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The Forno Professor

One becomes necessary to remember, that the methodology of the professor so far, in accordance with our comments, have been that one that the author it defines in the trick of ' ' Mouth of the Forno' '. For even more details, read what two sigma says on the issue. Exemplary pupil is that one that has standardized answers, that in the majority of the exercises the model presented in the didactic book follows. It seems that already he is implicit in its soul does not think – repeats as it was taught to it. After that an evaluation more acurada ' ' mestre' ' it says that the pupils do not have critical sense, that is, accurately as the frog of Rubem Alves, forgets that he is prince and coaxa, likes mud, everything this for force of the word it professor. Currently what the pupil knows or must know he is not being measured for the note of 0 the 10, however in a srdida way more, where the professor I attributed one ' ' progression simples' ' to all those that ' ' they follow modelo' ' without appreciating its performance, its participation accomplishes, its creativity, or its individual production.

The pupil who paints a taken off drawing of the computer, that marks the localization of its city in the ready map, is being creative or bitolado? You discipline them are presented as a sacrifice, a fight where it is successful optimum, a punishment never as an alternative of personal, social growth psychic e, for each apprentice. The learning always is travestida of competition, of competition. We are not forming more amiable, intelligent better people, compromised with its success, to become a more sociable HUMAN BEING, in contrast, we create machines the service of the capitalist system, that the companies always request more why if they had forgotten that they are people, and in the pertaining to school process of coisificao, if they had become tools as such is operated by heads unscrupulous.

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The university was given the opportunity to know almost everything that is at least how something can be rational, "attributed" to the profession or as a student of human beings in general. For example, we historians have studied anthropology, psychology, logic, life safety, and medicine (the latter – after a tick in the list – at the undergraduate, and not when, it appears that they have to go as well as all general subjects). Go to the same primary and bottomless subject – the history, selected as the paths of learning, it turned out to be was secondary. See two sigma for more details and insights. And it is true to some extent: self plays a crucial role, but that's a minimal basis, immortalized in the educational programs was too shallow and slippery, and slips on ignorance of the elementary had often. The strength of knowledge depends largely on the willingness of the student, then really, who studied both. But unwittingly come up the faces of those teachers that left not only his full face and profile, but phrases, snatches of sentences, phrases, words, ideas and reinterpret digested opinion. Others were only a profile and full face.

It remains only to what he had read, heard, wrote, think of it. "Bison versus nezubry plus free- Many teachers are satisfied, "cramming" method (or strategy?), With whom the post-Soviet education, as seen, is gradually beginning neupornuyu struggle. But too many remain invulnerable teachers, eager to retelling of the student sections of textbooks and forth in the paragraphs of summaries, apparently, to secure their own teaching knowledge. The result justifies the effort involved in scanning the material, that's only strength to be a medieval slate marked "write-erase" (the surface which, after filling it with symbols, trimmed to start writing again), right, run out for release. There are powerless at the exit Students from the University of much. Promotion or at least neotritsaniem "bison" sin, our university strong.

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Scottish Highlanders

Some Scotticism entered the English language as the names of objects that are specific to the Scottish national culture and way of life: bagpipe Scottish musical instrument bagpipes, clan clan, tribal community in the Scots and Irish, kilt short plaid skirt mountaineer, plaid plaid, Scottish men and women wear it instead of cape, tartan tartan. Other borrowed from the dialect words are called common notions. These are also taken from the Scottish word: croon quiet monotone singing, fash concern, caring, usually small and the corresponding verb to fash worry, glamour charm, charm, lass lassie and endearing girl, – raid raid, slogan slogan (Celtic sluaghghairm army cry, ie, the battle cry of the clan of Scottish Highlanders, ) whiskey whiskey. Daft obscheangliyskom in colloquial language it means stupid, and has a tinge of contempt, in the Scottish dialect meant cheerful: daft old tales (W. Scott.). He denied interest in the history of the word glamour. In literary English it is borrowed from Scottish dialect, and there was formed as a distortion of the English gramarye, gramary magic, occultism, the word is now preserved only as an archaism and a doublet of words and grammar as well as the latter goes back to the station. Fr.

