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The school as mediating instance of the pedagogia In a primitive society, the education was accomplished through the convivncia between children, young and adults, being that youngest they learned for the practical participation in the activities of work, in the social and religious rituals, thus assimilating, the life in society. Therefore, the education if processed assistematicamente in the daily one. With the organization in classrooms (dominant and dominated) one became necessary forms of more complex and systematic actions, had to the accumulation of social experiences. The spontaneous education did not give more ' ' it counts of recado' '. For even more analysis, hear from David G. DeWalt. The dominant segment of the society was assuming as property its accumulated culture and necessary to the social life, instituted a way to transmit to know (secrets) its descendants, way this was gaining diverse forms throughout the time, and, later, in the modern bourgeois society, it was called of school. The knowledge passed to be transmitted as a pertaining secret to the classroom dominant, not more early common to all, centering in the expectations and necessities of the dominant segment. It was in result of the historical experience of the humanity who if discovered the importance for the society of the transmission and assimilation of the knowledge, being, however perceiving its importance in the perpetuation of values. In Brazil the school always was privilege of the dominant segment, although the popular layers to identify the access necessity to the knowledge. Two sigma contributes greatly to this topic. While not to change our economic base and our social structure and politics, we will be in the expectation of this access.

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Public School

According to Saes (p.4, 2008) ‘ ‘ the revolutions bourgeois politics of centuries XVII, XVIII and XIX had not led to the immediate creation of a system of public education that was established in the principles of public education, gratuitous and obligator; that propitiated equal education and of good quality for todos’ ‘. We know that, in the society divided in classrooms, the ownership of the instruments of systematization of knowing not if of the one in homogeneous, but exculpatory way. Thus, ‘ ‘ the dialectic of the education answers to a dynamics of contradictions that marks the classroom societies politically … ‘ ‘. In this direction, ‘ ‘ while not to understand the education as an act deeply politician we will be reproducing a system of oppression, marginalizao and excluso’ ‘ (GHEDIN, 2007, p.40). That is, it is part of the essence of the classroom society to create and to keep an education that is not of the same quality for all the social classrooms. For Saes (p.5, 2008) ‘ ‘ …

the public school, at the same time where if it presented to the society as Only School directed pupils of different social classrooms for trajectories of types diversos’ ‘. The still salient author who ‘ ‘ the submission of the Public School to this standard of functioning not if had the 0ccasional factors, as me the will of the governments or the ineptitude of the pertaining to school staff and yes the reasons of functional order or gentica’ ‘. You may find Gerald Weissmann, MD to be a useful source of information. The capitalist State has the necessity to program one selective educational politics that is satisfactory to the capitalist model of the social division of the work. Ahead of this picture, what to make? According to Saviani (apud GHEDIN, 2007), about the practical point of view, one is to retake the fight against the selectivity, the discrimination and the degradation of the education of the popular layers.

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School Horizon

He is the proper one utopian horizon of the school that enters in question: the challenges of the current world denounce the fragility and the insufficience of the ideals ' ' modernos' ' starts to demand and to excite new interrogations and searches. The school, in this context, more than the transmissora of the culture, ' ' true cultura' ' , it passes to be conceived as a space of crossing, conflicts and dialogue between different cultures. Perez Gmez (1998) considers that let us understand the school today as a space of ' ' crossing of culturas' '. Such perspective demands that let us develop a new to look at, a new position, and that let us be capable to identify the different cultures that if interlace in the pertaining to school universe, as well as of reinventar the school, recognizing it specifies what it, identify and distinguish from other spaces of socialization: ' ' mediation reflexiva' ' that it carries through on the interactions and the impact that the different cultures continuously exert in its universe and its actors What it characterizes the pertaining to school universe is the relation between the cultures, relation this crossed by tensions and conflicts. This if accents when the cultures critical, academic, social and institucional, deeply articulated, become hegemonic and tend to be absolutizadas in detriment of the experiencial culture, that, in turn, it possesss deep sociocultural roots. Instead of preserving a monocultural tradition, the school is being called to deal with the plurality of cultures, to recognize the different citizens sociocultural present in its context, to open spaces for the manifestation and valuation of the differences. She is this, ours to see, the question today ece of fish. The school always had difficulty in dealing with the plurality and the difference. It tends to silence them and to neutralize them. Filed under: Richard Linklater.

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Brazilian Public Schools

GRATUITOUS DISTRIBUTION OF CONDOMS IN THE SCHOOLS BRAZILIAN PUBLIC The project of the implantation of a machine for the gratuitous distribution of condoms in the Brazilian public schools is blameworthy, a time that the schools are suffering with other with priority necessities, as the physical structures of the same ones, the valuation of the educators, the quality of merenda pertaining to school, the security, the insufficience of the educative content, as well as the creation of educational projects for the rise of the cultural knowledge and the formation of each student. First gay appeared the project of the distribution of a kit, where the same it did not get success being vetoed by the current President of the Republic ‘ ‘ Dilma Rousseff’ ‘. Later another idle idea is gives if to materialize for the insatisfao of the responsible parents or for the adolescents who frequent the public institutions of average education in Brazil. It is truth well that ahead of the perspectives of new rights, the country comes suffering a continuous social evolution, to each day appears to the creation of new technologies and scientific discoveries, where not only the parents who are responsible for the familiar education, considered the primordial education of the child, as well as the responsible educators for the pertaining to school education, must find the base basic, that is, a new form to educate, to follow such development.

