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Seal Breeding

One study mare puts the horses first domesticated 1000 years ago to what was thought. If equestrian anything distinguishes us from other beings that stable inhabit this world is the variety of other animal species that we have managed to tame. It is true stables that the ants have their herds of aphids to ordering and there are other similar examples, but only man has so many domesticated species. The emergence of agriculture and livestock from infectious diseases or the origin of civilization can not be understood if it is. arabian In all rodeos Chile before starting the Series champions or champion riders walk their horses around the crescent and a jumping judge chooses to label it a horse race with the highest racial thoroughbred purity. The Trustee of the Riverdale Country Day School is The horseback riding seal racial is expressed tack preferentially in the characteristics and profiles of the skull. Whether camping, life force, look, quality of horsehair (length, density and thickness in the region of the monkey, trigger and tail) and other airs mostly without influence in the anatomy and physiology of the animal, give saddles it character .
The choice of this example is a training that ponies riders with their horses around the crescent. In the center lies the jury that selects three candidates to move forward. Once in the center of the crescent, the jury in a rigorous review and choose to represent in the best race horses in Chile. This award is very important to breeders and owners of horses in general since a horse raises his price has been voted “stamp of race” in any rodeo. The showcase for the sale of the horse increases the importance of the second round, for example, if an exemplary gains “seal of race in the National Championship Rodeo increases its value considerably.


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Boilers – Maintenance And Operation

It is no secret that the boilers for efficient operation require adequate operation and maintenance. Now becoming popular foreign methods of management in this respect to boilers worked without a lower cost at higher performance efficiency. However, it is important to bear in mind that boilers are available today, often by domestic producers, features which are not always taken into account foreign specialists. Also, when conducting necessary to consider what made these boilers were about twenty or thirty years ago, it is quite acceptable rate. Deserve special attention and peculiarities of Russian mentality. All boiler installations are unique, naturally, because they require and the appropriate approach in service.

Should review the main shortcomings of management, which can adversely affect the general maintenance of boiler plants. In particular, the importance given to the absence of the company related materials. This can lead to loss of an important enterprise for the time when carrying out repair works. The stumbling block is often a lack of staff, who could monitor the state of boiler equipment and provide maintenance facilities. It should be understood and the need relevant qualifications of existing staff, without experienced staff will not be able to undertake repairs at an appropriate level that will lead to deterioration and loss of time and money. Attention and issue of funding.

As the investment is lost and the opportunity to provide the necessary quality. Each submitted aspect can lead to poor or simply damaged beyond repair or operation boiler installations. In addition, when working is necessary to consider all aspects of the future work of boiler plants. Gradually, the situation remains in the past. This is due to several factors – training domestic experts in the direction of maintenance and repairs for boilers. At the same time, and foreign companies are studying the peculiarities of Russian production and the mentality to provide for use their best practices for quality service boilers.

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Fertility And Infertility And What To Do

Research, has conducted a retrospective study on the manner and methodology that was the diagnosis of infertility and sterility, and the methodology that was given treatment to infertile couples attending the Regional Hospital Teacher of the city of Trujillo, since its founding in 1964 until 1986. The aim of this paper is recoder as did these diagnoses and treatments, review, discuss and improve completely, give the many technological innovations that we have to date, which is an imperative to do so. It has selected the patients who had the final diagnosis of sterility and infertility, then it has been thoroughly reviewed these medical records in the file statistic Hospital and we have obtained the following conclusions 1 .- In the last 22 years has been able to establish the History existence of 736 clinics with fertility problems and infertility, some stories have been discarded for being incomplete, of this total have 68 of them hospitalized for various types of treatment, which constitute 9.22%. 2 .- The 47.3% of hospitalized patients had active infectious processes or chronic sequelae thereof. 3.-The 88.2% of male couples had incomplete or affiliation Stories were badly damaged.

