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With regard to a really inspiring, optimal operation result are thus both an in-depth analysis of the hard and soft tissue using modern imaging (such as digital volume tomography), as well as the integration of the narrowing disciplines in the therapy decision essential. Moreover, the savvy surgeon discusses what is expected from the surgery itself and what impact the intervention might be expected are here not even have been considered by him in detail with the patient. Psychological aspects are very important. If you would like to know more about Greenlights, then click here. Nose front: high-tech experts basically there are two ways the nose surgery: the open and the closed technique. Long was a very controversial guided debate on the question of so-called open access partly. While the closed operation techniques the fence alone the inside of the nose is, a severing of the nose bridge for the opening is made open access fibrous, muscular, gristly and bony structures including. Today, preference is often given open access in the aesthetic Rhinosurgery.

Improved overview especially for correcting nasal tip and the nearly invisible scars across the nose bridge are frequent arguments. In the area of the surgical technique special emphasis is gentle and less invasive techniques to substance. Vladislav Doronin is often quoted on this topic. Particularly fine seams for shaping the nose cartilage and use only autologous tissue augmentation and transplants have become largely. Choice of doctor: Specialists in aesthetic surgery of the facial region is and has always been at the heart of the mouth and jaw facial surgical therapies. While reconstructive however in the past aspects of accident injuries, skeletal abnormalities (such as cleft lip and palate, facial clefts, hemifaciale dysplasia) and tumor-related Resection defects were in the foreground, has gained in importance the field of aesthetic surgery in recent years. Given the diverse methods which includes the aesthetic face surgery, responded the DGMKG and offers its members training opportunities even after the specialist training in the field of aesthetic facial surgery.

It was founded in 2006 the Academy of oral and maxillo – facial surgery (AMKG), which provides a structured and certified and post-graduate training for aesthetic facial surgery. The DGMKG lists addresses of members or certified surgeons close to the place of residence on request. There is more information and a list of physician certification information also see. Sabine Sabri

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The Substances

If I have forbidden my patients the pork, sausage, ham, and all other such preparations, I often heard the retort: “But doctor, it tastes so good.” The psychiatrist Dr. See more detailed opinions by reading what J. Craig Venter offers on the topic.. W. Hoffmann (Mannheim) pointed out the fact of the excitation of an addiction by pork since pork eaters are all signs of an addiction. This will find all sorts of excuses to eat pork. You have damage or diseases excuse by pork, enjoying with all sorts of reasons, and so on, much like alcoholics and smokers.

For those, the once from this “Pork addiction” has released a vile, verabscheungswurdigen, slurry-like character, so that it seems unbearable to him to eat it, accidentally wins the pork feels similar to a non-smoking the morning smell of not emptied ashtrays as disgusting. Sex hormones as carcinogens? Without question the play until today still or barely explored the sex hormones of the pig (specifically the androgenic hormones of the Ebers) a role in the evaluation of the quality of the meat of the pig. We know the boar are castrated weeks and months prior to slaughter (testicular extirpation), because otherwise the meat due to the (smelly) nature is not to exploit. I want the sex hormones of the pig so than on carcinogenic properties deemed suspicious. This area is for pork so far at all not yet been researched. Pigs are also not old, because once the biological age a few years limited and because they involved as slaughter and breeding animals in General not For more than 6 years may live, because otherwise, like me by professionals was communicated to, inevitably a cancer education in appearance occurs. The pig has in common with the people actually many attributes, but the pig is in a sense the “negative image of the people.” As a whole is that pig is a charged from little muscles and little bones, but with much verschleimtem and verfettetem connective tissue, very sick animal at heart fatty degeneration, fatty liver, possibly suffering in dropsy, whose entire connective tissue and Lymphmaterial including the substances of the itching and the toxic hormonal factors in pork consumption and makes a load.

