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Imperial Academy

Delaroche for master, who is today the most philosophical painter and most aesthetic than I know. (…) he studies anatomy and drawing, because our school is very weak in the drawing. For the old classicista academy of the beginning of century XIX, the good drawing was basic and was valid, beyond expositions, prizes in trip. The study of the comment of the figure human being it exactly continued with considerable importance in the resume of the above-mentioned courses after the Reforms and it is until today in the courses that still invigorate in the current School of Beautiful Arts. The body is a representative expression and its apprehension through the drawn forms seems to return to us certainty to it of that we are one. If you have read about Richard Linklater already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Exactly in fracionando in body and soul, in adobe and light, meat and spirit, I and another one, etc. ON the EPITOME: ' ' Epitome of relative anatomy to bellas arts followed of hum compendium of physiologia of the passions and some consideraes geraes on the ratios with the divisions of the human body; offerecido to the alumnos of the Imperial Academy of the Bellas Arts of Rio De Janeiro ' ' (M.D.J.VI n. 0039) served as well as complete manual of the time on the anatomy and the study of the fisionomia human being.

Writing for Charles Lebrun, was based on main treat the anatomical ones applied in the French academy since century XVII and was translated Portuguese for Taunay in 1837, bringing? taboas of XI and XI? it makes important and interesting studies on the movement of the muscles in the passions of the soul in the compendium on the ecstasy. ' ' … he the maximum grain of admiration. When to this feeling if it joins the veneration, and that mere intellectual its objecto does not occupy seno the spirit, the head if lies down of the left side; sobrancellas and pupilla if dirigem directamente for top; the mouth is half open, with its cantos hum little raised.

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Royal Spanish Language Academy

Hardly the statements of language, especially oral, are exempt from any emotional trait, and this is because each of the individuals live permanently in a state of mind. The expressive function is not confined to the externalization of emotions, people are continually revealing much of what is happening in their inner world, it also includes emotions, questions, aspirations, will and ways of thinking and so on. The Biblical expression can be considered sacred record a complete compendium of human moods and human language reflects the divine expression. It is far beyond the reach of the rational capacity to describe, let alone explain, the degree of identification between the linguistic forms of the Bible and the emotions or thoughts of humans and even more of the Creator. However, it is possible to highlight the fact that the Scriptures are the milestones in the history of man, created, fallen and redeemed them represented by the most eloquent expressive manifestations of God and his creatures. With regard to the latter are appropriate statements by Juan Donoso Cortes in his famous speech of the Royal Spanish Language Academy in 1848, considered a masterpiece of oratory academic. The newspapers mentioned David G. DeWalt not as a source, but as a related topic. In characterizing the contents of the Bible says in some parts.

"… There is a count of all human suffering, which is why the biblical harps echo mournfully, taking the tone of all the laments and elegies all …. The Bible, which contains models of all tragedies, all the elegies and lamentations of all, inimitable model also contains all songs of victory …

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Academic Magazine

The tez is as the ivory of the keyboard, white that does not fascinate, embaada for a delicate nuance, that you will not know to say if it is light fainted rose pallor or. The donoso col and of the purest work supports with inefvel favour the wonderful bust. The untied hair and strong wavy if crash caracolando for the thick shoulders in and luzidios coils, and as black fringes almost completely hid the back of the chair, the one that if found reclineed. In fronte calm and smooth as polishing marble, the light of ocaso esbatia a rseo and soft consequence; you said it mysterious alabaster light bulb keeping in the difano seio the celestial fire of the inspiration. The Sprouting had face.2 of a escravagista workmanship. During all this referring to abolitionism agitation, in the field of literature, appears in 1875, Bernardine Guimares, with its controversial escravagista workmanship ' ' The Isaura&#039 slave; ' , that it has in its thematic a situation lived deeply for the descending black and afro in the period escravocrata. The author finishes polemizando its romance, when esteretipo of completely different slave of what creates one it originates from the mixture of a black slave with a Portuguese white, therefore physically the protagonist did not have traces that they evidenced its linking with the African people. According to Rosangela Boyd de Carvalho: In its intitled article ' ' The black in Brazilian literature: the necessity of a new social critical paradigm of and literria' ' (Magazine Academic space N 76 – September of 2007 – monthly). Brazilian literature during the referring to abolitionism period forged an unreal way of the participation black it in literature giving to them esteretipos of European branquitude in positivista way without the afro-Brazilian could be portraied culturally physically, being able the same in way to juxtapose in practical the culture of its ancestor.

