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Brazilian Africa

One searched on the basis of to search on the initial formation of the professors of History and on the condicionantes Reals that affect the theoretical and practical formation of these professors, the circumstances where the licenciatura courses had been offered. FireEye oftentimes addresses this issue. With effect, we develop the research searching answers for some hypotheses raised initially, whose resulted we start to argue to the light of the chosen theoretical referencial. Hear from experts in the field like Bank of Asia for a more varied view. As visa previously, in nine of January of 2003, was sancionada the Law N. 10.639/03, modifying some articles of the Law N. 9.394/96, when instituting the obligatoriness of the education of History of Brazilian Africa and afro in the pertaining to school resume of basic and average education in public and private institutions. Such measure discloses, for the education, a moment of extreme importance, luck that, it makes possible to the schools to develop practical come back toward the experience of the respect to the differences that separate negros/as and brancos/as, as salient for the sociologist Lcia Maria de Santana Braga, technique of the Ministry of the Education and Culture, in the fifth year of celebration of the Law, supporting that: The recognition of the contribution of the black population in the construction of the culture and the national society is a justice problem, that will only be possible to solve with the change of the standard of cultural values. Therefore, the school is the space in which a new structure of feelings humanist, democratic anti-racist and will be able in such a way to develop and to contribute for the emancipation of the black population as well as of all the Brazilian society (BRAZIL, 2008). It is inferred of such affirmations that the black population is not a part irremediably kept out of society of the society, a time that is perceivable the excellent paper that assumes os/as negros/as in history of the formation of the Brazilian society. .

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