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Akademie Gmb

However, just the manufacturing or processing of plastic represents a special challenge for the clean room technology. Problems such as heat generation, the use of lubricating oils or the air currents running contrary to the clean room must be resolved. New ideas and standards are needed. Therefore best on the international markets opportunities currently for the experts in this field. Challenge supplier Oncology, hospital hygiene, bio-polymers, multifunctional proteins, aerospace or semiconductor technology – across all applications over look the different industries, but with new challenges faced also the designers of cleanrooms.

Some of the most important are the world’s rising quality demands of customers, as well as the increasing demand for flawless products made from the cleanroom. To remain competitive, manufacturers are forced constantly to control their own production and, where appropriate, the supplier and to optimize. To determine for Pharma – and medicine technical products always sharper expectant statutory requirements the international market and also lead to much tougher product liability, which concerns the entire production. As a result more and more supplying businesses are challenged to find solutions, to produce clean rooms and Pack. Clean zone – one for all industries decision-makers from the fields of chemistry, medicine, pharmaceuticals, food, Nano -, optical and laser technology, micro-electronics, automobile, air and space technology: the clean zone in Frankfurt is the new date for all companies and industries that already use clean rooms or now are planning to do so. On 24th and 25th October brings together the relevant economic and cross-cutting areas for it. On two days, manufacturers of clean room facilities and technology, components and consumables as well as universities and colleges will present at the trade fair.

Exhibitors are among other companies like BSR, CAS clean-air-service, Colandis, Hydroflex, Kimberly-Clark, PPS spiked and WISAG. The accompanying conference provides scientifically based and vendor-independent international expert knowledge, including Koos Agricola (ICCCS International Confederation of contamination control societies), Dr. Udo Gommel (Fraunhofer IPA), Conor Murray, (3dimension cleanroom and Chairman of the Irish society of clean room), Joachim Ludwig (Colandis), Gabriele Sai Lioe (Institute of textile and process engineering Denkendorf) and Florian Dittel (Dittel engineering). The clean zone partners are among others the cleanroom Akademie GmbH, the VDI society building and building technology, the International Confederation of contamination control societies (ICCCS) and the German clean room Institute e.V. (DRRI). As a media partner, the publications of cleanroom support magazine, Cleanroom technology, contamination control report, chemistry plus, health ad hoc, device Med Pharma + food, pharmaceutical production, clean room online and Reinraum. Learn more about the clean zone of 2012 as well as Congress program see: Kerstin men

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Semantic Web

Therefore, scientists, entrepreneurs, politicians, developers and users of innovative information technologies to the creative discourse are invited to the Forum. The cooperation network of Xinnovations, founded a decade ago by Berlin company and users around the new Internet language XML will celebrate big this year. The Xinnovations take up social development 2012 with a new concept and are therefore not only the presentation of IT-based solutions, but the discourse about their social implications in the Center. Keynote Xinnovations Technology Forum: Andreas Blumauer form the basis of any knowledge-based society high-quality data that can be incorporated with minimal resources in software applications. Among those initiatives, which have aimed in recent years to enable a such infrastructure from technical point of view, has the ‘Semantic Web’ of the world Wide Web Consortium achieved the greatest success.

Within a few years, we have succeeded in making publicly available facts hundreds of millions from a wide range of areas of knowledge in the form of structured, standardized and interconnected. Similar to road or power can the ‘Web of data’ will be expanded now step by step and be fed gradually into business applications. The question always plays a central role as the resource information, which is often very expensive in their creation, used more efficiently or more often can be reused. Parallel to each technical achievement, it is also necessary to consider the economic value of innovation, in our case of the new ‘data network’ differentiated. What is the added value of linked data? Can Google’s knowledge graph serve as a model of internal knowledge database? Why should metadata be separated from the content, which new business models can be derived from? The lecture by Andreas Blumauer is mainly aimed at decision makers and ‘Information professionals’ from business and public institutions. Semantic Web company and the AG Corporate Semantic Web working Austrian companies Semantic Web company which by the Federal Ministry for education and research funded Association of corporate Semantic Web (AG CSW) together, application scenarios and implementations in terms of the economic usability of semantic technologies in corporate knowledge management to help companies and organizations. The AG CSW conducted by the free University of Berlin (Prof. Dr.

