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Alcohol Poisoning

The diagnosis of poisoning by alcohol implies the following criteria diagnoses: A. recent alcohol Ingestion B. becoming unaccustomed psychological Changes of behavior clinically sexuality unsuitable, aggressive behavior, emotional lability, deterioration of the judgment capacity and deterioration of the labor or social activity that appears during the poisoning or few minutes after the alcohol ingestion. C. Learn more on the subject from USCB Department of Physics. One or more of the following symptoms than appears during or just a short time after the alcohol consumption: 1) farfullante language, 2) incoordinacin, 3) unstable march, 4) nistagmo, 5) deterioration of the attention or the memory, 6) stupor or comma. D. The symptoms not must to medical disease nor are explained better by the presence of another mental upheaval. As far as aetiology of the upheavals related to the alcohol they appear the following factors: affected father or mother with alcoholism, stop number of of alcoholism in the family, very next genetic relations with an alcoholic one, high degree of alcoholism of this one, conflict in the interpersonal relations, depression, low self-esteem, facility to secure to the alcohol, relative low price of the alcohol, social acceptance of the alcohol consumption, styles of estresante life, university pressure of the mainly adolescent companions and students drink, habit of parents, friendly and admired people, schooling nonculminated, lacking of use, under estatus socioeconomic, physical dependency sensation produced due to taking from regular and consistent way during a course of time alcohol with the purpose of to suppress to the abstinence syndrome, drug-dynamic properties characteristic of the alcohol, evasion to use the drink like means to exclude from the mind disagreeable problems instead of to in front do, frequent solitude or few friendships, changes to them, not to have roots, separation of the loved beings, fear, insecurity or timidity, lack of control emotional, economic culpability, delinquency, problems, I mistreat physicist, positive expectations on the effect of the alcohol on mood and behavior, personal experiences acquired by the alcohol and stress, false attractive to even enter the world of the adults with you rule of childhood, belief in that there is no true diversion without alcohol of by means, biological vulnerability gastrointestinal tolerance of the alcohol, psychological vulnerability extroversion, search of stimulation, antisocial upheaval of the personality, booster positives of the excessive drink as they are its pleasant flavor, euphoria and social autoafirmacin, booster negatives of the alcoholism as they are avoidance of the boredom, avoidance of the anxiety, avoidance of the malaise of the pain, avoidance of the abstinence syndrome, facing of the annoyance, recompensantes effects of the conduct to drink immediate and delayed negative consequences.

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