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Reason for which this kidnapping of the Frenchmen was longest of the history of the Sahel. Film director helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The Spanish Intelligence services fear that Belmokhtar is an example. So far, however, this Algerian who lost an eye, threat during decades, it is considered most flexible of kidnappers. Abouzeid it kills the hostages as in 2008, case of a British and a Frenchman, in contrast Belmokhtar did not kill none of its sequestrations and captives, allowing that they take medicines will be necessary. Even so Al Qaeda intends to defend the delinquents and excluded, its history is spotted by the blood of the innocents, its branch office North African is in permanent decline, its members as Abdelmalek Droukdel, Algerian leader of AQIM, used to advantage to buy or to steal great amounts of weapons and explosives during the war of the Lybian, where if it attends many militant ones against Moammar Gaddafi, that islamistas is affiliated Al Qaeda.

Thus, in the last weeks we attend a new outbreak of the terrorism in Algeria. In the August end it had most spectacular the suicidal attempted against one in the sanctioned Military Academy of Cherchell, the 90 kilometers in west of Argel, killing 18 people, being 16 had been welded. Reivindocu AQIM. The kidnapping of these days perpetrated yesterday in Rabuni in last 13 of October, close to Dabaad (Kenya), where members of the military service Islamic somali Al-Shabab, fellow creature to the Al Qaeda, had captured two doctors Without Spanish Borders. Such sequestration was not demanded. In the total, it has four espanhos still at the hands of terrorist organizations and he is probable that new government of the ballot boxes of 20 of November, that went to negotiate with discretion, by means of the National Center of Intelligence and local intermediate, for the release of all they. The kidnapping of the two Catalans for AQIM in the 2009 end, was extended of nine months. Searching Lahcen EL MOUTAQI Professor

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