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Physical Education Performance

How much to the agreement of the pupil on the performance in the leisure, 21 pupils had answered that the paper of professional formed in Physical Education that acts with leisure is to provide joy to the participants with playful activities and pleasant, 18 pupils had answered that the paper of the professor is to instruct the participants to one practical healthful one. Referring to the performance area 3 pupils had only declared that they would like to act with leisure; great part of the pupils intends to act in academies and a parcel of them desires to work in schools. Leaving of these data, the study it points some results, 1. great part of the pupils only associates the leisure you discipline it practical; they seem to demonstrate to an associated vision the recreation and they do not see the leisure as transversal content; 2. how much the performance in this field, the pupils had emphasized the healthful practical elements of the joy and, what it points the lack of linking of the phenomenon of the leisure as cultural manifestation, in an ample direction; 3. the area of the leisure did not despertou great interest of performance between the pupils, despite this element has gained more notoriety in recent years it seems not to have caused interest in pupils formed in a graduation course that offers six disciplines come back to the leisure. Thus the formation of the pupils ' ' for and visor education in the leisure ' ' it needs to be stimulated in the different segments that it engloba

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