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Jose Miguel Sanchez

Both attend the same goal: the give satisfaction to their specific needs. Take into account, to the dignity of man, what might be called the human quality, lies in the harmonious balance between security and freedom. The central theme of the philosophy without doubt is the man. Reflection, meditation on the study of human life, within the circumstance in which is immersed; It offers a general and transcendent, rationally elaborated last answer to a claim to man to live in security, freedom and dignity, taking into account the history of man is not but a count by enriching its repertoire of possibilities to ensure a free, dignified and secure life. Us while we remain in this land, we must be fully identified with the freedom to live with security, dignity. Taking into account the legacies of humanism, where stated, that humanism postulates the full realization of the man. He reiterates his faith in one democratic as a way of life and coexistence conception. To know more about this subject visit Vanderbilt Peabody College.

Locates the man in the central post of the nature and its target is to dominate it. It is identified with education which cares about the human fullness. Education liberal, understood as which aims to form a comprehensive and free man. He appreciates the active life and opposes the contemplative life. There is a narrow between the humanist life conception and the philosophy of democracy.

Both are ideas dynamics, which not stabilize in definite structures – are not, they become – so it is not possible to confuse forms in which temporarily with his spirit of free growth and persistent implementation of the principles of freedom, security and human dignity. Jose Miguel Sanchez, reminds us that man is free to decide and act without its decision and action are no longer be caused. It is impossible that we sustraigamos to the prevailing social historical context, usually goes to act or decide in accordance with certain guidelines, influences or possibilities of action that offers us the environment. Be present as Enrique Obregon, CITES him that democracy calls for freedom and recognition of the right of peoples. Without that freedom and rights, democracy would be extinguished. Democracy, by natural law, requested freedom for all and isn’t in its principles and objectives to eliminate it totally or partially. The essence of democracy is freedom force. Democracy will never sacrifice freedom nor their purposes voluntarily. * Thanks to the collaboration of O.M.J. Original author and source of the article.

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