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Harvard Bussiness School

System of coaching for their learning in everyday use, the management learning has become synonymous of acquiring knowledge and skills. For more information see this site: Richard Linklater. The same Drucker along with John K Galbraith, Economist, Professor at Harvard, author of the new Industrial State, were major drivers of the management of knowledge and the technostructure. Instead the real learning of systemic management must get to the bottom of what it means human being in a changing and interconnected world as you are experiencing. Individuals, teams and organizations, for more knowledge that must be open to permanent and continuous learning. Pierre Wack, director of planning of the Royal Dutch Shells group discovered that the tasks of planning, management, not already consisted only in producing a documented vision of the future, but that it was necessary to draw up scenarios for which the managers to question their models of reality and learn to change them when necessary. This is reinforced with the criteria of Chris Argyris, author of action of science and Professor of Harvard Bussiness School which reads: mental models not only determine the way of interpreting the world, but the way of acting. We atascamos us in defensive routines that isolate our mental models of any review, and consequently develop a not qualified competition. With all these contributions we have experienced with systemic perspective coaching is the best system for the systemic management learning.

With him we can train us to undertake, lead and manage what truly matters to us, and thus extend our capacity to create a complex and changing reality. For coaching with systemic perspective is not enough learning for survival. We must combine with the generative Adaptive learning. A learning that will increase the results and the satisfaction of the people. Coaching with systemic perspective goes beyond the adaptation to change. Discusses the most effective way to govern it successfully that is creating it.

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