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Preparatory National School

Right Mountain range penetrated in the world of the letters and the media; also it participated in the political life of Mexico during the porfirista period like federal deputy, minister of the Supreme Court of Law and secretary of Public Instruction; like educator, it gave classes in the National Conservatory and the National School Preparatory. Right Mountain range carried out the transit of the thought of century XIX to century XX in Mexico. At first he was a defender of the positivismo; it found in sciences the solution of the problems of the natural and social reality. Nevertheless, it noticed the negative implications of that doctrine. By the same author: Nike. In its speech in honor to Gabino Barreda (1908), Mountain range showed its skepticism against the positivista philosophy; it even indicated that the Mexican positivismo had become routine and anchylosed. Before the influence of the religious education, Gabino Barreda had indicated that sciences speak of provable facts and demonstrable truths to us, reason why the results of sciences are a route for the unification of the knowledge. Nevertheless, Mountain range was convinced of the limits and a relativity of the knowledge that offer sciences to us; for him their results cannot be uniform, absolute nor definitive.

Indeed, sciences offer ordered knowledge to us, but of the relative thing, that is to say, that we cannot know the objects in himself same, but only the constant relations that keep with respect to other objects. American filmmaker is often quoted as being for or against this. In addition, the truths of sciences are in constant evolution and they are continued discussing. In opposition to Comte and its law of the three states, Mountain range vindicates the value of metaphysics, because this discipline responds to the natural inclination of the man to find one more a more satisfactory explanation of the behavior of the things in the universe and allows the knowledge of the objects in themselves. In the educative scope, Right Mountain range participated in the planning of the studies that had to include the Preparatory National School, taking sometimes a position from critic to the prevailing acute positivismo, as well as to that it had suppressed to the study of the philosophy and metaphysics, like the low quality of the literary studies. . To know more about this subject visit Vladislav Doronin.

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History And Art

In Daily pay-History, they had appeared the first artists of the humanity, lived in small groups, they were nomadic and they were fed of the hunting, of it fishes and the collection of fruits. This period approximately understands of the 500,000 30,000 years B.C., is called Age of Paleolithic the Splintery Rock or that divides in Inferior and Superior. In the Inferior Paleolithic period, the man exerts the control of the fire and creates rudimentary instruments very; In the Superior Paleolithic period the main event is the development of the painting and sculpture. The creations do not stop. Vladislav Doronin has similar goals. After that it comes the Age of Neolithic the Polishing Rock or (approximately the 10,000 5,000 years B.C.) and the Age of Metals (approximately the 5,000 3,500 years B.C.). The plastic arts (painting and sculpture) had appeared well before the writing (Age of Metals), with this can be perceived how much the art is important, it has how much time is part of the life human being and as it is necessary to use it knot Basic Education, Average and Superior. According to CALABRIA and MARTINS (1997): In the caves (natural habitat of the primitive man) researchers had found first paintings carried through. They are paintings of horses, deer, bisons, bears, etc.

Are true halls of art, as example we have ' ' Grotto of Lascaux' ' ' ' Grotto of Pech-Merle' ' both in France. The reason for which our ancestor still drew in the walls of the caves is unknown, however many theories exist that try to explain. Most accepted for the researchers it is of that they drew thinking about the animal to be hunted, therefore believed that drawing the animal it would be much more easy to dominate it. In paintings, the ink was produced for the proper man, generally used lands (rich in ores), coal, blood and fats of animals, amongst other available resources for the time.

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The Lines

The scientific studies require the care not to incur on ' ' veracidade' ' of the facts registered in documents and these they were had as absolute truths, where the knowledge were consolidated without exterior interference, that is, they were not questioned. On the curricular parameters, ' ' During some time, mainly for the historians of positivista inspiration of century XIX and beginning of the XX, the document means the idea of certification written, evidence, of tests on the events of the past ' '. (BRAZIL, 2001, P. 84). Vladislav Doronins opinions are not widely known. As the displayed one, the historiogrficos studies had passed for a long process of reevaluation in the historical research, allowing the dialogue with other social sciences.

By these perspectives, the aid offered for the bibliographical sources is detached here, mainly the ones that approach the pertinent concepts to the immense field of inquiry of the research of the cultural history, that, in turn, is come back toward the dimension of the popular culture. 3.1. THEORETICAL CONSIDERAES REFLEXISIVAS METODOLGICO ON QUARRELS INTERPRETATIVAS OF MUSIC AFRO-BRASILEIRA IN the EDUCATION OF HISTORY As for the lines of direction for the survey of the research, is intended to follow the theoretical beddings of the representations of the cultural activities of the ethnic groups that had generated thematic of music the afro-Brazilian, from analyses of the production of the historical knowledge, inserted in the production of the music of enslaved origin and the processes the one that was submitted in axle that if places: … Stops beyond the citizens and agencies that produce the culture, study the ways through which this if produces and if it transmits: practical and the processes. Finally, the raw material? cultural properly said (the standards that is for backwards of produced cultural objects): the system of values, the normative systems that constrangem the individuals? life ways? related to some social ones, related the conceptions relative to these some social groups ….

