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Stronger Behavior

To correct their mistakes, the responsibility is very important for adults – but not for kids. Life – is a process of trial and error. All make mistakes. Gerald Weissmann, MD wanted to know more. Succeed in life are the people who know how to adjust their actions by changing their thinking, attitude or behavior. If you make mistakes – normally, a child may, without any fear to recognize them and to extract lessons from them. Click Kindle Direct Publishing to learn more.

Children are programmed to automatic self-correction after committing errors. The main reason why children and adults do not adjust their behavior lies in the fact that they are afraid to admit his mistake. Natural self-correction requires the feeling that make mistakes, fine. The stronger the child is afraid to make mistakes, the more blunted his innate ability to adjust their behavior accordingly. Fear of making mistakes immeasurably increases the likelihood that she still be made. Punish or shame a child for any errors, you strengthen in him a fear and weaken the innate ability to self-correction. Parents need to remember that children – from heaven.

Self-correction – Auto process carried out mainly through imitation and cooperation, rather than punishment and shame. Even if you do not punish or shame a child, self-correction process is gradual. Here, as in teaching any other skills, a lot depends on the characteristics of learning. If a child requires a lot of time to learn what is to blame, neither he nor the parents. He just needed a lot of time. Asking the child to the direction and demonstrating the correct actions, the parent teaches the child the proper behavior, which is the result of constant self-correction.

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Yana Kids

Good teacher, one that can interest children in learning and education, which becomes an authority for his players can hold their attention long enough (under the age features a group of children). But there are kids who may not be immediately opened the adult heart, but once you open, it leads to the strong attachment of the kids. Often – children from orphanages, which until certain age, seeing in every adult, smiling at them, so necessary a parent. Sometimes – it is children who lack the caress in the family, whose parents do not have enough time. This reaction from the child compensates nedolyublennost.

There are kids that are attracted to adults, because with them just interesting and informative than with peers. These kids can play with their peers, and with the kids, but for more serious Questions go to adults. An example of one girl – Yana. First, she became attached to his girlfriend from a group of kindergarten: she was jealous when she plays with others and not paying attention to her, she wanted to be that friend, it the letter "p" learned to speak because her friend started to train her to pronounce (John even before the beginning of her girlfriends to pronounce), she wanted to live where the girlfriend lives, etc. Time passed and John was walking to the music school. There she first became attached to the teacher of singing (in chorus), then – to the older (much) girl Alina. Attachment to the older girl has led to stress. When everyone had gone for the summer, John began to miss the eldest girl, yeah so that at night, woke up with a roar and the words: "I want to Aline!", and the morning were the tears and the name on his lips.

I had to calm the baby about a week. Next was an English teacher. Parting with the teacher was feel this girl as much for three sessions before the end, there were tears, and the last session was marred by hysterics. And after that, the stress of the girl worsened chronic disease of the gastrointestinal tract, and it became patient clinic. If your child is strongly attached to adults, find the first reason for this: either you are really something wrong Doda him emotionally, or too hard he had been treated, but can your child so vulnerable psyche. All these factors must be considered when such problems. Indeed, while the child is small, it can still cope, you can still distract and change the baby on something else. And ahead of adolescence, the first love. What will happen then? Assess the situation correctly, you may need advice child psychologist. Do not let things take their course!

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By Which Oil Of Olive Ecological That Contributes To Our Diet

The production of organic olive oil is based under a production free of any chemical or non-organic contribution about the tree to improve the production of the same. In order to receive this property field must be free of these products for a minimum period of 5 years. Olives freshly collected from the field at an early date to maturity are milled on the same day to avoid loss of water and oxidation of fatty oils of olives, and get an oil golden-green of the highest quality. In Andalusia, the Andalusian Committee for organic farming (CAAE) is the Agency for the development of agriculture and certified organic farming. This mechanism is responsible for controlling the quality of preparation of the organic olive oil.

To thus meet the demanding European regulations (Regulation EEC 2092/91), where farmers subjected to a regime of inspection and control by the service of certification to independently and objectively, examines and certifies all the requirements for its production and processing. Today any of olives that produce extra virgin olive oils that are on the market that do not have the distinction of oil organic, they take several treatments based on chemical and non-organic products. Thus we can find from: poison to kill weeds in summer. Poison to kill the weeds in autumn. Copper and sulfates to avoid that the fruit be bitten by insects. Iron to improve production.

Phosphate, nitrogen, etc. to add nutrients to the Earth. Amino acids, azufres, etc. And thus to a wide variety of products according to the chemicals do not affect the oil since they are for the tree and the fruit never received these nutrients. In addition there is a period of cures to avoid this last. In my opinion: the number of malignant diseases, the number of tumors, rare diseases hitherto unseen, genetic mutations, etc., come due to the incorporation of the products chemicals in our products of first necessity our food! We also wonder generally why I will buy an olive oil which is worth 1 or 2 euros more per liter when they are the same. Considering that a person spends between about 5 to 10 litres of olive oil at the year do considers that is expensive improve your health and the of your family by so only 10 per year of more? Eat organic extra virgin olive oil, avoid phosphates and nitrogens, azufres, copper, poisons in their salads. Eat organic extra virgin olive oil because your body will thank you.

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