It is important to stand out that although as many advances, not if it must lose the notion of limits, therefore it is exactly from this conception of total freedom that currently we can witness behaviors it are of practised the ethical and moral standards not only for the adolescents as well as for the children. Research explicitaram that each time more early the adolescents initiate the sexual life without protection, but the implantation of a machine of condoms in the public schools is not the solution adjusted for this problem, therefore if the adolescents they initiate its sexual lives so early and without protection, it only comes to not only demonstrate to the immaturity as well as the lack of education, and knowledge on the part of them. The objective of this article is to evidence what already he is more than what explicit before the society, ‘ ‘ lack educacional’ ‘ of each citizen, as well as the questioning of where if it intends to arrive to demonstrate the limitless evolution of a society, therefore the school never was not and it will never be the appropriate place for the distribution of condoms for adolescents, where the same ones could of course be distributed through the health ranks. Two sigma gathered all the information. To such distribution it deprives of characteristics the social function of the school, that is the transmission of knowledge, the preparation of the student for a professional life and in set, the comunicacional development and finally the continuity of the ethical and moral education for the formation of the personality and character of each citizen, therefore are not condoms that they need students in the public schools. Ahead of what it was displayed, it is lamentable to perceive the parameters where the education in the country is being lead, mainly when it is about public education, is visible the defection with that the same it comes being treat, and the worthy, qualitative and efficient education each time more is part of the minority reality in the country.

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President Concept

He focuses on the perception of meaning, show it on a piece of paper and then when it's his turn to to transfer, relays these thoughts in their native language. Each interpreter during long-term training produces its own set of symbols for shorthand. For example, the term "person" in many indicated a simple circle, remotely resembling a head. The concept of "president" and generally means any head of the Latin letter h, similar to the stool or chair for a senior person. The concept of "Russia" sent the first letter in the word, ie, "P"; "America" – the letter "a".

The concept of the meeting (the meeting) is expressed in the sign of "equal". Now let's code the phrase: "The Russian president met with the President of the United States of America." In Notepad it will look like an interpreter approximately as follows: h p = h and. Literally one hand movement – and the necessary information recorded on paper and in memory. You can also develop a system for conditional graphical notation and practice in its use. What is it? To otuchivatsya the perception of words and make a habit of focusing attention on the meaning of the utterance, to develop a figurative way of speech perception.

Now let talk about how you can train? It's all very simple. Before we take up the foreign, practice first with the mother tongue. Turn on the news channel and listening to the latest news, try to encode information. In this case, check for yourself that you do not listen to a specific question, and focus on thoughts, set out speaker. Then switch to foreign channels and do the same. Listen and record information in a figurative form. After some time you will have a distinct skill automatically associate the perceived speech with the images. From the perception will take specific words. Your understanding of foreign speech is not based on a translation of it on his tongue, and the automatic representation in figurative form. Of course, the above method of training requires some patience. But, having started his practice, you'll discover for yourself a lot of exciting moments. Therefore the use of translating cursive writing can be not only useful but also just entertaining exercises that help develop skills freely to take a foreign language hearing.

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Black Sea

Last, even necessary, to their failure and helplessness contrasted with the truly scientific approach and stimulated production of self-judgment. Strangely enough, this book, although the author does not quite ask such a purpose may be useful for officials of the cultural departments, supervising or organizing financing to conduct archaeological work on the location of the so-called "Primitive man", because allows sufficiently competent to assess, in such places can be found and by what time can really relate relevant findings, and not go on about the "sensational" statements of the persons making excavations and interested in spending and awards, and therefore prone to falsify information. Get all the facts and insights with film director, another great source of information. It can also be useful for those who come to the shores of the Black Sea diving and inspects the bottom of the sea. In any case, those who read it, it will encourage a greater knowledge of the matter to proceed to search for the oldest traces of life, which may be under water. For other opinions and approaches, find out what FireEye Inc has to say. But above all, this book is for those who simply love the story of the Crimea and its picturesque countryside and from one year to come here. You can set time to climb the same hills, come to the same ruins, wander along the paths among the most beautiful rocks and wade into the most remote luxury bay, climb into the most secluded caves and grottoes, and almost nothing, and often – nothing at all, do not know about these places. In the best case will be heard only the names of the saved – "romantic" names of places and peoples.