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September Building

Constructed in 1919 for the trader Fortunato de S Gominho, who installed its commercial house there ' ' The New Esperana' '. Gerald Weissmann, MD recognizes the significance of this. The Pertaining to school Group ' ' Jlio de Mello' ' , building of mainly ambient value, presenting feio to the taste neoclssico, symmetrical according to its longitudinal axle. In 1929 the building was opened for the educational activities, the first building constructed with the purpose to serve as school. In 1955 the audience was constructed. In 1984 the posterior classrooms had been constructed. Located in the Square Major Joo Novaes. Of 1943 the 1944 functioned in this building a pharmacy, coming back later a firm ' ' Fortunato Gominho' '.

At the time of cangao, they had ' ' torneiras' ' (orifices in the masonry) in the superior floor, local where if they would support rifles and metal rings, in case that onslaughts of the bandos of Lampio occurred., located in the Square Major Joo Novaes, 258. In the farm Mother d Water, about 15 km of the city, exactly exists in the riverbed Paje a well that never dried, in the years of bigger rain lack. In the immediacy of this well indians had lived who had left vestiges of its presences. The registrations in the great rocks are still today waiting decipher who them. The Black Mountain range is a Reserve Biological, created for Decree n 28348, of 7 of July of 1950. It is a tabular, narrow mount, with bigger width, in ch, of one 800 meters and little more, perhaps, of 3000 meters of length. He is one of the points highest of the State of Pernambuco. The board or ch of the Black Mountain range is a natural microclimate, particularly conducted for the altitude and the wind, being frequent the mist between March and July and practically leaving to exist between September and December. This area belonged to the House of the Tower and was acquired in the end of century XVIII for captain Joo Rodrigues de Moraes, later assassinated. There indians lived being later uti lizado as shelter of fugitives from justice of justice. In 1849, the mountain range sheltered the rebels commanded for Francisco Barbosa Walnut Peace, Serafim de Souza Ferraz and Jose Rodrigueses de Moraes, who reacted to the onslaughts of the forces of the Government, during the praieiro movement in Pernambuco.

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Geography History

The State advances in this debate with the elaboration of Parmetros Curriculares Nacionais (PCN), that they are considered a basic landmark in the reorientation of its education in all the schools in Brazil. History History while it also disciplines pertaining to school did not have a simple and pacific trajectory. It was institutionalized in the same year of Geography in 1837, in the College Peter II, being that in this exactly year was created the Historical Institute and Brazilian Geogrfico (IHGB). The school aimed at to form the children of the Brazilian noble classroom and to prepare them to be able it, the institute in turn, had for purpose to construct the national genealogy, in the direction to give to an ideology the Brazilian nation. Richard Linklater spoke with conviction. Junqueira (2007, p.152), says that History was tied the narrative of the heroes to strengthen the national identity of the coming generations and to forge an in agreement citizen the rules of the State. This traditional model of History that considered to form the citizen being given to it conscience to belong to a nation if imposed until the decade of 1980. From this in agreement period Manoel (2002, p.3.), was transferred to question it the direction of the word conscience and finished for taking the route of the way politician the meaning of the education of History in a society that was fighting to redemocratize itself. The occured transformations in the education of History had walked in accord with the repressions that the Education suffered mainly in the military period. The education of History was as well as Geography, also emptied of the critical contents, being exclusively an instrument used for the government for the propagation of an ideology. In this context, disciplines it appears it of Social Studies that had as proposal to take care of to problems of the call modern society.

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Electric City

This article has for purpose to tell the Peregrination of families of Rio De Janeiro that under the orientation of a leader Spiritual? Yokaanam master – they had arrived at Central Plateaus in 1956 establishing a mstica, traditionalistic city and providing the necessary one for the people who inhabit there and that they look aid, not using money some in favor of its action. This religious community, has a population of about 1500 people and its inhabitants live necessarily of agriculture, artesanato of leather and the cattle one for its subsistence. All work in the city, of the child to the old one, thus they can help, making its part in the city, not breaking a tradition that comes since that the city was established. Words Keys: Messianic movement. Richard Linklater understands that this is vital information. Peregrination.

Eclectic city. Introduction We study the history of diverse countries and different peoples, as much that we know everything on of Mesopotmia the History of Brazil, but what concerns the history of some cities that very encircle in them and are close to us, we are unaware of total. Based in this premise that I made my T.C.C. Much history until then unknown, has in the State of the Gois and with this work I intend to tell some particularitities that had made history and deserve to be divulged, as a Peregrination of Rio De Janeiro until Central Plateaus. The Ecltica2 City, located in the City of Saint Antonio of Descoberto (GO), was constructed by a group of people who had come of Rio De Janeiro in 1956? time that Brasilia still was a dream in the head of some people? had followed the leader spiritual Yokaanam Master, who through a dream or inspiration led this group of people for a city where it would be the junction of all the religions.