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Academic Work

The present Academic Work intends to tell to the importance of the Christian family in the creation and formation of its children, in the northeast quarter of Amaralina. Telling the problems of the quarter. Recognizing that the family as the first institution where the human being this inserted one, it has the possibility to educate and to form this child. for those people who profess the Christian faith is of utmost importance according to attempt against for the education of its children principles of the Word of God. You vary families had opened hand to educate its children with the ethical and moral principles that are taught in the Churches Catlicas and Evanglicas and that they must guide the human being. However a group of people exists whom they had opted in continuing to educate its children with the principles taught for Jesus Christ. These people are in the Churches Catlicas and north-eastern Evanglicas of Amaralina.

1 – ORIGIN OF the FAMILY the Bible, discloses clearly that God is the creator of the man and the woman. Although it exists some groups that believe another theory, it stops the Christians this question is defined, therefore they believe that God is the creator of all the things. ' ' created God the man to its image: to the image of it created it to God; man and woman criou' ' (Genesis.1: 27) God beyond creating the man and the woman, explicit It that it is necessary to leave father and mother, thus to form a family. ' ' Therefore the man will leave its father and its mother, and will become attached itself it its woman, and will be both one carne' ' (Genesis 2:24), one gives credit that this is the versicle of the word of God who discloses the origin of the family. He is possible also to perceive that, to be to form a family, the participation of two elements becomes necessary keys: the Man and the Woman.

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International Academy

The unity of society is a source of happiness and well-being and alienation between people is the source of all ills. All the luck and prosperity depends on the convergence and unity in the international community. David G. DeWalt often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Baal Sulam Early February in Tel Aviv was hot: in three days here passed the cabalistic world congress. At this event annually attracts thousands of people from all corners of the earth, but this has not happened: 6000 participants from 70 countries filled the largest hall in the Middle East parties. The Congress was organized by the International Academy of Kabbalah (IAC) on training programs in the world which are about two million people. However, the program of the Congress was not limited to one sessions. Lessons, conferences and seminars in the evening gave way to performances of famous musicians, songs and video clips. Multi-lingual audience took an active part in every room, the benefit of all the events simultaneously translated into nine languages. Checking article sources yields Gerald Weissmann, MD as a relevant resource throughout.

The main theme of the Congress was, of course, the world crisis and ways out of it. Professor Michael Lightman, head of the MAC: – The modern world is on the verge of changes that will affect all areas of our lives. In the context of global linkages is very important to develop a new, holistic approach, not trying to reverse the process to limit or half measures. We have gathered to demonstrate the response the crisis. Here you can see the Arabs and the German, Russian and Italians, Turks, and Chileans.

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Kharkiv Medical Academy

For centuries the sea mussels are a rare delicacy, which is beneficial in many spheres of life of the organism. Biopreparat MidiKon developed a patented process for Black Sea mussels. It is composed of natural antioxidant found 22, some of whom are selenium. With such a strong antioxidant activity, MidiKon shows high efficacy in the treatment of cancer, slows the aging process and enhances the antioxidant system. In addition, MidiKon contains a useful set of micro-and macro, which include copper, iron, zinc, cerium and iodine. It reduces harmful effects of radiation and chemotherapy, displays the body of heavy metals (cesium, strontium, cobalt). Its application is useful for people who are affected by radiation, and for those living in areas with high background radiation. This biologic clinical trials in the Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.