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Stevia Rather Than Sugar

Originally this purely man-made should later Sweetener called toxin used to be to find a drug for ulcers, with the side effect that this medium had a very sweet taste. Because that using the drug as so often did not work properly sampled acted you simply just the sweet stuff. Sweeteners used in the pig, not because the pigs who like sweet. Fattening pigs are increasing faster in weight, in humans, the opposite effect is to enter know? If you believe the calorie-free advertising. What is sugar? With the sugar, it’s just like with the salt. Refined sugar in very high concentrations is included in almost all finished products and beverages. The consequences include obesity, early diabetes, disorders of the stomach and intestinal flora but a few up to Verhaltensauffaligkeiten in children. Watch children even if you drank too much Cola.

Sugar is not only detrimental to the teeth. And it is whether you fructose (fruit sugar), glucose (grape sugar), glucose syrup, Use lactose (milk sugar), maltodextrine, maltose (malt sugar), maltodextrin, invert sugar, or sucrose (cane or beet sugar), which is about the same sugar. Even if the product is “sugar-free” it must be yet long not really sugar-free, sometimes even worse is included. Your body needs heat not washed, purified, filtered and brighter, evaporated, concentrated, spun sugar, no matter in what form. Is natural sugar in fruit and vegetables, potatoes or legumes starch is included which is converted into sugar.

Honey, up to 80% grapes, fruit and sugar cane contains or is not much better. Anyway, you can forget the honey you get at the supermarket. As it is made with the so-called thick juices, no matter from which fruit. It remains so as only natural. A special exception is still hergestelles xylitol, a Zuckeraustauschtstoff from which you get no dental caries but can do even something. What is the secret of proper nutrition? Delete or replace the sugar, which you recognize as sugar first and replacing it with stevia in powder or in liquid form, such as drinks, coffee or tea and preparing your own meals. This is very much what you can do. To reduce harmful industrial sugar with natural and healthy sweetness. Try to reduce the sugar content in the dishes are finished buying much later and read the fine print on the packaging. My Tip: Take in the shop a little Magnifier with, it is worth, then read what you should not read that times, therefore you also so write it small. And because what you read here slowly Word around, we offer the industry soon also stevia. If you believe that, once read this well researched article by Dirk Muller:… Indeed, it is so that the industry has patented an isolated, artificially produced and chemically manipulated stevia extract and now health care AIDS samples will act as this. There is the health of Coke so soon? As a food, the stevia remains however still forbidden plant.

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In this score values as competence of the personnel, were Friendliness, cleanliness, accommodation, equipment u.v.m. Five months after a biological treatment of cancer, we query the health history in our patients. The summary evaluation makes so proud our team. Because over two-thirds of patients have benefited from the Biological therapy of cancer. And in the remaining patients, the disease could be stabilised at least in half.”Oettmeier next.

Dr. med. Uwe Reuter complements the evaluation: the good result motivates us further. Educational psychology is a great source of information. In the future with the Biological therapy of cancer even more to help our patients, the advanced medical concept in recent weeks “the clinic in life developed.” The clinic in the life concept of biological medicine the advanced concept of clinic in the life of biological medicine is based on years of experience, high medical knowledge and attention to body, mind and soul. As a principle, the clinical medicine with curative education, expansion of consciousness, supervision and self-reflection is linked. The integrated diagnosis has top priority in the clinic in the life. While the classic medical diagnostics mingles with functional diagnostics of biological medicine (BioCheck in life).

