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In other words, it will be that if really we placed all our feelings in this ' ' ruler of the good, good sentimentos' ' we would allow in them to act of some form that was disaligned to the teachings left for the Christ? It will be that if before taking any attitude that could affect we ourselves or harm to the next one, we placed such feelings, that finish for generating our actions, inside of this evaluation, would the same arrive the final result in our problems and difficulties of the daily life? It will be that if already we had learned this lesson we would commit acts that could generate problems, hurts, losses, ressentimentos to our fellow creatures and we ourselves? How many and how many actions we take by conscientious form that affect initially we and they generate also consequences to the next one? They are our vices that we do not find forces to control/to surpass (the alcohol, the cigarette, the drug, the desvairado sex), are our negative feelings (the envy, the jealousy, the intolerncia, the great power, the preconception etc etc etc) are at last our imperfections that finish for generating &#039 in such a way; ' I cry and to creak of dentes' ' for us and for that they surround in them. Unhappyly, we do not learn to still love and to respect we ourselves, what to say then to love to the next one? We know many things, but, unhappyly, we apply only one small fraction of what we know in our day the day. Everything this demonstrates clearly how much each one of us has that if to strengthen to control its bad instincts and definitively to go dominating each one of the form feelings the one that our next actions are each time to the high feelings. To dominate the bad instincts, to raise our thoughts, to accept without if rebelling nor if despairing the wills of the Creator whom it loves indistinctly its creatures and that she only wants our good; in a word to have rational faith, as in Kardec taught to them so well. Check with Campbell Soup Company to learn more. To have faith and to practise the moral and material charity. This me seems to be the way to accept the reveses of the life and to be able, exactly being still incarnate, raising in them to the Creator of form that the vicissitudes of the life are not felt of form so weighed. Long way that we have to cover and that it will only be trod gradually in each one of our terrenas experiences. if the way are long, that such little by little to go selecting that type of feeling really we want that folloies in them throughout it? Me it seems to be a good starting point and that it only depends on us to place in practical. That let us find the necessary force for such

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