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The Lines

The scientific studies require the care not to incur on ' ' veracidade' ' of the facts registered in documents and these they were had as absolute truths, where the knowledge were consolidated without exterior interference, that is, they were not questioned. On the curricular parameters, ' ' During some time, mainly for the historians of positivista inspiration of century XIX and beginning of the XX, the document means the idea of certification written, evidence, of tests on the events of the past ' '. (BRAZIL, 2001, P. 84). As the displayed one, the historiogrficos studies had passed for a long process of reevaluation in the historical research, allowing the dialogue with other social sciences.

By these perspectives, the aid offered for the bibliographical sources is detached here, mainly the ones that approach the pertinent concepts to the immense field of inquiry of the research of the cultural history, that, in turn, is come back toward the dimension of the popular culture. 3.1. THEORETICAL CONSIDERAES REFLEXISIVAS METODOLGICO ON QUARRELS INTERPRETATIVAS OF MUSIC AFRO-BRASILEIRA IN the EDUCATION OF HISTORY As for the lines of direction for the survey of the research, is intended to follow the theoretical beddings of the representations of the cultural activities of the ethnic groups that had generated thematic of music the afro-Brazilian, from analyses of the production of the historical knowledge, inserted in the production of the music of enslaved origin and the processes the one that was submitted in axle that if places: … Stops beyond the citizens and agencies that produce the culture, study the ways through which this if produces and if it transmits: practical and the processes. Finally, the raw material? cultural properly said (the standards that is for backwards of produced cultural objects): the system of values, the normative systems that constrangem the individuals? life ways? related to some social ones, related the conceptions relative to these some social groups ….

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