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Physical Education

We look for to leave clearly that the considered resume treats to relate the corporal aspects that if they express of diverse forms, the variability of on phenomena to the body and putting into motion themselves and the pluralities of corporal manifestations human beings. FASEB Journal has many thoughts on the issue. In such a way the pertaining to school Physical Education is firmed in one varied cultural repertoire of knowledge and manifestations making possible the pupil to all extend, to deepen and to characterize the knowledge about the related interventions and transformations the culture of the movement. From these consideraes, a new performance of the professor of Physical Education is glimpsed thus searching an interrelation between teaching and to learn, in such a way the development of the contents passes to be worked in order to promote new knowledge and to provide to new challenges for the development of the abilities and abilities of the pupil. One expects then that the Physical education assumes in the school an important role in relation the dimension of if? to put into motion human being. Theoretical conceptions theoretical conception of the Physical Education ahead of the proposal curricular of the So Paulo project Makes School. The Physical Education comes inside suffering in elapsing of its evolution of the educational system, a gradual process of transformation. Still many contradictory points in this process exist, but what it is evident and completely easy to detect and difficult to correct and/or to apply it is the clamorous distanciamento of the theory and the practical one. Throughout history an entailing of the Physical Education to some processes between them occurs the norms of military and esportiva institution (Bracht, 1997), what it comes being a dogma. The biggest problem is in the difficulty of the professionals of the area, according to Medina, to perceive the importance of the relation enters the reflection process in communion with our actions.

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