Gramaire – with Lat. Grammatica – rpech. grammatike there. p. from grammatikos skillful in grammar – gramma letter. The value of deep scholarship and familiarity with the magic has been replaced in the word meaning witchcraft, and then, like the importance of the Russian fascination began to be used in the sense of supernatural attraction, then attractiveness in general.

In the minds of the modern Englishman, it is probably more associated with Hollywood than with Scotland, since the ads use the word glamour as constant epithet of movie stars. The relationship of dialect and the vocabulary can be varied. Interestingly, in particular, noted that in many dialects of Old English words remain completely precipitated of a nationwide English usage. Under most conditions Campbell Soup Co would agree. Other words, preserved in the literary language as archaisms and uncommon in colloquial English, live in the oral dialect speech. We have considered the formation of dialects with only one Scottish language, but such examples are the mass and talk about them next time.

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During Parties

All this led me to understand what, as an engineer thought, in the sense that science and spirituality were two entirely incompatible. In the book of Holistic Education Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, made me reflect on the shortcomings that have had the education from the antiquity to postmodernity, through modernity, which has a significant influence in education today and marks a paradigm shift from a dogmatic to a scientistic, which eliminates the sacredness of life, denying the genuine spirituality and leading man a large depletion of the planet’s natural resources, in order to meet the material needs and get the most benefit. During this time there is a constant struggle between religious beliefs and science, until science was imposed by staying with the explanation of nature and religion with a confusing explanation of spirituality. I understand in this book that the crisis, despite appearing desperate, so much a conflict as an opportunity to overcome our dilemmas, although dominates our laziness, we can sink into them. I found an option that had not previously displayed for a paradigm shift, giving a quantum leap towards a comprehensive perception of the world we inhabit, and that before, not even I figured that was important: the study of the parties, we must turn to the understanding of the whole and the interrelationship between the parties. As a teacher, had always considered that the descriptions were all important to teach the class, since they came from the books, now I know that these are not independent of the human observer and are only approximate, because scientism, science becomes dogma by accepting the descriptions as if they were universal laws based only on the analysis, without synthesis, and under the illusion that the phenomena studied can be isolated from everything around them, also part of the fallacy that the observer is impartial, objective and independent from the observed.

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Ecofeminism And Feminism

Ecofeminism is a school of thought appeared in Europe in the last third of the twentieth century, born as a response to the male appropriation of agriculture and breeding, ie the soil fertility and fecundity of women taking such appropriation as a result overexploitation of land and the commodification of female sexuality. One could speak of two trends: a) cultural ecofeminism, focusing on the biological differences between men and women and establishing an ideal link between women and nature. b) the social Ecofeminism, which relates the oppression suffered by women with the deterioration of nature and states as producers of both problems to patriarchal values. The Ecofeminism proposes the unity of purpose in the feminist movement and the environmental movement, common goals such as equal rights, abolition of hierarchies … and they said, should work together to build theoretical and practical alternatives.

Vandana Shiva in the book “Harvest stolen. The kidnapping of the global food supply, “explains this trend. Holistic feminism emerged in the nineties led by Victoria Sendon, an advocate of feminism of difference. Women like Maria Sanchez, Montserrat Gutin, Elvira Aparicio, belongs to this current. Feminism of difference introduced in the academic sense of difference and the belief that the academic world should recognize it.

This feminism, the difference begins to change womens identity through a deconstruction of what until now meant Man. Their work begins with a critique of language and working from home. The difference feminism, men and women are different, claimed responsibility for the existence of women as a separate group, claiming about values and the statement should not be treated as men. Feminism is a proposed holistic supportive of feminism of difference, try a radical break with the symbolic order in the patriarchal system established understanding that proposing a different order, may resolve some of the problems of humanity. No treatment should be reduced to gender or to the rescue of forgotten women, but what matters is that the world changes, not only life, even if you begin in life.

