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Some people dress up in red. Others meditate. This just goes to show that we have our own way and methods to attract good luck. However, you might want to also know four ways infallible about as good luck in all aspects of your life, like your work and love. 4 Tips to attract good luck 1. Consider as a fact.

There is a law called law of attraction. If you think you only going to spend good things, so it will be. When you have hope and positive vibrations, you will become happier and with much motivation also to continue with your goals. 2. Do not make an enemy. This is something simple. If you want that you ascend in your work, but you’ve had a fight for a long time with your manager and then, definitely, you will have to forget about your plans.

Indeed, it could be prudent to look for another job. Also have enemies makes you feel guilty specially if the fight is your fault. Then, would start to think that do not deserve to be happy and evitarias all the opportunities that come to your life. 3 Make contacts. Do you know luck only persists around the relationships? Many people find a job because a friend recommended them or told them, or who obtained a better education only because a teacher believed in them? However, there is a warning: choose your contacts correctly. Because can you are done llevandote well with people who are manipulative, selfish, and deceptive. You will never find in them luck. 4. Don’t settle with one plan. This is the reason why you always need to have a plan B. If your plan A doesn’t work, still have a plan B, that can give you the same satisfaction that plan A than your you expect. To learn about the secrets of good luck to your life and achieve everything that you want, Da Click here! Want to know how to bring good luck to your life, achieve everything you want in life? Discover the secrets to change your luck and to attract abundance and success to your life!

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Ken Wilber

It is common to hear that the outstanding student in the classroom is not necessarily that triumphs in his professional life. Ramon Gallegos (2007), mentions that these eight intelligences described in theory have the same importance and are potentially present in all human beings, so Gardner points out that all children are potentially geniuses in the less one of these intelligences, but as our educational system of mechanistic type not considered them important unfortunately remain in oblivion. The development of this theory of the Multiple intelligences, opened the way for a new stage in the investigation of the intelligence, so we have the work developed by Daniel Goleman and emotional intelligence based on the work of Gardner of interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence. Emotional intelligence mentions Ramon Gallegos is more important that academic intelligence or CI, because you can predict future success in social and professional life of students by controlling the feelings, the ability to stay calm and dominate their impulses. -The third time in the spiritual intelligence that has been developing at the beginning of the 21st century.

This intelligence is inclusive of the other two previous (C.I. (e) multiple intelligences) and transcends them, giving a new meaning to this term, placing it in a model full of human intelligence that takes into account the dimensions and levels of holarquica way. Howard Gardner with his theory of multiple intelligences It pluralizing intelligence but not integrate it. Ramon Gallegos (2007), indicates that multiple intelligences, one or another way, are based on what Ken Wilber has called the eye of the flesh and the mind’s eye, but do not reach to handle the eye of the spirit, that is, is just a mental and sensory abilities but not spiritual capabilities. Spiritual intelligence provide the ability to successfully tackle the problems of our lives. We get the ability to overcome the suffering, face conflicts and dilemmas in an integral manner, acting ethically, so it must be the center of all true education, as it is the case of holistic education.

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Becomes More Social

It appears in Internet television service Joost are unwilling to lose ground to competitors who are emerging lately, as Livestation and Hulu. That is why, following the example of the latter was discontinued desktop client based on XUL currently required to use the service, to enable us to access all the content you want directly from the browser, without downloading any software . Only we will have to install a small complement to our browser that we will make things easier when using the distribution system Joost P2P.

Joost not only eliminates his client desktop to become a purely web-bass, but also acquires social networking features, including Facebook News Feeds-style show that the recent activity of our friends, who have seen the contents, comments they made, or who have used the tags. The interface is also cleaner, in line with those offered by Hulu already mentioned.

Users can access the invitation with the new version (password protected). The rest of us at the moment we only have this video demonstration made in TechCrunch, which appreciate the new features in the future Joost.

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Four Spanish Military

The two military have undergone the amputation of a leg. They are a lieutenant and three soldiers (besides the interpreter). Another one of the wounded presents/displays a fracture in a leg. The four Spanish military and an interpreter have been hurt when exploding an explosive device to the passage of armored ' Lince' in that they traveled, near Ludina (Afghanistan), and which it comprised of a reconnaissance patrol of the well-known one like Lithium route. Sources of the Ministry of Dnsa have informed into which as a result of the explosion they have been hurt the five occupants from the armored one: a lieutenant, three soldiers and a civil interpreter. The lieutenant, who responds to initials A.G.B and soldier J.G.L., presents/displays wounds of greater gravity, has been transferred to the hospital Role 2 of Murghab Bullet and has undergone the amputation of a leg in each case. Another one of the soldiers, A.Q.S., also has been taken part surgically and it is in the same hospital, with hurt and fractures in a leg. In the next hours, the lieutenant and soldier A.Q.S they will be transferred to the hospital Role 2 of Herat, managed by the Spanish troops, whereas soldier J.G.L is taken to the hospitable center Role 3, of Kandahar.

The other two wounded, soldier I.M.I and the interpreter, undergoes diverse contusions and has been transferred to the hospital of Herat, where they have been stabilized. Lieutenant and two of the soldiers belong to the Infantry regiment Soria 9, with soothes in Fuerteventura whereas soldier J.G.L is of the Slight Infantry regiment 47, with soothes in Palma de Mallorca. According to sources of Dnsa, from the past year, the Spanish troops only operate in Afghanistan with the new ones armored armored RG-31 and average ' Lince' , old vehicles that replace the BMR. At present, the unfolded Spanish contingent in mission ISAF in Afghanistan counts on 67 armored RG-31 and 131 vehicles ' Lince' , all of them equipped with systems of inhibition of frequencies. The minister of Dnsa, Car to me Chacn, has informed personally to gift Juan Carlos and the president into the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

19 attacks from their unfolding in 2002 With this explosion are already the 19 attacks undergone by the Spanish troops in this country from their unfolding in 2002, although they did not begin to take place until 2006. In these 19 attacks, including the one of this Saturday, the ten military have passed away, an interpreter and a Afghan boy, whereas 32 military and two civilians, both interpreters, have been hurt from diverse consideration. In addition, other 79 military have died in plane crashes (62 in the wreck of Yak-42 and 17 when crashing near Herat the helicopter in which traveled), whereas other two have passed away in individual traffic accidents and another one by a myocardium infarct. Source of the news: The four Spanish military and an interpreter are wounded in an attack undergone in Afghanistan

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