Adrian Paschke). Short biography of Wirtschaftsinformatiker Andreas Blumauer is managing partner of Semantic Web company headquartered in Vienna here for various software and consulting projects in the area of linked data and semantic technologies, as well as product manager for the ongoing development and optimization of PoolParty responsible family. Andreas Blumauer has for many years as a lecturer at the Vienna University of applied sciences in FHWien and as a lecturer at the Danube University Krems, each worked in the areas of knowledge management systems, social software and semantic technologies. Baldwin is published by Springer in 2006 and 2009 also the editor of two volumes on the topic of Semantic Web,, which are among the first of its kind in the German-speaking world. The third volume titled ‘Linked Enterprise Data’ is currently being prepared.

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Popup Displays The MHI Group On Trainee Fairs To Staff Youth Campaigns

In a different guise but in usual good quality with popup displays of the EasyShare display GmbH the Central hard stone industry (MHI) is at this year’s student – and Azubimessen on the road. They inform and advertise on their new stand for the different professions within their group. The MHI offers the entire value chain and thus a large number of different professions from the raw material extraction through the finishing in asphalt and concrete lifts to the finished object. In 1906, the MHI on the holdings of the Bavarian hard stone industry AG, as well as the family Rousselle was founded and in the course of time, became one of the most powerful building material producers in Germany. Currently, some more than 900 employees to the orders of the customer care at over 40 sites. The businesses include this asphalt, building material retailers, test for construction material, concrete, landfill, natural stone, recycling as well as road and civil engineering.

For example, the stone in which is due to its diverse uses a wide range of areas. These include the glass – and pharmaceutical industry, construction, agriculture and forestry, as well as the animal feed industry. Since sustainability at the MHI is written in very large, it is committed to its own environmental, social and corporate responsibility. For this reason, such as the old stone quarries be renaturalized and turns to recreational areas for the people as well as to unique retreat areas for rare plants and animals. The MHI helps in this way to ensure the survival of many species – and plant species.

But not only in the old quarries rare plants and animals feel at home, but also the still active businesses represent valuable refuges. However, its employees are the most important resource of the MHI. An attractive working environment, security, individual development, health, and teamwork are at the forefront. So, for example, a large part of the MHI participates staff at the annual J.P. Morgan. running and learning during the sporting activity on another level know and appreciate. The MHI offers young professionals, due to ongoing demand for qualified employees, an attractive development option. Here, interns get the chance from the outset at the MHI group to participate actively with trainees, students and graduates. For the presentation of the company at talent shows, the MHI needed suitable measuring systems. Looking for a complete with desk and background was. Matching popup displays they found on the Internet at the EasyShare display GmbH, based in Hannover, Germany. They were the ideal solution, because they have a carrying case which you can convert quickly and easily to a stand. The value for money of the popup displays was also important. After the arrival of the package was not long hesitated at the MHI and made himself equal to the structure. Due to the video guide on the homepage of EasyShare display GmbH this turned out to be fairly easy, and so the construction of the popup display was done after 15 minutes. Now the MHI with good staff and interesting content can Thanks to a new popup display even more professional students and pupils respond to. The MHI we wish you good luck for this trade fair appearances and hope that they attract even greater attention by the popup displays than ever before!

