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Rubens Alves If

But in this in case that, it is primordial that the accountant already knows history, so that he does not make the reading of the same one, cold form and without attractive, but it counts that it as if was talking with the child and the personages, creating an allure for that hears. Today already book editions exist that come with in such a way vary active form of participation and envolvement of the reader as of the listener. Books full of sonorous and exactly visual stimulatons of proper history are. To teach small a lands on water books is not easy, therefore an enchantment exists that histories always transmit. You unite, history by itself, the personages together with the imaginary one of each one of leads in them to other places, to other sensations, what it also happens with the child. from these pleasant sensations, the desire of always wanting more.

As it says Rubens Alves If was to teach to a child the beauty of music would not start with partitions, notes and guidelines. We would hear together the melodies gostosas and it would count to it on the instruments that make music. , There magic with the beauty of music, same it would ask for to me that it taught the mystery to it of those written black small balls on five lines. Because the black small balls and the five lines are only tools for the production of the beauty that has of if reading a good text, and with this to make of the reading as if touched that music that more we like are as soon as learn to love reading. The experience of the beauty has to come before. The mediator this always in search to know which the best form to get optimum result with its pupils.

But he does not have an only way to arrive itself at this result and yes ideas, estimated and information that react he practises it of the mediator. Thus the basic objective of the professors is to make with that the children more advance in direction to an intellectual development each sophisticated time. For in such a way, it must have its service the knowledge and the capacity of comment, elements that must walk in the process of the child. Some mediators have in its teses that the children do not have gifts. He has only future. In sarau he starts with the idea of awaking the interest of the reading before the children and with this the possibility of the children if to develop as future citizens who one day will be able to place its thoughts tona. with this aid in conquering the reading in the children we will be able to affirm that we will have a good result. But, and gift? Our children need to be prepared for today so that let us can live tomorrow well. An saying exists that says: ' ' The child in the way still teaches that must walk and when he will be old will not turn aside from it ' '. (Prov. ) Basing on these words we today need to motivate the child to have pleasure in the reading and this since small, to inculcar in its mind the preciosidade that is to like to read, to hear histories, reproduziz them, to dramatizar them, to live deeply them.

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