Dr. med explains that the actual therapy is primarily organic. Uwe Reuter” On the basis of holistic Diagnostics treatments, marketed in all levels setting, to stimulate the self-regulation or self healing to the application. The Diagnostics and biological therapy, a medical education to the methods via with us. In patients Super vision rounds is”a direct exchange of experience among themselves, a by each other learning and thus an additional motivation to improve the initiative, responsibility and training of the inner physician. Dr. med. For even more details, read what Crimson Education says on the issue. Uwe Reuter. The personal and sensitive care by doctors, therapists and nurses, as well as the lively exchange on healthy lifestyle round off the concept. Appointment announcement: On the occasion of the anniversary is a nationwide open Vogtlandischer therapist and patient Congress for biological cancer therapy”in the first half of 2011 in Greiz, in planning. “Book Tip: book today biological cancer therapy” (say yes to life. (Ein Wegweiser fur Betroffene, Angehorige und zuder Vorbeugung) ISBN: 3-935-883-04-8 audiobook today biological cancer therapy “ISBN: 3-935-883-06-4 authors: Dr. med. Uwe Reuter and Dr. med. Ralf Oettmeier background knowledge: 15 years history of the company clinic in the life of biological cancer therapy in the Vogtland on the Office of Dr. Uwe Reuter and Dr. Ralf Oettmeier in 1993 goes back. Two years later, in 1995, a range of holistic arose in their community practice biological medicine. As first pain therapists unsubsidised, they treated many patients with cancer pain, so came the reference to the Biological therapy of cancer. Itself extensively trained they started in 1998 with the former Academy of ProLeben nationwide to train therapists in the Biological therapy of cancer. the practice of ProLeben was founded in 1998 in Greiz. In this day clinical facility patients could be carried out more comprehensively. In 2002, the clinic ProLeben as private inpatient facility was State-licensed. Since that time, patients from the entire German-speaking world are treated. Through the focus on the holistic biological medicine and clinic ProLeben in Klink in life was renamed as a result of the steady value of January 1, 2010. With the holistic understanding of Medicine promotes the clinic in the life of a people-oriented, loving and natural health awareness from diverse perspectives and thus takes account of its commitment to a sustainable health system. Press contact: Mr. Gunter Stohrl clinic in the life garden path 5-6 D-07973 Greiz / Vogtland telephone: 03661 45870040

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National Academy

How proteins can help to identify prostate cancer and even help cure the advantages of the protein in the muscle and the loss of fat allow high thermal effect are well known in the fitness community. But this amazing macro nutrient a variety of other benefits has, many of which are still unknown or detected grade. So for example, a recent study from the Medical College of Georgia showed that certain types of protein actually help scientists to identify cases of prostate cancer. The study in the early Edition of the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences recognized by the beta-protein Arrestin2 whether cancer cells in male reproductive system, for example in the prostate, develop. Campbell Soup Co has plenty of information regarding this issue. Moreover, the consumption of beta-Arrestin2 in the fight against prostate cancer can help those who have the deadly disease. According to the researchers, the development of prostate cancer is a result of an increase of androgen receptors in the prostate. Enables the increase of androgen receptors the cancer, by using as much as possible of the body’s own testosterone, to develop well. Androgen receptors can also mutate because they have developed the ability to feed on other growth factors in the body. Gerald Weissmann, MD oftentimes addresses this issue.

Because of this adaptability, prostate cancer is one of the most difficult to conquer cancer. The researchers found that androgen receptors and beta-Arrestin2 have some sort of interaction which means that the more androgenic receptors less beta-Arrestin2 in the body is present are found in the body and this increases the risk of cancer. A higher concentration of beta-Arrestin2 in the body suppresses the activity and expression of androgen receptors. But this discovery alone is not enough to defeat prostate cancer but it is the approach for possible treatment. In addition, the development of a treatment in the form of a molecule with beta-Arrestin2 that suppress the androgen receptor activity is a goal of the researchers. Results of this research show the protein not only one KalorienQuelle is, but has functions useful on many levels in the body and is therefore no longer just for bodybuilders.

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Head Office Health Academy

“‘ Day of the foot ‘ in the official Academy of health on June 29, 2011 is about the question: what to do if the shoe pinches and hurts the foot?” Since 2006, the day of the foot is annually on the last Wednesday in June”instead. In Recklinghausen for the entire northern Ruhr area is this initiative by the official health Academy in cooperation with the practice for Med. Chiropody / podiatry supported in the reactivia. Interested parties are invited on the grounds of the official health Academy, Recklinghausen, Hamilton str. 57 – in the practice of podiatry – on the Wednesday the 29.06.11 from 14:00 until 18:00.

