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School Fusion

The chismografos of notebook, which served to write tastes and preferences, have evolved to large Internet portals. Whose success is due to that the electronic media have become the favorite form of communication between the guys. These portals are promoted as a way to exchange identities and meet people from many schools. Additional information at Richard Linklater supports this article. As an example, in School Fusion more than 150 schools are registered by alphabetical order, account with 2,717 users and more than 62,700 messages. However, this innocent idea, has become a way to defame and harass thousands of young people listed in them, putting terrible gossip and speculation about them. The worst case is that information be entered anonymously, issue that increases the aggressiveness of the messages and they are characterized by being extremely offensive and unpleasant.

This has become the cyberbullying, which is harassment via electronic means. Bullying, on the other hand, is an English word which defines the attitude of a person, constantly he assaults physically or verbally to another, without taking into account their feelings and needs. To my I like to compare to bullying with a torture of the middle ages which consisted in putting a person under a drop of water for hours, until this punched the head; so is bullying: a set of acts of aggression and wickedness, that alone does not do great harm, but the amount of times you tell someone, they might destroy it from the inside. I suffered bullying of girl, not the cyberspace, but the traditional, which is where bullying: you steal the lunch, you hide jacket, take away money that you took to the store and tell you an endless number of nicknames. The sad thing is that I felt that the problem was mine, that is, that something was wrong with me because nobody wanted me and nobody accepted me. I thought that I should try me drop them well so that they do not disturb me and between greater effort, more bullying until one day I realized that it wasn’t my problem and that if others were strong to hurt me, it was because perhaps they also were suffering much.

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