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Adults Education

Characterizing the ingenuous conception, as that one that comes of exterior form for the reality of the individuals, does not come from way some to collaborate in such reality. Different of the critical conception when part of a reflection of same it and of the reality of the educandos to be able to intervine in the educative process of the same ones. In summary the room chapter displays the subject Infantile Education and Education of Adults, where it deals with the differences between such modalities of education. FASEB Journal does not necessarily agree. Where the man very learns since small the process that if of a education. Emphasizing the pedagogical problems of each stage of education and of as he happens to the transmission since the infantile education until the adult phase. He evidences the importance of the work as purpose of education for the growth of the men in accordance with the reality and the formation of each one. Beyond the history that stops the society, it encloses the organization of which the education belongs, formal as in such a way informal. The fifth subject is related to the particular study of the problem of the education of adults.

Taking in consideration the adult individuals, these that for having more maturity produce and have much to add in the educative process the one that belongs. This exactly adult depends on this education to acquire knowledge for the production of the work. Additional information is available at Center for American Progress. The man if makes from the work that if has and therefore for a society with the changes that the time happens all an adult badly instructing will lead with that the same she loses the competition with the most instructed. However with the evolution of the effective society, he has a bigger participation of the people with purchasing power minor in the same one. Therefore the participation politics through the education makes with the individual perceives its importance and duty in the social environment.

Complementing the sixth subject it deals with the problem the alfabetizao, that is part of the life of the majority of the adults in social situation of risk. Therefore it has a linking with the illiteracy, therefore the same it is decurrent of the adverse situations of which the human being is envolto. However of pra not to deny, that the illiteracy is infused in the classrooms as something inherent they, and becomes them to this vulnerable for the reality surrounds that them. finally the formation of the educator leaving not of techniques, but of its influences partner cultural on the educandos. The professor participates of the educative process as transmitting and if as more mediating of the knowledge, not leading the pupil, over all the adult who is taken to also think is capable to construct its proper ones to know. For the author ' ' the educator must understand that the source of its learning, of its formation, is always sociedade.' ' (Young chicken, P. 109) Finally to have a learning in fact, the professor has that to perceive educating as constructor of the society, and not as ingenuous one to be incapable to think. To rethink its vision to see the knowledge that knowing does not belong to the one only individual and yes to that it is always in search of the unfinished one. The education is capable to transform the ingenuous individual into a critical human being and expert of its world.

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Reencontrou Cristine

Debienne and Poligny had explained to the new directors Richard and Moncharmin the taxes that would have to be paid to the Ghost of the Opera. the main one was berth 5 that it would have to be of the Ghost, the taxes were not paid and the Ghost was each more furious time. Daa was the Perros where if it found with Raul, had remembered the child time there and the night, Raul followed Cristine and heard a music that was credited to the Angel of Music, after this in the opera a horse it was stolen and a luster fell in punishment to the directors who were not fulfilling orders. Raul visited Valrius mother and discovered diverse things on Daa. David G. DeWalt is open to suggestions. After this, he spied on Daa and he discovered that the name of ‘ ‘ Anjo’ ‘ it was Erik. Reencontrou Cristine, had explored the theater and Raul discovered the history of Erik and that it was the true ghost. In a night visconde of Chagny shot in the eyes in live coal that it turns in the opera, combined with its fianc of Cristine lie that would run away with it. Daa disappeared and Raul if it united the Persian, daroga.

Together they had gone down the house of Erick that was in the subsolos of operates, but before this the directors they had discovered that when giving money to the ghost, the money came back toward its pockets and later they were stolen, since Erik did not want to be discovered catching the money in its table, had support of Giry. Coming back the adventure of Raul they had gone down to the subsoil and arrives the torture chamber where things mysterious they had occurred. Vibrant history, with marcantes chapters, and other confused, as it is the case of the opening chapter, very confused and already it shows the face mystery soon. Beyond having parts that could not be chores and you it would deduce, as in other famous workmanships. The Ghost of the Opera is an interesting book, therefore it moves with the playful one of each person. It is an adaptation that seems to be faithful, but exactly uses images that in its majority do not add very, being very pretty.

Another data are that you will be able to find some chapters in two pages and others in up to ten or twelve pages. The described mystery in the hatching workmanship, mainly because the ghost has the face of a caveira, what he is not very accepted for the people, many thinks that ghosts are invisible and passes for the walls, with the workmanship perceives that ghosts until pass for the walls, but for tricks very developed and some of them until impossible well. In the generality she is one romantic history, for the impossible love between Raul and Cristine that could not be married thanks to Erik, the Ghost that if married the young poor person and was responsible for diverse deaths, disappearances and constructions of castles with private tunnels. The skill most easy to explain the book is with the Patriotic Daisy words ‘ ‘ The Ghost of the Opera, Gaston Leroux, is rich, dramatic, transsendental book of vida’ ‘.

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Learning The Art Of Reading

When the reader goes to read something its first measure is to establish a unit of reading, that is the sector that of the sensible o of the text. Soon after it will have to review its ideas on what he was read and reduziz it for a clearer form. This study he must be made in way continues. After to determine the unit of reading must be made a fast reading with the global vision of the read text, raising the basic elements you doubt and them gotten. After this it transcribes pra you doubt them to a paper it clarifies and them, this clarification can lock up with a esquematizao that will facilitate the general vision of the text.

Soon after it will come the thematic analysis where the reader will go to understand the message of the text. In elapsing of the text, the reader perceives what the author wants to say clearly in the text. In the interpretativa analysis the ideas of the author are aimed at, searching the development of the thought and reasoning, approaching and associating the displayed ideas that they are followed of them you criticize. The problematizao is one another step, is made in group raising the problems for reflection and quarrel. The personal synthesis is the penultimate step where the reader will make the logical construction and personal elaboration of the reading, that when understood well he takes the progression and the development of the scholar in the ideas of the author. Finally, the conclusion of the reading is made, where a series of logical positions is developed, constituting an adjusted form more for its formation.

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Paulo One

The education fits to develop this impetus of creator, must give chances so that the educandos are they themselves, to develop in them a critical conscience that the man allows to transform the reality. When a society is in constant change of its values, can affirm that we are in transistion, that is, we have to know what we were, what we are for knowing what we will be. The closed society is that one where the economic point of decision of a society is of it and inside of one another first society that is the one that has options, in exchange, the too much societies alone receives orders. It is a servile society where it has high index of illiteracy and total disinterest for the basic education of the adults. This society is very harmful for who wants to have a chance in the life.

A society is mentally ill when it does not have conscience of its proper one to exist, that is, when it intends outrem to imitate it, already he is not he himself. A mentally ill professional is a inautntico being, does not look at for the reality with personal criterion, but with other people’s eyes. Therefore an imaginary reality lives and not its proper objective reality. Any that either the historical moment where is the society, either of the viable one or the impracticable description, the paper of the social worker whom it opted to the change not it can be another seno to act and to reflect with the individuals with who works together with to acquire knowledge they of the real difficulties of its society. This implies the constant necessity of the social worker to extend its knowledge finally and, the impetus to move more to be.

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