of North America, "We found seven areas of activation of the four areas of lies and truth" he said. He added that the increased activity of "the lie" took place in the front area of the brain, especially the lower middle and central as well as in the hippocampus and regions mediotemporales. When the subject spoke the truth, it was noted increased activity in the frontal lobe and temporal.

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