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Becomes More Social

It appears in Internet television service Joost are unwilling to lose ground to competitors who are emerging lately, as Livestation and Hulu. That is why, following the example of the latter was discontinued desktop client based on XUL currently required to use the service, to enable us to access all the content you want directly from the browser, without downloading any software . Only we will have to install a small complement to our browser that we will make things easier when using the distribution system Joost P2P.

Joost not only eliminates his client desktop to become a purely web-bass, but also acquires social networking features, including Facebook News Feeds-style show that the recent activity of our friends, who have seen the contents, comments they made, or who have used the tags. The interface is also cleaner, in line with those offered by Hulu already mentioned.

Users can access the invitation with the new version (password protected). The rest of us at the moment we only have this video demonstration made in TechCrunch, which appreciate the new features in the future Joost.

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