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Training Employment: Study Profession At The Expense Of Companies

Specialists and executives win and bind to the operation Bonn, 22.8.2012. How can I provide an optimal training my children as entrepreneurs, so that they can assume a leadership position or conducting business in the company in the next few years? That question preoccupies many entrepreneurial families. With a training service relationship is an instrument available, offering not only tax benefits, but also as an optimal combination of training in the operation and study. Normally, the expenses for initial vocational training or for an undergraduate as costs of private lifestyle are to look at. The trainees or students may deduct the expenditure on its training therefore not as advertising costs, but only as special editions of the tax since this year after all, amounting to maximum 6,000. Treatment of vocational training costs as special editions rather than as advertising cost is often detrimental to the person concerned, since the expenses normally higher than the income Affected are the special editions but not to a loss carry forward an approach as advertising costs can lead.

An exception to this principle is only considered, if the training or study in the context of a service relationship takes place. A training service relationship is a normal working relationship, where the training is subject of the contract of employment. Entrepreneurs, whose children are interested in, then to take over a leadership position in the enterprise, a legal, business or technical studies can be done in the framework of a service contract. Not only entrepreneurs children, other young people are eligible as a company. The tax advantages for both sides are obvious: the study cost adopted by the company are deductible business expenses; the study costs borne by the students themselves are advertising costs when its not self-employment income.

Conditions for tax recognition for the A training service contract and for wage tax free transfer of tuition, some characteristics are to be observed. The student when he or she studied part-time, workers. This means for the training, it is normally studied, but worked in the operation during the holidays. If the company acquires additional studying costs, these refunds remain tax free salary and are deductible as a business expense. Deductible expenses include, for example: course – school or tuition fees, equipment, literature. Trips between home and place of education in the amount of 30 cents per kilometre, additional expenses for meals, extra costs due to external accommodation. It is not necessary that the requirements for a double financial management are met. More on the topic: VSRW-Verlag has published a study, under what conditions training employment tax are recognised. The investigation can free from the Publisher by Mail can be requested at. “Keyword: training employment relationship”

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What Are The Advantages In Creating A Disaster Recovery Plan?

A disaster recovery plan helps companies prevent data loss scenarios a disaster recovery planning is the best practice to protect yourself from data loss scenarios, and to be able to maintain the course of business in the event of an incoming distractions. This includes the strategy development of safe and reliable backup procedures to promptly restore all valuable data from a critical failure. Apart from timely data recovery development benefits still more a design of data recovery and data recovery scenarios for your organization. Among the biggest advantages, providing the introduction of a disaster recovery plan: improved business technologies: to achieve the recovery objectives defined in advance planning, points to the IT structure “soft factors” which arise in the context of disaster recovery. The containment, or modification of these vulnerabilities automatically lead to improved business technologies, a modern IT infrastructure and improved processes in the day-to-day creation of backups and the provision of data in the framework of the internal high-availability. . Less interruptions and errors: As a result of improved business technologies, the entire structure of IT runs also generally better and more smoothly. When modifications to the infrastructure are carried out, to the objectives of the task plan to meet the disaster recovery decreases the chance that an unforeseen event entail a critical data loss.

Improved business processes: as part of disaster recovery planning undergo all business processes of analysis, usually also play areas to improve can be found. First-class service: as a result of improved technologies and processes, thus also the services can be improved. Both internal services, as well as in the direction of suppliers and customers. In the event that there is still no disaster recovery plan and data loss scenarios emerge, helps in the Rule data recovery software and appropriate services to the data recovery by relevant to market owned service provider, to recover valuable data. Both data recovery and data recovery are two independently from each other completely different solutions and will rule accordingly situational depending on of the the respective situation, of the respective damage image and the type of data loss.

Data recovery software scans the whole disk here, to be able to restore any lost or accidentally deleted files. Data recovery software enables the user here to be able to recover the data independently. For all cases where physical damage to storage media exists, a laboratory for data recovery will repair needed to hard drives and this lost data back to access to. This type of service is through special laboratories in safe and sterile operating environment by so-called clean room laboratories carried out using state of the art technology and corresponding tools performed within.

