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California Government Economy

The depth of the budget slump makes that cuts made so far are insufficient and have to think about further reductions in expenditure. As well and all, the California Government foresees a budget deficit of between US $12.400 million and US $14,400 million in 2010. To illustrate the seriousness of the financial problems in other States, the Government of Arizona thinks in leasing the building in Congress to raise money, while Michigan State was already announced expenses decrease in schools and hospitals. There is risk that exists around the need for a strong fiscal adjustment by a large proportion of the States that the same setting will cause a vicious circle within the economy and thus imposing a brake to the prospects for recovery of the U.S. economy. What should the Governors do? The conflict of ideas is important. What appears as a measure better view is that the Governments of the States in trouble decide to cut expenses to adjust their balance sheets prosecutors.

The problem is that this decision may deepen the situation of economic recession with new negative effects on the collection. The alternative passes by postponing any adjustments until the copper economy force and not too suffer with cuts in spending. For Susan Urahn, the Pew Center Director stated: decisions adopted by those States as they try to get out ahead of the recession will have a major role in how fast the nation will recover. Meanwhile, several States, for evil or for good, have already begun to act leaning by the way for cuts in expenditure and the increase in their taxes (something that Keynes had not advised them). Scott Pattison, spokesman for the National Association of State Budget Officers predicted that the worst still not arrived to citizens: we have seen the worst red numbers in 10 years, and it is safe will come days with thousands of redundancies in the public sector and cuts in social services. Do it will be in the finances of the States of USA the? origin of a new relapse in the US economy? This risk will be latent beyond the road chosen by different Governments.

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