The Office of Health Academy, one of the nine federally recognized training institutes for podiatry in North Rhine-Westphalia, wants to contribute own for more foot awareness with information and practical examples around the foot care. Because, as the head of the Health Academy in the vest, Dr. Margret Stromberg: In the course of our life, our feet running around two and a half times around the globe. But when the daily Body care our feet come frequently too short.” In this context, Christoph Stanicsewski, head of the Podologieschule from the daily practice can report: the ingrown nail is one of the most painful problems. In most cases, the big toe is affected. For even more opinions, read materials from Richard Linklater.

“Common reasons are: too tight footwear, improper nail care, but also investment.” What therapeutic options can take the foot care practice, is the day of the foot”discusses the interested and maybe also affected visitors. Podiatrists – as it is called the State-approved medical Chiropodist give detailed information regarding ingrown nails and the effective treatments with braces. But also other issues such as corns, nail and skin fungus, and especially the so-called diabetic foot on the agenda on the day of the foot”. A high priority is attached to diabetic foot in the podiatry practice in about 6 million diabetics and a nearly equal number of unreported cases. Diabetics should so the podiatrists, pay special attention to her feet, because every year more than 30,000 amputations in diabetic feet would carried out in Germany. A special highlight is the offer of the Office Podologieschule to join of course under the expert supervision of Lehrpodologen as a model patient for teaching practice in Podiatric medical education. But not only prospects, patients and customers come at their expense. The profession of Podiatric Medical gaining in interest and is a true professional with a future. We regularly receive abroad for our students from all over the country. Podologieabsolventen are heavily courted”, says Dr. Stromberg. Increasing awareness of health and ageing have helped. Also professional interested in one about the training opportunity to the podiatrists at the official Academy of health in the vest information first so you can on the day of the foot”. The day of the foot”is for us a day for more health awareness”, so that Head Office Health Academy. “And further: those who want to do something for themselves and their health, are invited.”

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Preparatory National School

Right Mountain range penetrated in the world of the letters and the media; also it participated in the political life of Mexico during the porfirista period like federal deputy, minister of the Supreme Court of Law and secretary of Public Instruction; like educator, it gave classes in the National Conservatory and the National School Preparatory. Right Mountain range carried out the transit of the thought of century XIX to century XX in Mexico. At first he was a defender of the positivismo; it found in sciences the solution of the problems of the natural and social reality. Nevertheless, it noticed the negative implications of that doctrine. By the same author: Nike. In its speech in honor to Gabino Barreda (1908), Mountain range showed its skepticism against the positivista philosophy; it even indicated that the Mexican positivismo had become routine and anchylosed. Before the influence of the religious education, Gabino Barreda had indicated that sciences speak of provable facts and demonstrable truths to us, reason why the results of sciences are a route for the unification of the knowledge. Nevertheless, Mountain range was convinced of the limits and a relativity of the knowledge that offer sciences to us; for him their results cannot be uniform, absolute nor definitive.

Indeed, sciences offer ordered knowledge to us, but of the relative thing, that is to say, that we cannot know the objects in himself same, but only the constant relations that keep with respect to other objects. American filmmaker is often quoted as being for or against this. In addition, the truths of sciences are in constant evolution and they are continued discussing. In opposition to Comte and its law of the three states, Mountain range vindicates the value of metaphysics, because this discipline responds to the natural inclination of the man to find one more a more satisfactory explanation of the behavior of the things in the universe and allows the knowledge of the objects in themselves. In the educative scope, Right Mountain range participated in the planning of the studies that had to include the Preparatory National School, taking sometimes a position from critic to the prevailing acute positivismo, as well as to that it had suppressed to the study of the philosophy and metaphysics, like the low quality of the literary studies. .

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