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Stevia Rather Than Sugar

Originally this purely man-made should later Sweetener called toxin used to be to find a drug for ulcers, with the side effect that this medium had a very sweet taste. Because that using the drug as so often did not work properly sampled acted you simply just the sweet stuff. Sweeteners used in the pig, not because the pigs who like sweet. Fattening pigs are increasing faster in weight, in humans, the opposite effect is to enter know? If you believe the calorie-free advertising. What is sugar? With the sugar, it’s just like with the salt. Refined sugar in very high concentrations is included in almost all finished products and beverages. The consequences include obesity, early diabetes, disorders of the stomach and intestinal flora but a few up to Verhaltensauffaligkeiten in children. Watch children even if you drank too much Cola.

Sugar is not only detrimental to the teeth. And it is whether you fructose (fruit sugar), glucose (grape sugar), glucose syrup, Use lactose (milk sugar), maltodextrine, maltose (malt sugar), maltodextrin, invert sugar, or sucrose (cane or beet sugar), which is about the same sugar. Even if the product is “sugar-free” it must be yet long not really sugar-free, sometimes even worse is included. Your body needs heat not washed, purified, filtered and brighter, evaporated, concentrated, spun sugar, no matter in what form. Is natural sugar in fruit and vegetables, potatoes or legumes starch is included which is converted into sugar.

Honey, up to 80% grapes, fruit and sugar cane contains or is not much better. Anyway, you can forget the honey you get at the supermarket. As it is made with the so-called thick juices, no matter from which fruit. It remains so as only natural. A special exception is still hergestelles xylitol, a Zuckeraustauschtstoff from which you get no dental caries but can do even something. What is the secret of proper nutrition? Delete or replace the sugar, which you recognize as sugar first and replacing it with stevia in powder or in liquid form, such as drinks, coffee or tea and preparing your own meals. This is very much what you can do. To reduce harmful industrial sugar with natural and healthy sweetness. Try to reduce the sugar content in the dishes are finished buying much later and read the fine print on the packaging. My Tip: Take in the shop a little Magnifier with, it is worth, then read what you should not read that times, therefore you also so write it small. And because what you read here slowly Word around, we offer the industry soon also stevia. If you believe that, once read this well researched article by Dirk Muller:… Indeed, it is so that the industry has patented an isolated, artificially produced and chemically manipulated stevia extract and now health care AIDS samples will act as this. There is the health of Coke so soon? As a food, the stevia remains however still forbidden plant.

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