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School Environment

Parents who take their children to school are usually quiet at least in one respect, his children come daily to other children. So, regardless of if then make more or less friends, if the socialization that the school offers them is suitable or not for his son, and other matters, there is a plot of the brain that parents who take their children to school can be disconnected, and therefore can relax in this aspect since in one way or another they feel that their children have contact and relationship with other children. Parents who teach at home do not disconnect any parcel of the brain, cannot afford it. Educating at home is an option that requires a proactive attitude in all aspects of training and your child’s life, and that includes their social relations, since not having that feeling that every day is between 5 and 6 hours surrounded by children, you cannot relax in that aspect and is always looking for opportunities for relationship that seem us appropriate and enriching for our children’s development. Usually we usually find some activity that you like children, and that therefore it will do that as well as developing a hobby you can meet other children with a common interest and therefore provide quality relationships, we also relate our relatives in a broad sense, that gives us relationships with people of all ages who want to, and they want us, such as cousins, cousins seconds, nephews or other, in the neighborhood, Park, etc, etc. And these relationships bring us much day to day and are part of our daily lives in our closest environment. But they are unable to meet the need of standardization that children tend to be more aware age, which often correspond to the stage of compulsory education precisely. Lately in education have been calling their peers to the classmates of the school.

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