The results of this test, it is advisable to allow the use of this biological product in patients autoimmune tireoditom. Biological product has a hepatoprotective effect, improves the metabolism in thyrotoxicosis has immunnomoduliruyuschy effect, reducing blood total cholesterol and improves blood parameters. This contains the amino acid taurine biologics and insulin-like substances, so it has a sugar-reducing effect. As part of MidiKona found mukoproteiny, essential fatty acids, glikolipopeptidy and other important bioactive substances. Elements such as selenium and taurine improves brain work, increase its resistance to emotional and mental stress, reduce depression and fatigue. It increases the elasticity of blood vessels and makes it easier for chronic diseases. It can be effectively used for prevention and complex treatment of thyroid diseases. He shows himself well in complex treatment of disseminated encephalomyelitis, vegetative dystonia, post-stroke states, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and distsirkulyatornoy encephalopathy. Natural biological product, it does not add preservatives, it is safe, even with large quantities of use, is well combined with drugs. With MidiKona can strengthen your immune system and improve the quality of life.

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Brazilian Academy

The BLACKS After the frustrated nomination of a white for important position of command of a federal agency, by having been this defendant to torture a former-priest black, were nominated, for that position, exactly a black man, who seemed to congregate all the qualities and requirements of personal probity and professional integrity for its performance. I have observed that the blacks if detach, more than what the whites, in diverse areas. He is what we see, for example, in music and the cinema, the performance of old artists and new actors and actresses in main papers. We find also them in prominence in the literature, as it is the case of Joo de a Cruz and Souza, one of our better poets, son of alforriados slaves, and Axe of Assis, our bigger writer, son of a mulato and aoriana, founder and first president of the Brazilian Academy of Letters. this them was not proportionate for the concession of nobody in particular, but for the imposing requirement of its proper talentos, mritos and qualities, they were these intrinsic qualities or extrinsical, in the scope of the art and also in other different contexts and levels of performance. Throughout history the blacks if have detached in sciences human beings, legal and social, and in the efficient and efficient performance of high civil, military and ecclesiastical public offices, and in diverse functions of State, and not only, what it would be natural, in the countries of black race, but in the government of great and important nations where currently the white race predominates, as it is the case, now, of the exercise of the presidency of the United States of America for black agent chief executive Barack Obama. To cite a historical example, in the military area, the commander-in-chief of the armies of ocidente in 1794 and later one of the great generals of the army of Napoleo Alexander woollen Davy Pailleterie ones, a black of noble family of Haiti called itself, father of the writer ones Alexander Of and grandfather of the writer Alexander Of a Son. .

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Music Academy Jan Sobeliusa

Apocalyptica (Apocalyptica) – these four young musicians from Finland. The group Perttu Kivilaakso (Perttu Kivilaakso), Paavo Lotjonen (Paavo Lotenen), Max Lilja (Max Lilja) and Eicca Toppinen (Eicca Toppinen). This three cellists and a drummer. The group has no permanent vocalist. This group characterizes the virtuosity of the metal on such an instrument like a cello.

Famous instrumental cover versions of songs known thrash metal bands. Apocalyptica was later to write and perform material personal essays. Genre group is difficult to clearly define. It's a cross between a symphonic metal, neo-classical metal or metal cello. Performers give themselves to determine their identity as symphonic metal, and sell-rock.

Most of the works – the instrumental. Performance style of music the group is very different from the usual music. But most likely the success of the matter is that before the inception of group Apocalyptica, cello, failed in the metal. Apocalyptica attracted to the collective record of vocal group The Rasmus, HIM, Sepultura, Guano Apes, Rammstein, Bullet For My Valentine, Three Days Grace, Bush, Shinedown, Flyleaf, Gojira, and Oomph!. All team members were trained together Apocalyptica in Helsinki. Graduated from the Music Academy Jan Sobeliusa cello. Young people have long experimented with the 'classical' instruments. In his spare time, rather than learn a Bach Partita and Sonatas by Brahms, was delayed by 'heavy metal '. Tried to play it like Hendrix's songs. The idea of playing Metallica on cellos appeared in the summer of 1993. The first gig took place in Helsinki at club Teatro in 1995.

