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Brazilian Literature

The nationality instinct looked for to affirm itself and to become each more conscientious time for some forms, being had as great contruibuinte Axe of Assis that of a very significant form represented in Brazilian literature the definition of the national character in its peculiarity. Of this form, the realism brought for Brazilian literature a great advance in what it says respect to the conquest of a space for our cultural roots directed toward the question of the nationality not as thematic, but yes with an interior feeling come back toward the Native country a time that, was one of the literary schools that more good it expressed social scene, describing and characterizing with much truth the social, historical context and politician of a nation that grew economically in full century XIX. In short, this work taught to perceive how much if it can make, when it is given credit the Brazilian literature that leads the formation of readers compromised to the nationality feeling. To enter in contact with a literary work avocado in the close traces of the character and the civilization the one that belongs to represent of intense form the national wealth serves of agreement of that some ways of if valuing the atavist literary creation exist, contributing for the construction of an identity and transformation of the reality which if lives, exhibiting an enviable ability to celebrate the act to say yes to the Brasilia, the ethnic plurality and the cultural diversity. References ASSIS, Axe of. Collected works.

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