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3Rd and last, it is important to note that much has been said and written about the possibility of abolishing the letter h in the Spanish alphabet. However, this so far has not happened. For example, the former President of Argentina from 1868 to 1874, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, writer, statesman, official, known across the continent as America’s teacher, proposed on one occasion democratize, i.e., facilitate writing the Spanish language suprimiento the letters h and j. It is said that this proposal was not supported by Britain, at that time, imperial power that could intervene in decisions cultural, political and economic of the majority of the Nations of the world. Things veredes Sancho!, said Don Quixote at his sensible Squire. Personally, I think that there are commercial and cultural criteria in game to not delete the letter h of the Spanish alphabet. Imagine a printing press of the 1950s; they have prepared a type, a piece of metal, representing the letter h. From one day to the other, the Royal Spanish Academy accepts and reports that the h has ceased to exist.

(Note that while this cultural institution only suggests rules to be used in the Spanish language, when he proclaims them, usually having a high degree of acceptance, given his academic authority in Spanish-speaking societies). The printing of our example has already printed 2000 copies of only one of his books are already on sale other 20000 there are thousands of publishers in the world there are also thousands of teachers, professors, writers, intellectuals, etc., that can not write the letter h from night to morning. Also, use it gives us a certain social prestige. If you, dear reader, te llamaras Hector, as the mythological character of the Iliad, poem ascribed to Homer, and if you’re agree with deleting the h of the Spanish alphabet, would you like your name, the overnight, to write Ector? And if you te llamaras fairy, dear reader, would be agreed with write Ada? Visit the website of the author: kinds of Spanish in Buenos Aires, Argentina Grammarama author: Mariangeles Di Paola is private teacher of Spanish language in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Offers for small groups, and individual Spanish classes as well as also workshops of tango lyrics, writing in Spanish and intensive courses.

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