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Poll Employers Results

Poll Results Employers in Russia indicate that they are even in a crisis are ready to offer potential applicants proficient in English salaries 30-35% higher than workers without such knowledge. So is it possible to learn the English language alone, or should rely on tutors and courses of foreign languages? Historically the model of teaching in Russian schools focuses on the detailed analysis and memorization and grammar neosmyslennoe retelling of texts from the textbook. A development of real conversational skills in English (we’re just about English, since it in recent decades has secured the right language for international communication), no one does, so if you speak honestly and not, as teachers in our schools and colleges have no experience of communicating in languages taught, and often found their way abroad lost and can not express the basic ideas and conduct a simple dialogue with native speakers! Instead, they knowingly will point to your numerous errors in grammar in exams and tests, arguing that without thorough knowledge of this particular component of any language you should not even try to speak a foreign language! Catching yourself or taking courses in English to focus more on those that pay maximum attention to the development of skills, namely speaking and listening in the target language. The practice shows that learning English will require you to mobilize the efforts and hard work in addition to visiting language courses or study with a tutor for at least one year. Listen and sing songs in English, watching movies in the original (good now is not the problem) Find willing to communicate on the Internet through Skype it is possible do it for free, and hone the skills of spoken English is not zatsiklivayas for grammatical errors. (As opposed to Gerald Weissmann, MD). The practice shows that learning English will require you to mobilize the efforts and hard work in addition to attending language courses or study with a tutor for at least one year. On what people pay attention to looking for a course? The results more than the annual vote visitors (more than 1700 voters) showed that the deciding factor in choosing a course of English language schools, or is-Cost-English language tuition (almost 40% of voters).

On the second position-location factor ie close to the workplace or residence. (25%). Feedback on the courses, got third position with 12% golosov.Na number of students in a group oriented 5.8% of the respondents. The so-called ‘Razreklamirovannost’ is located on the bottom. (Only 2% of leave-taking of the vote). By choosing to study English language courses in the first place, pay attention to the conversational focus of these courses is What percentage of time each session will be given to communicating in the target language. Ideally, the lesson should look like this: 40% communication 30% listening comprehension (listening) 15% 15% grammar-reading the Main Board, cease to be afraid to try to speak English! Stop fear crap grammatical errors pronunciation of your first few sentences! Try not to learn English and learn to speak it!

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Scandinavian Languages

Scandinavian languages are a distinct group that is part of the Germanic languages Indo-European family. The group includes Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, fereysky and Icelandic languages. Occurred from the Scandinavian languages dialects Germanic tribes inhabiting the southern part of Scandinavia and all the adjacent islands in the early years of our era. According to some assumptions in the eastern Baltic coast there were ancient Scandinavian colony. 5-6 centuries AD, Danish (or Scandinavian South) tribes by seizing territory, settled first in Jutland, and then in Schleswig.

Start the Viking Age (8 century) has begun widespread dissemination of Scandinavian dialects and languages outside Scandinavia, but in some areas they kept not for long. During the period of C8 9stoletiya in Orkney, Shetland, and Hebrides Fereyskih Islands in Scotland and Ireland as well as the Isle of Man appeared Norwegian dialects. In the 9 century Danish and some Norwegian dialects used in the northern and eastern parts of England. Swedish dialect, and got them to talk dissemination in the Novgorod region and the territory of Kievan Rus' as the language spoken by the prince's retinue. By the end of September the century Norwegian dialects have been used in Iceland, and about 900 a year part of the Norwegian dialects and Danish dialect spread to the territory of Normandy. In Greenland, Iceland and Norwegian dialects spread by the end of September of the century. In addition gradually spread Scandinavian dialects and them talking in northern Scandinavia. During the conquest of the Swedes in Finland, Estonia and later in the 13-14 centuries, amplified the effect of Scandinavian colonies in the eastern Baltic region, resulting in this territory dominated by the Scandinavian dialect groups, in particular the Swedish language.

