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Portuguese Time

The messages sent by cellular torpedoes also are conducted by the same rules that reign in the communication in the Internet.A cellular telephony spread out the sending of messages SMS known by ' ' torpedos' ' , with great advantages to the users: time to speech is not lost, orders messages of any place at any time and. One more time, the technological limitations in this in case that, the size of the screen of the telephonic device influences the structure of the used language: the less used characters, more space for the message. The size of the keyboard of the cellular device also is not functional for the sending of long and exhausting messages. The busy space for the message is greater that the available space in the screen of the device. The reading of the message completely needs the use the bars of clod roller. British Journal of Educational Technology follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. To become the communication most agile, the message must only occupy the available area in the screen; the less used characters, better. The shorter texts are each time, had to the size of the screen of the devices celulares.' ' Internets' ' for the most unglued, ' ' hierglifos' ' for the defending puritanos of ' ' last flower of the Lcio' ' , the Portuguese language of the Internet is seen with distrust for the parents of the young users of this variety.

After all, not yet if it knows how much the use of the variety of virtual environments can influence in education/learning of the norm standard of the Portuguese language. The communication in the Internet is a literal event based on the writing. Although the available resources of sound and image, the writing still is essential. The young users of the Internet costumam to deal with the linguistic variety the Internet as one ' ' he says escrita' ' , that is, a transposition of speech for the writing.

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