4 .- All the Stories that equals 100% lacked marital history. 5.-We studied the male factor in 88.3%, and requested the laboratory study called simple semen analysis in 63.6% of patients. 6.-The Gynecologic factor was studied in 70.5%, and endometrial biopsy test most requested and executed, with 52.9%. 7.-The Cervical factor was not studied in 88.3%, with a test called a test of the most requested Hubner Sims with 8.8% 8.-The tubal factor was studied in n 79.3%, with a test called hysterical Salpingo Script , the most sought for 76.4% 9.-The peritoneal Ovarian factor was studied at 91.18%, with a test called endometrial biopsy, the most sought for 55.8 % 10-The 26.4% of the patients underwent laparotomy and all of them were subjected to various techniques tubal plasty 11 13.2% The results were negative, while 86.7% of the patients were unaware that fate. SUMMARY technology that are available today makes the study presented, only has historical significance in any case reveals the attempts of medicine and doctors to solve problems related to infertility, the pro creation. in the study presented, we can see success, ensure that any medical action is consistent with the time he lives and in this context aims to alleviate the problems of humanity and in that framework are laudable successes in this paper, this is the importance of it, medicine is always the same, seeking to do good with what they have on hand each time it live.

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Jose Moreno Villa

JOSE MORENO VILLA (1887-1955) "In solitude so vague and so specific a trickle comes out, the water in exile, much like crying." Jose Moreno Villa. THE VOICE OF THE NAKED POETRY Poetry naked human frankly, "said Moreno Villa, I have tried to do." He adds the poet Malaga: "I tried to say as much as possible and in the most direct and simple." This goal remains in effect throughout his poetry. "Very beautiful are the songs we Moreno Villa-Antonio Machado said. I think none of us would do better. " In the poetry of Moreno Villa shows a tendency to weight and balance.

He is a poet of his time that does not seem interested in the fashions of the day. Jose Moreno Villa was born in Malaga on February 16, 1887. It was always a lover of his hometown. "In twenty years, he said, you can not see what's there." Churriana between Malaga and spent his childhood and evokes both cities in exile. Learn the first letters in schools San Rafael and San Augustine. In 1897 he enrolled as a student intern from the College of St. Stanislaus, the Jesuits, in Palo. He studied three years.

On the fourth out of the school shall be reviewed at the Chartered Institute of Malaga. He finished high school. At seventeen up to Freiburg to study chemistry, but does not finish the race. Villa Moreno tells us, "was unable and unwilling to devote to analyzing Malaga wine …" On his return from Germany after a short stay in Malaga, he went to Madrid to get through.

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Aldi Is A Leader In Cool Articles

The darling of the German discounter is in the truest sense of the word translated leader in the sale of cool articles. These are meant by “cool products” no electronic devices in the latest trend, but – you do not like it can think of – quite simply “frozen”. As shown in a representative market survey by TNS Infratest, KPMG and the Handelsblatt, Aldi is in this product segment, most competitors behind. Just the Edeka supermarket can still compete to some extent. Due to the outstanding price-performance ratio of a satisfactory quality respectable 16 percent of consumers buy their needs of frozen food preferably one at Aldi. In the popular discounter began a few years ago on products below freezing. Now nobody wants to miss the more delicious pizzas, delicious apple strudel and tasty ice cream. For deep costed premium prices, the consumer receives goods from the same manufacturer with only slightly modified formulationsare available elsewhere at much higher prices than branded products. Finally, it should also be noted briefly on the high nutritional value of frozen foods. According to a study by the University of Hamburg and the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences has, for example, frozen vegetables following advantages over fresh vegetables: Frozen vegetables still has one year about 80 percent of the vitamin and nutrient content, because due to freezing, they are virtually conserved. Fresh vegetables is losing after a few days in the refrigerator for up to 60 percent of the vitamins. The same time, frozen vegetables, the body’s immune system and reduces the increased risk of cancer. The article was prepared by the information portal “” On this platform gives others a convenient overview of current and upcoming discount offers. Extent, we can also learn there, well, when and where frozen foods sold at very reasonable prices.

