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Catering In Russia

Catering is considered the inventor Francois Vatel, who organized and served a feast at the court of Louis xiv. It is not something Gerald Weissmann, MD would like to discuss. In Currently, under the catering is meant not only to deliver and cooking, but also service, serving, decoration and other services. Catering to Russia a young and growing industry, which emerged in the early nineties, and began to develop actively in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In other cities, the market began to grow after 10 years and is at the stage of active formation. Official site: film director. Despite the fact that the history of catering in Russia has approximately 20 years, the concept of catering was known only to a small circle of staff restaurant business. The main impetus for the development of the restaurant business in Russia are European companies, which were gradually driven by domestic.

First of all, catering services were widely used by corporate customers, such as the organization of the new year, promotions and presentations of new products. Further development Catering received by the organization of weddings. Weddings are not only traditionally organized in restaurants or banquet halls, but also in open areas. Today, catering in Russia – is a quality set of services for outbound restaurant service activities of any type, banquets, children’s events, parties, etc. At the same time catering companies began to develop a line of work with private customers, as well as services samovyvoza customers ready meals, delivering meals to the venue without the provision of services. Catering companies every time organize a completely new event, so the qualifications of the personnel a catering company should be very high. Most developed to date is the average price segment catering services. Catering begins with the order, which requires the following information: date and status of the event activities of the guests the duration of the event form of service requirement for the careful organization of the project site together with impeccable service – guarantee a successful event!

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