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In this score values as competence of the personnel, were Friendliness, cleanliness, accommodation, equipment u.v.m. Five months after a biological treatment of cancer, we query the health history in our patients. The summary evaluation makes so proud our team. Because over two-thirds of patients have benefited from the Biological therapy of cancer. And in the remaining patients, the disease could be stabilised at least in half.”Oettmeier next.

Dr. med. Uwe Reuter complements the evaluation: the good result motivates us further. Educational psychology is a great source of information. In the future with the Biological therapy of cancer even more to help our patients, the advanced medical concept in recent weeks “the clinic in life developed.” The clinic in the life concept of biological medicine the advanced concept of clinic in the life of biological medicine is based on years of experience, high medical knowledge and attention to body, mind and soul. As a principle, the clinical medicine with curative education, expansion of consciousness, supervision and self-reflection is linked. The integrated diagnosis has top priority in the clinic in the life. While the classic medical diagnostics mingles with functional diagnostics of biological medicine (BioCheck in life).

Dr. med explains that the actual therapy is primarily organic. Uwe Reuter” On the basis of holistic Diagnostics treatments, marketed in all levels setting, to stimulate the self-regulation or self healing to the application. The Diagnostics and biological therapy, a medical education to the methods via with us. In patients Super vision rounds is”a direct exchange of experience among themselves, a by each other learning and thus an additional motivation to improve the initiative, responsibility and training of the inner physician. Dr. med. For even more details, read what Crimson Education says on the issue. Uwe Reuter. The personal and sensitive care by doctors, therapists and nurses, as well as the lively exchange on healthy lifestyle round off the concept. Appointment announcement: On the occasion of the anniversary is a nationwide open Vogtlandischer therapist and patient Congress for biological cancer therapy”in the first half of 2011 in Greiz, in planning. “Book Tip: book today biological cancer therapy” (say yes to life. (Ein Wegweiser fur Betroffene, Angehorige und zuder Vorbeugung) ISBN: 3-935-883-04-8 audiobook today biological cancer therapy “ISBN: 3-935-883-06-4 authors: Dr. med. Uwe Reuter and Dr. med. Ralf Oettmeier background knowledge: 15 years history of the company clinic in the life of biological cancer therapy in the Vogtland on the Office of Dr. Uwe Reuter and Dr. Ralf Oettmeier in 1993 goes back. Two years later, in 1995, a range of holistic arose in their community practice biological medicine. As first pain therapists unsubsidised, they treated many patients with cancer pain, so came the reference to the Biological therapy of cancer. Itself extensively trained they started in 1998 with the former Academy of ProLeben nationwide to train therapists in the Biological therapy of cancer. the practice of ProLeben was founded in 1998 in Greiz. In this day clinical facility patients could be carried out more comprehensively. In 2002, the clinic ProLeben as private inpatient facility was State-licensed. Since that time, patients from the entire German-speaking world are treated. Through the focus on the holistic biological medicine and clinic ProLeben in Klink in life was renamed as a result of the steady value of January 1, 2010. With the holistic understanding of Medicine promotes the clinic in the life of a people-oriented, loving and natural health awareness from diverse perspectives and thus takes account of its commitment to a sustainable health system. Press contact: Mr. Gunter Stohrl clinic in the life garden path 5-6 D-07973 Greiz / Vogtland telephone: 03661 45870040

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