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Ana Claude

Zira did not see another remedy not to be to go to see about what one was. if came across with Ana Claude, smiling, folloied of one ' ' madame' ' dressed well, calm smile. – Mother, this is the Amlia Owner, director of the school. It to call came me for ' ' I ir' ' in the lesson of the school of it. Zira wise person if did not beat the door, if it beat in the son, if it beat in withdrawal.

At last, ahead of the firmness in the look of Ana Claude and of the imponncia of the director, wound in its pride, yielded, gave of shoulders and with a disdain smile she decreed: – It, but &#039 Takes; ' dispois in one reclama' '. This left the father. It does not go to give in nothing not, owner. – Mother! – And listening here, Nestles: if ' ' oc' ' she will be with it, ' ' in one ' ' she needs to come back. Son mine does not have that to study.

She has is that to learn craft of house para' ' pud' ' to arrange good husband. – But mother, I want to study. I want to learn to have a job and to take off you of this needy life. – I never asked for to favor none to you! Now it goes, goes with it. It makes equal your father and it sees if not return more. Zira did not allow that none of saw it to the two to cry. After the countenances if only to lose in the horizon it gave account of what it makes. if repented bitterly of what it says. But already it was late excessively. Then it was left to fall down in the rocking chair, that in that afternoon seemed to creak still more melancholic.

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