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beautiful and delicate task for which normally the parents esteremos never sufficiently prepared. It is a great pity that children do not come to the world with an operating Manual as that bring, fortunately, all electronic equipment that we acquired throughout life. When I have been asked to give any lecture on this delicate subject of the education of children, almost always start by saying that when I got married I had four theories over the education of the children, and today I have four daughters and six grandchildren, and no theory, because what works with one child does not work with each other and that with a son works in the morningin the afternoon already it is useless. Lately I’ve read two great books on this topic, one that he speaks of the mistakes that parents make in the education of children and the tremendous consequences they entail such errors in the mental health and personality of our children, and the other about how we educate our children to make them happy, harmonious and successful beings. The first book, which I was given by a prestigious psychologist of this city, Dr. Carlos Ruaix, entitled the Primal Scream and it was written by the famous psychologist and American psychiatrist Arthur Janov, who, with his theories, has been revolutionizing the world psychiatry. Throughout the book she tells us of the many mistakes he discovered through the treatment and therapies with their psychiatric patients, due to the mistakes made by the parents and the dire consequences that these facts have on mental and physical health of our children.

All parents should read this interesting work to learn how to avoid many mistakes that, as I said the Catechism Astete, they cry vengeance to heaven. The second book is titled make your child a winner. Your mind is an infinite flow of wealth, written by our countrywoman Fabiola Robles de Medina Roa, psychologist specialist of Bioprogramacion, in which, through its 48 chapters, teaches us a series of theories and techniques to take advantage to the maximum all the enormous potential of our children, in order to qualify them and energize them, to make them happy, successful and made things that all parents want to see converted to our most valuable treasures: our children. Two marvellous works that should be compulsory reading for all those who want to respond positively to the sacred commitment of you bring children into this paradise on Earth!

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