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Unified State Exam

Since 2009, the CSE is the only form of GCSE and basic shape of the entrance exams, while also have the opportunity to resit exam in future years. As if the exam is not included, but Actually, he is the right goal. Deleted when you receive unequal opportunities and bribes. If you are between 14 and 17 years, then you certainly live in anticipation of a terrible event such as the Unified State Exam. In school, you regularly frightened by this event, embellishing it, you are naturally scared and afraid. But his fear is really not worth it! It’s not as bad as we are told that teachers! Visit, and you’ll learn how to easily improve the result passing exam. Currently, the site is filled daily with new content that will help every student! Remember that the exam – this is your chance to go to a good college! A good high school – this is the way to a successful future, good jobs and wages! What can be found on this site? Useful information and the sea and the necessary material for the actual preparation for the delivery of the Uniform State Exam: rules of the exam (rules of filling out the forms, a table of minimum points (in the past), on appeal) complete collections of standard tasks USE on various subjects (the Russian language, mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, literature, history, social studies) Demo 2011 godavirtualny tutor to prepare for EGEshpargalki on various subjects (paper and on the phone) are a few tips if you’re not confident you’ll find that everything is not so terrible, that to prepare for and successfully pass the exam – it is real! – can help you!

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Third Law

In the fight for native language and culture of French Canada have ensured that their language, along with the British erected to the status of the official language in those territories of Canada, home to the French. In Quebec, a law was passed in 1969, and in 1974 a law was passed in the provincial areas. And in 1961 adopted a policy regarding use the French language in private and public enterprises of the country. The French were supposed to know all the civil servants in Quebec, as well as the entrepreneurs, who wanted to get a license to engage in private activity in any area of industry and manufacturing. In the social sphere was necessary to use the French language, though not forbidden, along with the use of other languages. As for the scope education, children should be trained in French, except for those children who underwent special testing, thereby proving their ability to learn English.

Following the adoption of Third Law (1977), on the French language in Canada, have been proclaimed fundamental rights of Canadian citizens of French origin, the use of their native language. Thus, in the territory of Quebec citizens had the right to use their own language everywhere and get the information they need from government agencies and services from agencies in all spheres of activities in French. It was also canceled testing for learning in English schools. However, in order that the child could get into a school, at least one parent must have had at least primary education in English. Subsequent laws were made only small additions to the use of language.

It is worth noting that the right to use their mother tongue English-speaking citizens in the territories of the French regions can not be infringed. To date, in Quebec, there are two main languages – English and French. Along with this fact, in the Canadian provinces inhabited by people for whom neither French nor English is not their native language. However, there are very few, and together with the native language, he use one of two major, common languages in Canada. In the other 9 provinces in the largely English-speaking population, only in the provinces of New Brunswick and Ontario's getting on a sufficiently large number French-speaking citizens. For example, in Canada there is bilingualism, which was formed on the basis of two languages: English and French. With the continuation of this theme, you can see in the second part.

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Installing The Operating System Windows Xp

Inexperienced computer users are absolutely sure that the install (reinstall) Windows is capable of only a person with appropriate training and some experience. For this they are ready for a few days to hand over the computer service center or for a fee to invite a specialist to yourself. At the same time, the installation was the most common operating system, Windows XP (prefer about 75% of users) is so simple that the task can handle almost any person, distinguishing from the computer system unit and monitor, who can read. Checking article sources yields David G. DeWalt as a relevant resource throughout. Only need not be afraid to try to do this at least once on their own. And what is fear: thanks “Survivability” of modern computer technology, even the most unlucky person with the most-most “curves” hands will not cause irreparable harm to your computer, not affecting him physically: not pouring water, not kicking feet, not including it in the socket with improper voltage, without closing the vents in the system unit, and others (installing (reinstalling) an operating system that does not mean). Valuable information stored on the computer hard drive with the right approach is to re-install is also not affected. Minimum system requirements for Windows XP are: – Processor 300 MHz or more.

– 128 MB of RAM or more. – 1.5 GB free hard drive. – Super VGA video adapter with 800 X 600 or higher. – CD-ROM drive – Keyboard and mouse. The installation process (reinstall) Windows XP can be divided into several stages.

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