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Popular Explorations

It is very difficult to differentiate from each other ignorant, because the mass media are often handled by empirical and technicians, and ordinary human being who is not in the critical and analytical search of what they hear or see, simply recepta all not aware of thinking about the importance of this factor communicator. This is an emerging problem chained to another to form a vicious circle difficult to leave. In this analysis we reach the issue of popular culture, but initially what is popular culture? Is the culture of peoples which refers to the mass, but otherwise also makes review of what defines us as belonging to a nation or territory, giving us some kind of identity to a group. In our study, popular culture is compared with the character of an old lady saying it was an issue not previously oppressed (Dominant) and now press (dominates) this means that socio-communicative force that had its greatest virtue is now, leaving other manifestations that while important, are now part of the background, positioning the popular in a privileged position. It is important to recognize that the explorations of popular demonstrations that are made, the pieces performed by, and in turn produce a myriad of micro-scans that are not clear or accurate, and easily generate social change in scope. This phenomenon of popular initially appears as a solution for the differentiation needed to have certain social classes, but without taking into account that is more important if we care about the socio-cultural interaction of people within a society without discrimination or isolation wait any kind, and like the author I wonder what would happen if the well-established social change was in the hands of leaders and politicians who run hegemonic, ideological and economic society..

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Medicinal Nicotine

Pons – a new opportunity for smoking! Tightened in the office, in an airplane, at first thought about the use of cigarette sigareteGotovaya always need to provide soboyPolnostyu nikotineVam become easier breathe! Take care of your health with every puff protect the bronchi and lungs looks and feels like a normal cigarette! Opportunity to enjoy your habit and set a collection of specially aromatov.Unikalnaya selected tastes. You can smoke tobacco for hours continuously without harm to health. Easy to use, Pons-cigarette is automatically enabled when zatyazhki.Pons-cigarettes fire-safe, visible smoke – this is really actually steam! Surprise and get jealous of the holders of ordinary cigarettes! effective method of nicotine zameny.Pochuvstvuyte a god, exhaling a cloud. What is the Pons-cigarettes? Pons-cigarette – is a modern electronic device that works like an inhaler, which includes a flavored cartridge containing nicotine (nicotine cartridges without a), the camera spray (atomizer) with an electronic chip and rechargeable lithium battery. In the torque generated ‘smoky steam’ low temperature ( 50-60 C) that simulates the cigarette smoke that gets into the lungs together with different tastes expensive tobacco. This new generation of cigarettes, which have become part of lives of millions of people around the world, became a symbol of success, lean attitude to their health and that of others. Pons-cigarette does not force you to quit smoking. They make it possible to preserve the pleasure of smoking, fencing off you from most of the negative effects of tobacco products, the use of which does much more harm to health than nicotine solution.

As a medicinal nicotine use is not has. However, in recent years found that when injected into the body in small doses, it can facilitate smoking cessation. Nicotine contained in tobacco primarily and, to a lesser extent, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, green bell peppers. According to a recent and extensive study of “Pons-cigarettes as a tool for reducing potential harm from tobacco products” dated November 26, 2009, published the following data: Pons-users of cigarettes: 91% reported improved health, 9% did not notice the change; If the respondents had a cough from smoking, 97% reported improvement, 3% did not notice the change, no one said that was the feel worse, 80% have improved sense of smell and 73% have improved taste and 86% noted overall improvement in the quality zhizniDlya those who want to quit smoking: 9 out of 10 respondents unsuccessfully tried to quit before using Pons, cigarettes, and 1% managed to quit with the help of pharmaceuticals (nicotine patch, gum, etc.)

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Learning The Art Of Reading

When the reader goes to read something its first measure is to establish a unit of reading, that is the sector that of the sensible o of the text. Soon after it will have to review its ideas on what he was read and reduziz it for a clearer form. This study he must be made in way continues. After to determine the unit of reading must be made a fast reading with the global vision of the read text, raising the basic elements you doubt and them gotten. After this it transcribes pra you doubt them to a paper it clarifies and them, this clarification can lock up with a esquematizao that will facilitate the general vision of the text.

Soon after it will come the thematic analysis where the reader will go to understand the message of the text. In elapsing of the text, the reader perceives what the author wants to say clearly in the text. In the interpretativa analysis the ideas of the author are aimed at, searching the development of the thought and reasoning, approaching and associating the displayed ideas that they are followed of them you criticize. The problematizao is one another step, is made in group raising the problems for reflection and quarrel. The personal synthesis is the penultimate step where the reader will make the logical construction and personal elaboration of the reading, that when understood well he takes the progression and the development of the scholar in the ideas of the author. Finally, the conclusion of the reading is made, where a series of logical positions is developed, constituting an adjusted form more for its formation.

