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Emotional Intelligence

Not asked to evaluate the capability, but if you think you can run behavior. Ask questions in the positive and forget the negative phrases. On how to measure the effectiveness of teamwork in organizations, there are two approaches. The first concerns a set of evaluations of the members on his personal ability to perform particular functions on the computer. The second set relates to the assessment of members on the team's ability as a unit. People with high levels of self-efficacy … Considering the difficult tasks as challenges and faced with perseverance.

Increase your effort to potential failures. After the failures quickly regain their sense of efficacy. Attribute failures to insufficient effort or lack of skills they can acquire Coping threats with confidence that they can control. In tasks that require an effort that involves a highly interdependent system, members must work together successfully to achieve certain goals that the team wants to achieve. Such efforts require a precise coordination of roles and strategies of effective communication, cooperation objectives and a mutual adjustment to the performance of another.

Any type of education have no significant, if not care that the trainees generate judgments of personal competence. What is also interesting that, controlling only the efficacy of the leader of a group, ensures that the group is more happy and satisfied, to make better analysis, which proposes higher goals and achieve better results. According to the demand-control model in stress, the opportunity to exercise control over work activities reduce the stressful conditions of overwork. However, control over work demands is insufficient, it is necessary to increase the perception of efficacy for this impact on reducing the stress experienced. More control without improving efficacy is enervating and demoralizing. Large emotional needs (at work too, of course) are: autonomy, control and ownership. Therefore: Organizations should encourage team work teams and individuals have to be clear about its objectives. Teams and individuals must meet and encourage the participation of all members of teams should be providing security to its members should make organizations are challenging tasks (moderate) and which involve varying abilities. Organizations should encourage high autonomy in their employees' organizations should encourage the use of optimism and positive feedback Finally, note that the perceived competence was negatively associated with burnout (which is a symptom, along with exhaustion and cynicism) , while the engagement (vigor, dedication and absorption) maintains a positive relationship. Title: Emotional Intelligence in the company: self-efficacy

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