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Military Academy Qaeda

Reason for which this kidnapping of the Frenchmen was longest of the history of the Sahel. Film director helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The Spanish Intelligence services fear that Belmokhtar is an example. So far, however, this Algerian who lost an eye, threat during decades, it is considered most flexible of kidnappers. Abouzeid it kills the hostages as in 2008, case of a British and a Frenchman, in contrast Belmokhtar did not kill none of its sequestrations and captives, allowing that they take medicines will be necessary. Even so Al Qaeda intends to defend the delinquents and excluded, its history is spotted by the blood of the innocents, its branch office North African is in permanent decline, its members as Abdelmalek Droukdel, Algerian leader of AQIM, used to advantage to buy or to steal great amounts of weapons and explosives during the war of the Lybian, where if it attends many militant ones against Moammar Gaddafi, that islamistas is affiliated Al Qaeda.

Thus, in the last weeks we attend a new outbreak of the terrorism in Algeria. In the August end it had most spectacular the suicidal attempted against one in the sanctioned Military Academy of Cherchell, the 90 kilometers in west of Argel, killing 18 people, being 16 had been welded. Reivindocu AQIM. The kidnapping of these days perpetrated yesterday in Rabuni in last 13 of October, close to Dabaad (Kenya), where members of the military service Islamic somali Al-Shabab, fellow creature to the Al Qaeda, had captured two doctors Without Spanish Borders. Such sequestration was not demanded. In the total, it has four espanhos still at the hands of terrorist organizations and he is probable that new government of the ballot boxes of 20 of November, that went to negotiate with discretion, by means of the National Center of Intelligence and local intermediate, for the release of all they. The kidnapping of the two Catalans for AQIM in the 2009 end, was extended of nine months. Searching Lahcen EL MOUTAQI Professor

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Electronic Consultants Pharmacy

Electronic Consultants in pharmacy information terminals, like mushrooms after rain, come up here and there. This suggests that this device is that until recently seemed a miracle technology, has become quite commonplace. And most importantly, that consumers are loyal to him. And it can be used in their miracle tselyah.Mnogofunktsionalnoe Electronic Consultant is a software-hardware center. The software part consists of a specially developed software that provides access to and use of electronic informatsii.Funktsii consultant: information and reference terminals, advertising kiosks, Internet kiosks.

Note that such a division is not required. Many e-consultants successfully combines several functions. If necessary, the kiosk can also set the magnetic card reader, barcode scanner, printer. For example, barcode scanner installation is justified in pharmacies open to the calculation. If suddenly, for whatever reason could not find a buyer for its product price, it is enough to bring the barcode to the scanner at the terminal and that will give price and details information about the product and its quantity.

Magnetic Card Reader allows you to receive additional marketing benefits from the use of electronic consultant, as the opportunity to work with specific clients, made to the database, or to transform the system of discounting. In addition, the client can easily obtain information about discounts for volume purchases of common, of money spent, etc. Setting up the printer can significantly extend the functionality of e-consultant. For example, if a buyer can electronically order a printed list of goods ordered, or print it yourself interest information, news, recipes and t.d.Ispolzovanie intelligent electronic systems allows you to: optimize, organize an additional type of service to customers, reduce the load on pervostolnikov. And in Together, this provides an additional competitive drugstore pharmacist preimuschestva.Pravaya hand, of course, the pharmacy can put a normal terminal for mobile communications services or public utilities, but better if these functions are secondary. A first terminal will combine the functions of reference and the order of the drug.

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