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Change In A Democracy

This does not happen and that is why we say that we live in a democracy of voters but not citizens. As if this were not enough, most candidates for whom we can vote are people who lack real ideas and projects to solve social problems and this is reflected from the moment they launch their campaigns, only to remember the last process electoral characterized by the absence of actual proposals. Election campaigns are based more on seek votes through subsidiarity and benevolence, promising unrealistic things or speaking ill of their opponents so that they look bad to voters. The worst happens when these candidates win the elections and all the campaign promises that are left; promises. Most Mexicans have always felt this disappointment, seeing these candidates to give us back once they come to power. This disappointment is growing every day accompanied by social unrest but also a grim air of conformity, then what can we do. So if the candidates who aspire to be inspired only ever felt disappointment and that will never change, how we can bring to Mexico in this situation where there is no way out and we settle for what we have. The answer is that we make real Mexican citizens, able to see for our community and not wait for a politician to come and achieve that change.

The famous change is due to give in all ways and starts from the way we act every day. If politicians do not want to see for the common good of society, it is necessary for us if we see by the common good and that is where we need to encourage active citizenship. Enough of attitudes and comments that sometimes people say the same about you can not change people, it is impossible for all to see for others, that people just come by themselves and do not care for anything else. It is essential for everyone to see for others and this starts with civic education, from separating garbage, save water, rubbish in its place, how to properly, respecting parking spaces for people with disabilities, not to bite, etc. .. but also require active respect and comply with the rules by others. Once this is achieved our representatives actually represent us both in quantity and ideology as the company would be generating a new kind of politician, politicians, citizens society committed to their current political and not characterized by lust for power, but lacking in urgent need of votes for proposals. El cambio no sera inmediato, tendrian que pasar al menos dos generaciones mas para ver reflejada dicha actitud pero de igual manera podremos garantizar a nuestras generaciones futuras un mejor desarrollo y equidad.

It is then that if a political party promoting candidates like we have today, people just naturally reject and repudiate. If we are better citizens, candidates, consequently, have to be better politicians and people, and that a candidate like most of those we have today may not be with the demands of a people who have made the change for yourself . Change must begin and it is us that we promote. Emerge comments about it's hard to get all the people who are in Mexican politics only for their own personal interests, but if we opt for change, future generations may enjoy the benefits of citizen democracy. Create a democracy of citizens and voters is the great challenge we have and we must be aware that we alone are responsible for the change.

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Public Health In The Work Place

It is very rarely involved in CSR. Perhaps because of the large number of workers usually employed and poor motivation to get in many cases. or Both at public and private, devoted to health care and education. or those with high rate of claims. Recognition of partial aspects. There is general agreement in recognizing socially responsible companies that meet any of the parameters: social action, environmental management, fiscal transparency, use of a high rate of immigrant labor and reconciling family life.

Although it has a high value such shares, further details of the cases in which compliance with various parameters. CSR: Proposal From all the above, it is clear that they could submit various proposals, but the availability of space only allows me to highlight the following: Integrating Health Management as an important parameter of CSR: In terms of the so-called Internal Dimension Social Responsibility, there are two concepts that directly affect the health of workers. – Quality of Employment. Although it is one aspect that is particularly affected by social agents, the temporal discrimination and lack of reconciliation among others, have their impact on health. – Working Conditions. Here it that the impact on health is evident. The derivatives of the organization and monotony of work, rhythm, intensity, timing, poor motivation, as well as the existence of non-ergonomic conditions, ie, an environment not suitable for the person to not harm their health (light, sound, tools furniture) are called Emerging Risks: Ergonomic musculoskeletal (back pain and arms), Psychosocial and lately has added another threat: obesity. The proposed actions to avoid these risks are: Risk and Prevention: although since 1995 there is a law for the prevention, it is still more devoted to security, given the high rate of fatalities suffered by the country.

or Health Promotion: is of vital importance in the adoption of healthy habits not only at work but in any condition. In both cases, a special requirement that the company be considered socially responsible is that the prevention goes beyond the law. Final Review For the success of the adoption of health parameters is necessary for the company to talk about comprehensive health management. That is, must exist between the Occupational Health and Public Health, not to mention the School Health. An example is the postural problems that have children /-as primarily by poor ergonomics (backpacks, furniture). How can we prevent in adults Back Pain (the most frequent abnormality in the world after the flu) if not prevented at school

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