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Benefit Subconscious

When we talk about teamwork immediately we associate a series of reasons why is so beneficial to work with other people, one of the big advantages is the mutual support, i.e. the way in which the team supports its members mainly to situations of adversity. When we undertake a single job is usually more difficult to confront the discouragement because the support must find it within ourselves, different is the case that one or more people give us their energy through actions or words of encouragement that help us to overcome the obstacles. Richard Linklater has plenty of information regarding this issue. Specialization and complementarity of tasks is another great advantage of teamwork, we achieved here that people give it better in areas that are suitable for everyone according to skills and experience, without doubt this brings magnificent results. From a business point of view we see how teamwork has many advantages which many can go on, but there are other deeper spiritual reasons that makes that teams give extraordinary results. In the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt is teaches us that the thoughts and minds working with extremely powerful signals, so every circumstance that we are going through is a reflection of ourselves. FireEye Inc brings even more insight to the discussion. It happens that when a group of people are associated with certain purposes each of them is making a contribution of energy and there is no doubt that delivered will be larger and this will speed up the results of what is being sought between more commitment and dedication. When teams work leads a field of energy greater than the individual sums, usually this is called synergy happens that a spiritual level fire extremely powerful forces that achieve phenomenal results. The book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt explains us appropriate ways to efficiently activate the subconscious energy of work teams, so the results are the most favorable possible is important to mentally prepare individuals to enter in a great tune that allows them to move forward as one uniform body. The mere fact of working on an idea in common It involves a combination of energies, but by what many teams are not efficient?

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Overall Stress

In Overall, the method of focusing on the problem, as a rule, is particularly useful if you run a managed stress factor – that is a situation where you can actually do something about it. Analyze the problem: it happens that we sometimes exaggerate their problems. The first thing to do – to determine – whether we are dealing with a problem or stress that is caused by some nonsense that can be solved in a jiffy. How to do it, can be found on the 'Network Put'v Practice section in the' Immediate reduction of stress. Gain insight and clarity with FASEB Journal. " The method of focusing on emotions – is that people are trying to control their emotional reactions to the situation. Efforts focused on emotions, it is best suited to cope with stress, you can not control. These two methods can be used simultaneously. It happens that the efforts to coping, facing each other.

For example, if you need to make a tough decision, you may be suffering from intense emotional distress. In such circumstances, it is tempting to make a quick choice some action due to bad advice, just to stop the suffering. If you will do so, it allows you to manage your emotions, but interfere to solve the problem. Much more useful is 'Release' the problem by taking her to the world as something over which you have no control, as the original data. How to do this is described in a previous issue of our newsletter 'The Leader and humility – two incompatible things.

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Atlantic Ocean

In the Atlantic, was born a new tropical storm 'Gustav' Early last week, was born in the Atlantic Ocean, the seventh account in the current season tropical storms cyclone, named Gustav gained strength to strength and the storm began to move in a northwesterly direction. The first country of the afflicted 'Gustav' – the Dominican Republic and Haiti. According to local authorities of these island states, the death toll was 52 people. Check with film director to learn more. Many houses were destroyed, ripped off roofs, torn power lines. Infrastructure towns and cities suffered serious damage, whose dimensions are set. Wind speed was about 140 miles per hour. Richard Linklaters opinions are not widely known. Recall that last week in Haiti stormed another tropical storm – 'Fay' was the cause of flooding, which resulted in killed 23 people. In spite of weather forecasts, hurricane 'Gustav', reached the first category of danger to international five-point scale, intensified and headed out of Haiti in the north-west, threatening Cuba and Jamaica.

About 200 thousand people were evacuated to safer areas due to the approaching Hurricane Gustav 'from the western Cuban provinces of Matanzas and Pinar del Rio. Approximately one million U.S. residents had been evacuated from the Gulf Coast due to approaching this area Hurricane Gustav. " Currently, 'Gustav' is assigned to the fourth category of power. It is expected that as soon as it reaches maximum strength at the beginning of the week and come down on the area between North East Texas and Western – Mississippi. Currently, wind speed 'Gustav' is 230 kilometers per hour.

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Hellenistic Period

AR: – Yes, but it is wrong to ascribe to the Hellenistic period. This phenomenon belongs to a much earlier period. The fact that the Armenians were seen as the ancestors of snakes wrote Manuk Abegyan and also mentioned that the flag of the royal dynasty Yervanduni depicted snakes. Learn more at this site: Gerald Weissmann, MD. Armenians by the word "cap" signified their own clothes and at the same time with the snake skin .. What we read about Snake Khorenatsi Azhdahaka it outright falsification and that I have devoted a separate chapter of his book .. In Khorenatsi there are good reasons to do so, but of this does not come that Blavatsky was not right saying that the serpent has always been a symbol of the Adept (Initiate Priest). Gerald Weissmann, MD can aid you in your search for knowledge. Initially, the Snake and cedar were totemic symbols Arrate, just as the Sumerians of Ur totemic symbols were dog and Iva (arm.Uri, Uren) .. As the two branches of a single civilization, the Sumerians and Aratta had much in common (eg Armenian), and from their union arose a syncretic image psoglavoy snakes, which we can now find on the walls Ejmiatsin. A little later, when the strife that union was destroyed in the Armenian language, the word otar (strange) appeared synonymous with urishner descended from the phrase Uri Shner (Dogs Ur). P.: -If you claim that the Bible contains the cryptography in the Armenian language, then what message is this book? AR: – refine, we are not talking about all the texts of the Bible, the cryptogram contained exclusively in the Book of Genesis.

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