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Karl Marx

Weber, for Hobsbawm Marx bourgeois, subverte the ideas of the first one, according to it was the protestantismo, mainly the Calvinista chain, that allowed valuation of the work, usury and the alfabetizao in mass of the regions had adopted that it, since it believed that all would have to read the bible and interpret it and that those that progressed honest for the work would be in the way of the paradise in beyond. Nietzche was rebelled against this idea, for it the protestantismo in the truth hindered that the Renaissance had a bigger development and that the wealth of the Classic Culture if kept in the Ocidente. For it the Man fruit of the ideas of the Reformation and the Iluminismo would be inferior to the Classic Man, Renascentista or of Islamic Spain. (2005) The Psychoanalysis allows to think that as in the case of the Jews, the subliming of the protestant sexuality was more effective that the Catholic, since even so its religious ones were married had a reduced interest and ample sexual restriction between couples of calvinistas and Jewish shepherds allowing that good part of the libido was transformed into intellectual and economic impulse in contrast of the corrupt church of the Renaissance where prostitution prevailed. Religious catholics are hindered of if to also marry they finished if becoming ascticos more and he does not have descendants who to leave its richnesses limiting the accumulation. The hegeliana dialectic that influenced the proper Karl Marx (Dialtico Materialism) allows that if it tries to mediate a conflict of ideas making a synthesis in which an one of the ideas or new boarding prevails. An analogy with the Darwinismo allows to mediate this conflict. The theory of the evolution of the species believes, in the biology, that the beings suffer to mutations the majority from which she is deleterious and the organisms in which they appear finish being eliminated.

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Brain And Memory

Yesterday, in the class of paradigms that forms part of the program of brain empowerment that I teach, arose two extremely interesting topics: the first arose after a schoolgirl exposed about brain functions and specifically the types of memory that we have, which are briefly as follows: to) memory snapshot: one that we use in a matter of seconds. For example, when they give you a phone number and remember it for a few seconds to be able to mark it and the minute you have forgotten it. Another example would be when they ask you to read a list of fifteen objects and ask that you remember most of them. On average you will perhaps remember 7, 8 or 9. An hour later, you just remember 2 or 3.

(b) short-term memory: is the one that we use to remember something for a period of minutes or at most a few days. For example, helps us to remember where leave parked the vehicle, did the weekend just past or that heat the night before a test. (c) medium-term memory: is the one that we use to remind us by facts from one week to one year. An example would be that information that we need to pass a course or to carry out a project at work and that passed that year, already do not remember it. (d) long-term memory: is what we use to recall by a year and even life. Now, the question that arose in the classroom was: what makes the brain decides that something is immediate, short, medium or long term? There is much to say about memory no doubt. In fact, within the program of brain empowerment that I teach is a unit dedicated to the principles of the Super memory and simple, practical exercises and that they enhance memory, that contrary to what many believe, isn’t that some have bad memory, but we have not trained him properly.

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Valencia Courses

Valencia. Traditionally it has been thought that intelligence was the only quality that distinguished the good students that it were not so much. But recent studies carried out in numerous training centres, show that intelligence, of course, helps and much but is not a decisive factor. In fact these investigations show that intelligence and other special powers only determine between 50% and 60% of the success of the student. Therefore, motivation and study techniques exercise a key role, since they may cause a student to exceed the academic year with excellence without being equipped with a bright mental qualities which make him different from the others. School in support of the Costa de Valencia study known first-hand these results, since it includes the application of different learning techniques that help increase efficiency and performance in class and, above all, to increase your motivation by studying their students in the methodology of their classes in support of the study. In this study support centre has the firm conviction that the keys to learning should be a creative and dynamic classes thus motivate students.

