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Latin American

Attentive, sadly recurrent interruptions of the democratic institutions in our countries the institutions of good public, were wedge, school and refuge of the political leadership. The memories of these institutions, credited they have been holding. It is about this vital creep where the contents of the Latin American indigenous and popular thought come encuadranadose in the continents of institutions of good public, municipalities and elementary schools, where we can glimpse how contributions to make individuals who encourage, be themselves, since their respective symbolic horizons. Here is where there are possibilities that we understand may attend you the information technologies. For starters, we believe that the concept of the information technologies, on how much tools comunicacionales, reconceptualizes, already known in American life creep techniques. We bring to the attention to broadcasting (already decanted shortwave, both in community radios in frequency modulation), already the popular and school libraries. In the Argentine case, arriving personal computers (prelude to the modem and the INTERNET), they had arrived the coax cable television, national direct telephone dialing, and television channels cable.

In the days that run pre-existing vital creep and information technologies, are interfacing. There’s no time for the homogeneous treatment. Perhaps not needed. Education returns to show its possibilities for cultural elevation of people, particularly in the impoverished and carecientes sectors. Technologies such as photocopying and scanning, enable recycling, experiences prejudice often covered by the dust of archives and libraries.

The possibilities of change, are in our opinion very large, but the resistance of vested interests, will be noticeable. No privileged minority, even at the expense of others, leave without protest their Pew. In a permanent commitment to our impoverished in terms material, we believe that utopias inherent to fair play, free cooperation, mutual aid, and the always ready, may further encourage the vital flow of Latin American indigenous and popular thought, that encourages the existence of American majorities. Information technologies, employed with creativity and goodwill, may be effective catalysts.

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PEAR Culture

Fisiosfera, matter that is believed to exist from the big bang giving the possibility of the development of life. The biosphere, gives rise to life on the planet, cedulas, plant, animal, bacteria, etc. The Noosphere that is the mind, the reason the thought of the human being, and finally, the teosfera is the awakening of the spirit, when humans create awareness of its own nature. Holistic education is developed in the noosphere and teosfera levels. Sustainable culture is handled on a level of consciousness comprehensive holistic. Consciousness in the holistic education is a kind of consciousness in evolutionary and universal flow of the human being.

Individual conscience: are the purposes, goals, vision, interests, personality differences, style of learning of individuals, it is the individual being. Community awareness: is the way that understands the reality, how that relates to and generates the sense of belonged in family, in school, in the town or city where he resides. Social awareness: social justice, democracy and peace, it is the culture of the country where the education is related to national projects. Global awareness: is globalization which demand a social interest in search of well-being for the human family, is to think globally PEAR to act locally. Spiritual awareness: is the essence of our genuine nature, becoming universal, compassionate and loving beings transcending and evolved into an awareness of the truth, the goodness and the beauty of all life. The birth of this new culture presents new challenges as a break with traditional practices and dynamics of the old, how to work with intelligence educational model emotional is much more important than academic intelligence or CI, which is defined as the ability to control the feelings, the ability to stay calm and dominate the impulsivity. Holistic education points out four strategic learning for the education of the 21st century, which have also been identified by UNESCO, but with slight differences, such as: learning to learn, it is the ability to go and take responsibility for their learning, to auto update, to know where to look for knowledge, which is related to the scientific conscience, begins with the initiative to ask as an act of investigate without fearpotentiate the attributes of consciousness to learn such as attention, listening, perceiving, curiosity, intuition, creativity, etc.

