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The Substances

If I have forbidden my patients the pork, sausage, ham, and all other such preparations, I often heard the retort: “But doctor, it tastes so good.” The psychiatrist Dr. See more detailed opinions by reading what J. Craig Venter offers on the topic.. W. Hoffmann (Mannheim) pointed out the fact of the excitation of an addiction by pork since pork eaters are all signs of an addiction. This will find all sorts of excuses to eat pork. You have damage or diseases excuse by pork, enjoying with all sorts of reasons, and so on, much like alcoholics and smokers.

For those, the once from this “Pork addiction” has released a vile, verabscheungswurdigen, slurry-like character, so that it seems unbearable to him to eat it, accidentally wins the pork feels similar to a non-smoking the morning smell of not emptied ashtrays as disgusting. Sex hormones as carcinogens? Without question the play until today still or barely explored the sex hormones of the pig (specifically the androgenic hormones of the Ebers) a role in the evaluation of the quality of the meat of the pig. We know the boar are castrated weeks and months prior to slaughter (testicular extirpation), because otherwise the meat due to the (smelly) nature is not to exploit. I want the sex hormones of the pig so than on carcinogenic properties deemed suspicious. This area is for pork so far at all not yet been researched. Pigs are also not old, because once the biological age a few years limited and because they involved as slaughter and breeding animals in General not For more than 6 years may live, because otherwise, like me by professionals was communicated to, inevitably a cancer education in appearance occurs. The pig has in common with the people actually many attributes, but the pig is in a sense the “negative image of the people.” As a whole is that pig is a charged from little muscles and little bones, but with much verschleimtem and verfettetem connective tissue, very sick animal at heart fatty degeneration, fatty liver, possibly suffering in dropsy, whose entire connective tissue and Lymphmaterial including the substances of the itching and the toxic hormonal factors in pork consumption and makes a load.

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