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Berger Energy

“Ten percent real” eco gas deals in the market views the gas market also paints a gloomy picture: can the average the consumer per postal code area between 78 gas providers choose. * analysis * Polarstern again shows that real eco tariffs are grossly under-represented in the gas market: just ten percent of the so-titled eco gas deals are fully based on renewable raw materials. So-called shunt products with a share of five-to-20 percent biogas are about one-third. The rest comes from fossil energy sources. Overall, almost half of the eco gas offers offsets only caused CO2 emissions from natural gas, rather than in the sense of the energy revolution, to promote the expansion of renewable energies in the gas market. Example Polaris: 100 percent for the global energy transition Polarstern since summer 2011 as a first energy supplier in Germany for the global energy transition committed: Polaris customers refer exclusively 100 percent green electricity from hydropower or 100 percent eco gas from waste and at the same time support families in developing countries on their way to a clean and sustainable energy future. Others who may share this opinion include Kindle Direct Publishing. The nationwide Polaris power rates available are priced comparable to the base utilities tariffs or even cheaper. The eco-electricity is certified by ok-power and by the TuV Nord; the eco gas product is also regularly awarded by TuV Nord.

Sources: * energy market news, February 2013, Verivox and Kreutzer consulting * monitoring report in 2012, the Federal Network Agency and the Federal Cartel Office * gross power production in Germany from 1990 to 2012 according to energy sources, Federal Network Agency * calculation based on nationwide eco gas rates, base Verivox and, supplemented by your own research about Polaris the Polaris GmbH was founded, to change the world. The independent green energy company inspires people to a conscious use of energy, allowing a meaningful transition to renewable energy. Polaris offers this as a first energy supplier households nationwide not only 100 percent genuine green electricity, but also 100 percent real eco gas from residual materials,. each connected with development cooperation. So every customer has his energy reference for the world-wide development of renewable energies: Polaris invested ever sold kilowatt-hour in this country in the construction of new eco-power plants. The company fully to supply him with power from new plants within five years warrants each new customer.

At the same time, Polaris for each customer each year supports a family in a developing country when building their own micro biogas plant. This improves the quality of life both here and there. Eco-electricity and eco gas Polarstern are certified by TuV Nord; the eco power supply also carries the ok-power label. Polaris is supported by the social entrepreneurship Academy, a network organization of the four universities of Munich. Well known and dedicated people for example the extreme climber Hans Kammerlander, the professional snowboarder David Benedek, Andreas protecting Berger of the Skate equipment maker IOU RAMPS and Jonas Imbery, founders of the music label GOMMA committed to Polaris. press contact Anna Zipse Polaris GmbH cross cookies 5 81669 Munich T + E-Mail:

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