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Andre Neumann Solutions

In order to meet the needs of the industry and the competition ability in the future to ensure the production processes, in particular to optimize across the enterprise and steadily. IBS AG provides a proven and industry-specific software solution for consistent quality, production and traceability management of the electronics industry. It supports the processes of the quality planning up to the parole of the product and enables a consistent transparency throughout the entire product lifecycle. 05.05.2010, theme day IBS software solutions for the medical technology industry and for the middle class. Contact: Uwe Kemmer (CeramTec AG), Herbert Weber (Josef Rees GmbH & Co.KG).

Product manufacturers in the medical technology industry is subject to a strong regulation by the legislature. This compliance with all relevant industry laws and regulations has (such as E.g. the FDA Regulation 21 CFR part 11) top priority. Get more background information with materials from ????. Using the IBS software solutions for quality, production and compliance management requirements can be fully and reliably implemented. All modules are qualified and are successfully validated at the customer. 06.05.2010, theme day error-process matrix & error mode and effect analysis, as well as theme day IBS software solutions for the solar and photovoltaic industry. Contact person: Hans Joachim Pfeufer (employees of the BMW AG.) Head of VDA work groups FMEA and special features), Siegfried Loos (SL-quality management GmbH), Andre Neumann (SMA solar technology AG). More than 10% of the total consumption of heat, electricity and fuels were provided by renewable energy in 2009 in Germany (source: press release of the Working Group on renewable energy statistics for March 24, 2010).

Rapid increases in production volumes and profits, as well as a significant increase in Employee numbers are indicative of this industry. The success of new challenges and change processes may occur. A continuous product and process improvement is an absolute must to secure competitive advantages and to expand. IT solutions that support the daily business maximum are of particular importance.

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