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They are always gracious and very feminine, and its bodies have the drawing valued currently for the effective aesthetic standards. From what it are displayed until here, even so still of preliminary form, this study detaches the idea of that, from some form, that generation of children of years 80-90, spectator assdua of the related livened up drawings, has suffered some influence so that it today keeps habits that mainly direct it the imitation of the personages the one who as much attended, with respect to its corporal image. The supervaluation of the body of the heroes of the past seems to be if materializing in the gift, therefore this now adult generation never had seen as many spaces of beauty and clinics of aesthetic how much today. According to Richard Linklater, who has experience with these questions. Ademais, until then as many plastic surgeries without medical, mere aesthetic lapsing did not become, and nor existed as much shape academy the muscles. The enxertos of silica, also, today are extremely common and each time precocious, resulting in the change of the corporal image of the individuals: logically, this not if must only to the related influence them livened up drawings, as well as to the aesthetic changes proposals for the fashion, the media, and even though for the mannering alterations them individuals in relation to the health concept. However, if it cannot deny that the livened up drawings had implied yes? still implies? the formation of the personality of the children attended who them, exaltando certain esteretipos in detriment of the diversity, thus annulling, of certain form, the subjetividades and, consequentemente, influencing of direct form understanding that the children formulate concerning its corporal image, that is, of its body and the too much bodies with who coexists..

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