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However, just the manufacturing or processing of plastic represents a special challenge for the clean room technology. Problems such as heat generation, the use of lubricating oils or the air currents running contrary to the clean room must be resolved. New ideas and standards are needed. Therefore best on the international markets opportunities currently for the experts in this field. Challenge supplier Oncology, hospital hygiene, bio-polymers, multifunctional proteins, aerospace or semiconductor technology – across all applications over look the different industries, but with new challenges faced also the designers of cleanrooms.

Some of the most important are the world’s rising quality demands of customers, as well as the increasing demand for flawless products made from the cleanroom. To remain competitive, manufacturers are forced constantly to control their own production and, where appropriate, the supplier and to optimize. To determine for Pharma – and medicine technical products always sharper expectant statutory requirements the international market and also lead to much tougher product liability, which concerns the entire production. As a result more and more supplying businesses are challenged to find solutions, to produce clean rooms and Pack. Clean zone – one for all industries decision-makers from the fields of chemistry, medicine, pharmaceuticals, food, Nano -, optical and laser technology, micro-electronics, automobile, air and space technology: the clean zone in Frankfurt is the new date for all companies and industries that already use clean rooms or now are planning to do so. On 24th and 25th October brings together the relevant economic and cross-cutting areas for it. On two days, manufacturers of clean room facilities and technology, components and consumables as well as universities and colleges will present at the trade fair.

Exhibitors are among other companies like BSR, CAS clean-air-service, Colandis, Hydroflex, Kimberly-Clark, PPS spiked and WISAG. The accompanying conference provides scientifically based and vendor-independent international expert knowledge, including Koos Agricola (ICCCS International Confederation of contamination control societies), Dr. Udo Gommel (Fraunhofer IPA), Conor Murray, (3dimension cleanroom and Chairman of the Irish society of clean room), Joachim Ludwig (Colandis), Gabriele Sai Lioe (Institute of textile and process engineering Denkendorf) and Florian Dittel (Dittel engineering). The clean zone partners are among others the cleanroom Akademie GmbH, the VDI society building and building technology, the International Confederation of contamination control societies (ICCCS) and the German clean room Institute e.V. (DRRI). As a media partner, the publications of cleanroom support magazine, Cleanroom technology, contamination control report, chemistry plus, health ad hoc, device Med Pharma + food, pharmaceutical production, clean room online and Reinraum. Learn more about the clean zone of 2012 as well as Congress program see: Kerstin men

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