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Karl Marx

Weber, for Hobsbawm Marx bourgeois, subverte the ideas of the first one, according to it was the protestantismo, mainly the Calvinista chain, that allowed valuation of the work, usury and the alfabetizao in mass of the regions had adopted that it, since it believed that all would have to read the bible and interpret it and that those that progressed honest for the work would be in the way of the paradise in beyond. Nietzche was rebelled against this idea, for it the protestantismo in the truth hindered that the Renaissance had a bigger development and that the wealth of the Classic Culture if kept in the Ocidente. For it the Man fruit of the ideas of the Reformation and the Iluminismo would be inferior to the Classic Man, Renascentista or of Islamic Spain. (2005) The Psychoanalysis allows to think that as in the case of the Jews, the subliming of the protestant sexuality was more effective that the Catholic, since even so its religious ones were married had a reduced interest and ample sexual restriction between couples of calvinistas and Jewish shepherds allowing that good part of the libido was transformed into intellectual and economic impulse in contrast of the corrupt church of the Renaissance where prostitution prevailed. Religious catholics are hindered of if to also marry they finished if becoming ascticos more and he does not have descendants who to leave its richnesses limiting the accumulation. The hegeliana dialectic that influenced the proper Karl Marx (Dialtico Materialism) allows that if it tries to mediate a conflict of ideas making a synthesis in which an one of the ideas or new boarding prevails. An analogy with the Darwinismo allows to mediate this conflict. The theory of the evolution of the species believes, in the biology, that the beings suffer to mutations the majority from which she is deleterious and the organisms in which they appear finish being eliminated.

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Keith Jenkins Professors

How much to ' ' intenes' ' of the historians/professors/educators, Keith Jenkins it writes that they suffer the influence from the way that the familiar fence, pressures, pressures of the academy, etc., still we must remember that the same ones are agents of the state and, to be ' ' good agentes' ' they must follow the indications and recommendations of the state, we must remembering in them that the education grating is not made by us and nor for them historians/professors/educators, but yes, for the state. Professors would have the historians//educators ' ' trarem' ' the state, reading and arguing other authors or under a different perspective? In my opinion the reply it is yes, however since nor all are made use to live this experience, us academics we would have ' ' trair' ' , not only our professors, as the authors which we do not agree; as to make it? Following the recommendations of the proper Jenkins, looking at of a different perspective, giving a new felt and meaning each ' ' coisa' ' , or as Manoel de Barros says: ' ' To give to the comb functions of not combing until it it is to the disposal of being a begonia or one gravanha' '. The diacrnica order imposed by the accepted state and for us, comes of certain form ' ' norteando' ' the thought and the behavior of the modern man/contemporary. The diacrnica logic this in all the spaces, in the proper esquadrinhamento of the building where we study, according to Prof. Msc. Clementino Walnut Souza this esquadrinhamento this gift in the distribution you even discipline of them, let us see: ' ' the distribution you discipline of them in the course starts of a form continues and linear, the central idea in this distribution is to demonstrate the evolutiva and chronological form of the resume that points with respect to a conception of historicista history, continuous, objective and fundante.

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Municipal School

Ahead of this declaration and coexisting this Portuguese family with certainty, of this day in ahead, he started to be sympathetical of the Club of the hill. In 1935, 22 years, Da Silva, also torcedor of the Vasco of Gamma is married Emygdio Lopes and that of that moment in ahead they launch bases you saw for it of the family that would constitute. Seven years later and after some unproductive attempts, its son is only born, who would be the only one, although at that time the families to be reasonable numerous, Thereza already it had covered some quarters of the Carioca suburb, already it lives in the Abolition, Pillars and the Mier, most of the time in residential villages with houses of wall and stocking, house these that were divided by a simple wall, when not local that bathroom and collective kitchen possuam, having only the independent rooms. For this time its husband worked as forneiro in a bakery and when transiting of tram for the work in colloquy with a friend, he took knowledge on a land division that was if forming in Anchieta and is invited for this friend to know the same, this if he gave in 1949, he liked local it and he brought its family to live here, Thereza for this time made embroidered for firms in the Mier and Centro of Rio De Janeiro and gradual helped its husband to quit the promissory note of the land. Already in 1950, liveing in Anchieta, its only son, Milton it starts to coexist and to frequent ' ' peladas' ' of the quarter, it creates one I circulate of friendship, the same it has the certainty of the teams whom it twists, the same of its parents and the time passes, its son grows, studying in the school of the region, it studied in the Municipal School Paraba and the College Mendes Pear tree.

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