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Collaborative Projects

Recently I have found a resource that is worth its weight in gold. It is a complement to your Joomla! (System content management of Internet), which allows you to have a private area on the internet where you have control of all the projects you’re doing and also can take part external collaborators, from anywhere in the world. It’s Projectfork. Let’s look a little characteristics that have this wonderful plug-in: adaptation to the design of the web site: 1) has public interface without template 2) it can be utlized in the Administration site backend 3) can use in the interface of the template that you have installed 4) inherit the styles of active template control Panel 1) introduce the project in which you are working 2) introduce a logo for each project 3) flow of all activity of the ((((project 4) customizable dashboards for information of the project 1) create and archive infinite projects 2) sortable columns 3) direct links to add time, tasks, edit or archive tasks Hitos1) to view filters (((((((((2 tasks) 3 sortable columns) creating landmarks for Task 4 groups) task list with quick time 1) latest task 2) rapidly introduce search management time for tasks with a note 3) enter the time from any page using the panel’s time 4) see the time for each one or all users manage files 1) create folders and nested folders 2) create three text 3 notes) upload files ((((((((project 4) attach files and task calendar notes 1) deadline task 2) events 3) deadline milestone 4) deadline for the project message board 1) subscribe to notification messages by email 2) simplified message function Board 3) responding to messages from conversations about projects 4) configure the text message or use the html editor. (Administracion de usuarios 1) add new users of Joomla! (y deel componente de Gestion de Proyectos 2) the existing import of users of Joomla! in a project 3) give each user the (niveles de acceso granular 4) users can request to join a project if it is visible to the public users 1 Control) all default groups in Joomla! ((((((they have custom permissions (custom groups you can also create) 2) group permissions can be set for each of the permissions of section 3) granular are available for all the actions user profiles 1) upload an avatar 2) between your contact information 3) enter your location extensions and themes 1) frame extension in sections, groups, processes(((, Modes, languages and themes 2) Installer 3 has its own extension) all extensions can be reordered and unpublished 4) most extensions have parameters best of all is that this component is free and you can download it from

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