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Prepare your child for college at the North Star Academy of Minnesota.


Arriving before the Secretary of the Center, greeting and said:-Senorita, come by the response to my request, to continue studies here. The Secretariat, took a sealed envelope in your drawer and reached it and told him:-here is Mr. Apolinario Carpio, thank you for your order.Alli this response, the registration begins next week, read at home and proceed as there shown him.Thank you. Apolinario came out happy, walk a few blocks and go to a soda fountain, sat down at a table, asked for a cup of ice cream and then, while waiting seen, rush opened the sealed envelope of the University. He began to read and I am stunned. His request was denied.

He said the document that: evaluations carried out days before, the showed serious deficiencies in reading comprehension, which were unfit to continue studies in that House of knowledge. Any one of us, by very professional that we could be many times, by attempting to take the hair, joke, could be rejected outright, of any opportunity employment or studies. Many adults, despite the fact that already graduated from the school, still with problems to understand the meaning of a text, not come to realize what you are told, teaches, explains, he advises. Nor with illustrations they can reach to understand the message of his interlocutor. These shortcomings, either by mongolismo, mental retardation, chronic stupidity, poor feeding, development of idiom, are common in our time and serious limitations for the study at a distance for example. Distance education requires that the student be able to understand, understand, and learn with Visual AIDS, summary readings, themes developed in cd, dvd, others to be chosen for the process. Even professionals are graduates of universities that have this problem, which makes impossible them to continue doctoral, master, lagging behind in their careers, while others advance by leaps and, in his specialty.

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