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The Only

Then they invite it noted in a list of waiting, and to shake off the commitment to serve you, they point out that the month that comes come a new batch vehicles, the important thing is that the client will be frustrated that day, by the next day, or a month, or more early take, will occur that the unscrupulous expect; the proposal of customer, suggest if you can force the waiting list or if they can encourage you delivery, so getting to the inevitable, the famous how much there is to do so, or some minimum 10mil or 15mil as thanks for helping him. Earlier, sellers you waited at the dealers, with a red carpet entrance, desperate to put the normal production of vehicles, financing interest rates were high, the initial also and the demanding requirements, and that it could happen that the promotions were competing with suggested prices. Today you cater for pure commitment and after making a queue of 5 or 6 people, that they not interested them in decent, if not greasers of hand buyers. In other words such intervention in the economy and to human culture damaged from decades ago, have formed a horrifying box for the client, frustrated that they cannot obtain what you need. And entrepreneurs, as always, well thanks, not produce more, why not interested, to achieve an image of inability of the Government before the economy and domestic production. On the one hand the capitalists say we are succeeding and the other Government, are overcoming, for at the end, to the common and current the only thing we have left, is a bike or a horse to move us or simply give up and form part of the corruption. Original author and source of the article.

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