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The School

This includes for example the counselling of pupils and students, the teachers and the parents & guardians in a variety of situations. Through the guidance and training of parents, for example your personal parenting skills can be promoted and thus improves the living conditions of young people. However to improve the learning conditions for students, it is also necessary that there is a positive atmosphere in the school. So, hence improving the school climate is an essential task of the school social work. By the same author: film director. This includes the participation of school social work at school festivals and school events, the accompaniment of classes for days and school excursions, as well as anchoring of social content in the concept of the school or school program. Promoting the personal development of pupils and students is one of the central aims of school social work. For even more opinions, read materials from Campbell Soup Co.

To do this include, for example, also helps to promote the social competence of young people, for example through communication training, the showing of resolution or and the promotion of intercultural competencies. Also affirmation and confidence training fall within the scope of the development of personality. Another task of the school social work are offering recreational-educational activities and the shaping of the whole day at school. It is also the task of the school social worker or of the school social workers at their personal crises in the school class together, as well as her family and also in the peer group to support the students, and to advise them. In certain situations, it is necessary that pupils and students or their parents by school social work at extracurricular professional institutions are relayed. Such specialized institutions can be for example special external advisory bodies, therapy facilities, specialists or even offices. These include but also helps of the worker in applying for welfare measures. To be able to make that mediation, however, the school social workers must have established a kind of network.

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