For this reason has developed this methodology followed religiously in the numerous courses offered by Costa de Valencia, training centre. At the school in support of the study we find courses to meet the specific needs of students. Thus classes review and study support for the levels of primary, ESO, Bachillerato and University, always in very small groups. We can also find graduate courses, preparatory courses for the various tests for access to vocational training and preparation courses to various university entrance tests. In addition, students have the possibility of receiving private tuition, both at home and in the school in support of the Costa de Valencia study. It is noteworthy that the introduction of the teaching of study skills as an active part of the program of the school of support to the Costa de Valencia study, has not been a fortuitous decision. It has been the result of the great experience the Center teachers have with dealing with hard-to-teach students. For this reason, along with their special methodology Center is characterized by the realization of individualized follow-up of the evolution of the students, where a direct and fluid communication with parents of the same is essential.

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Rubens Alves If

But in this in case that, it is primordial that the accountant already knows history, so that he does not make the reading of the same one, cold form and without attractive, but it counts that it as if was talking with the child and the personages, creating an allure for that hears. Today already book editions exist that come with in such a way vary active form of participation and envolvement of the reader as of the listener. Books full of sonorous and exactly visual stimulatons of proper history are. To teach small a lands on water books is not easy, therefore an enchantment exists that histories always transmit. You unite, history by itself, the personages together with the imaginary one of each one of leads in them to other places, to other sensations, what it also happens with the child. from these pleasant sensations, the desire of always wanting more.

As it says Rubens Alves If was to teach to a child the beauty of music would not start with partitions, notes and guidelines. We would hear together the melodies gostosas and it would count to it on the instruments that make music. , There magic with the beauty of music, same it would ask for to me that it taught the mystery to it of those written black small balls on five lines. Because the black small balls and the five lines are only tools for the production of the beauty that has of if reading a good text, and with this to make of the reading as if touched that music that more we like are as soon as learn to love reading. The experience of the beauty has to come before. The mediator this always in search to know which the best form to get optimum result with its pupils.

But he does not have an only way to arrive itself at this result and yes ideas, estimated and information that react he practises it of the mediator. Thus the basic objective of the professors is to make with that the children more advance in direction to an intellectual development each sophisticated time. For in such a way, it must have its service the knowledge and the capacity of comment, elements that must walk in the process of the child. Some mediators have in its teses that the children do not have gifts. He has only future. In sarau he starts with the idea of awaking the interest of the reading before the children and with this the possibility of the children if to develop as future citizens who one day will be able to place its thoughts tona. with this aid in conquering the reading in the children we will be able to affirm that we will have a good result. But, and gift? Our children need to be prepared for today so that let us can live tomorrow well. An saying exists that says: ' ' The child in the way still teaches that must walk and when he will be old will not turn aside from it ' '. (Prov. ) Basing on these words we today need to motivate the child to have pleasure in the reading and this since small, to inculcar in its mind the preciosidade that is to like to read, to hear histories, reproduziz them, to dramatizar them, to live deeply them.

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Life Decisions

When everything clogs In moments in that you feel catched in life, when everything what you do you have success but nevertheless you feel dissatisfaction or that everything what you obtained not you is sufficient, or that you perceive that there is no step more to give in your life, is the trainer the one that demonstrated to you that you need to make a new decision to find what these looking for. To be in fact the people who we are All we have an intention in the life from the day in which we are born, but lamentably, the external factors cause that they are lost, these circumstances can be the social family, companions, friendly, our relations or academic and the mass media that influence in us of decisive way and even turn to us into people incapable to find our purpose in the life. It is in this point where we got to evaluate the life honestly, to see which are the factors that more effects have envelope we. In the same process of conocerte, you are going to find a new perspective on your beliefs, joys and sadnesses, but most important it is than you undo of the fear to find your purpose. You have the opportunity to establish your real goals and your aspirations, is a gradual process you can obtain that it in just a short time, with the help of your trainer. That dissatisfaction that you feel can be reverted if you manage to fulfill your dreams, this will give back desire to you to live the life totally, once you find that emotion, your you began to see that the life is of the form that is, really beautiful!.

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