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Word Straight

When I told my companion and I spirituality she was presented as a total and direct experience of the universal love that establishes an internal order in our spirit and a sense of compassion, fraternity and peace toward all beings. Spirituality is the heart of education holistic that leads the educator to establish a love relationship with students. Was quite a challenge, providing the course of holistic education to COLEGIALAS 131, where teachers were eager to learn about the development of emotional intelligence. For example in this paragraph we kept a holistic dialogue, we apply a dynamics of integration, to learn about our academic training; at all times we seek to develop a compassionate attitude more than power; and knowing and recognizing through dialogue and the fundamental activity that it is attention the students agree that the human is the essential problem and from there can be spiritual beings through our dialogue with teachers assistants, remained a great interest when he is mentioned triple training that encompasses the wisdom that is straight opinion and straight purposeThe transformative effect on school and social groups we as educational leaders own and cause profound changes in the way irnos internalized, know which are our real needs, to begin to dilute the conflicts by changing our ideas and achieve true transformation. When touch the topic of ethics in the straight Word, straight behavior and the straight path.

We agree all the great importance that especially young people aware and practice universal values. Straight behavior by the respect for life, not to kill, not to do harm, be compassionate and charitable and develop the benevolence and love were the principal commented values. The triple training attention was another very important point. Explained as the straight effort straight attention and concentration straight are desirable in the educator; you live with the mind, with the mind he is dying.

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FEAP Guide

This supervision of professional practice, must be carried out with experts psicoterapia accredited by the respective associations of psychotherapists. 4. A minimum of 6 months of practical activities in environments public or private Mental health, in which the psychotherapist in training, may have direct experience of the clinic psychopathological, allowing him to take direct contact with different forms of manifestation of mental disorders, and various professionals involved in Mental health. With these filters, it is much more difficult that someone BREW with the damage that this means for potential patients. As we see and in short: a good education should be more than 3 years and must necessarily include a personal psychotherapy along with a clinical supervision of the own cases.

From practical point of view, when someone asks me for example, that if I know some therapist in Albacete. I say no, but who see the FEAP Guide and find someone in that city, because anyone who is registered there, at least ensures that you have a correct preparation and is not any upstart. I honestly think that the specialty of psychiatry is the most difficult of the medicine. I say this because you know that psychiatrists have quite a reputation for crazy and when asked me, I usually reply that this statement is probably true. I think that it may be true for two main reasons: firstly because we are people, and is not the same to operate a foot put for example, treat with a neurotic person, whose problems may be very similar to mine, still in these cases, very difficult to take therapeutic distance and avoid contagion. The second reason is that many professionals, by having the specialty, start directly to treat patients, ignoring that will own madness. In other words: is absolutely essential, as I have written above, be well analyzed. There have been chef before Friar or in our case, having previously been patient to therapist.

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This Ud Y Sus Children Prepared For The New Challenges Of The Was The Informatics

Every time there have been big changes in the history of mankind, is an inertia in the vast majority of people to adapt to them. We are reluctant to change and we keep doing the same things, in the same way, until circumstances force us to change and to adapt to new realities. But there is always some visionary and adventurous people who become the pioneers of the new era. At the beginning they are vituperados, but eventually recognizes them. So he will also be with the computer was. Front our noses is being made a profound change that transcends everything we previously took for granted. Like it or not, the Internet came to stay.

Although for most people the computer is only a device similar to the tele, but more interactive, others have already recognized the profound impact that has caused, and that is going to cause yet, in modern society. Bill Gates was one of them. And became multi-million. Just think today you have the world at their fingertips if it has a computer with connection to the Internet. It has all knowledge of any topic under the Sun at your fingertips, 24 hours can relate instantly to any person anywhere in the world a day.

Truly, the sky is the limit of what can be done! My question today is does Ud and his sons prepared for the new challenges of the computer was? Do have wondered some time implications has had the Internet for your job, business, education of their children and even their personal fulfilment? Know Ud that that device your computer is a potential revenue generator? While many households already have a computer, the development of the Internet and its application in mass, according to the tremendous potential that has, is still in its infancy. The vast majority of people still live, think and be educated according to a time that no longer exists. Is Ud one of them? Discover the options offered by the Internet? Learn along with your whole family! Visit and You will immediately get a free e-book with valuable data about how to teach your children (and you) how to build a business. You also get support, inspiration and tools to take advantage of this revolutionary tool your computer successfully. original author and source of the article

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