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Elderly Show 2013 In Nuremberg

Successful participation of the company Allpress Ries hydraulic service and Pressen GmbH at the Altenpflege trade fair 2013 in Nurnberg the company Allpress Ries hydraulic service and presses GmbH in Stutensee-Spock for the first time at the Altenpflege trade fair in Nuremberg took part. The Allpress Ries company has presented in recent years by smaller trash compactors and vacuum device for incontinence waste product offerings. The target group of nursing homes and hospitals are therefore for Allpress Ries and AirNeutral GmbH of constantly increasing importance. There are offered not only the products themselves but also the detailed follow-up guaranteed by the review pursuant to the statutory accident prevention regulation (UVV tests) and the maintenance of equipment. For the compaction of waste in normal litter bins MGB 1100 l, RIES 1100 offers the Abfallverdichteter CP. The hopper is pushed over a guide below Press spoon. The waste is thrown. The compacting in the via a two-hand operation MGB 1100 vessels.

By permanent re throwing a waste, the waste is compressed gradually. The wheels of the MGB 1100 be relieved, drives a bottom plate before the maximum pressure is reached, upward and lifting the hopper. The 4 wheels of the tank will no longer touch the ground. Thus, the roles of the container before the loads on wheels are protected. For the first time, Allpress Ries exhibited a small waste press for MGB 240 l container. A swivel arm allows to successively filled the container manually and then the waste is summarized by the pressing plate. The press type CP 240 DUO presses with approximately 500 dN in the container in and compacted approximately in the ratio 1 to 3.

For medical practices, nursing homes in the city, restaurants in the downtown area, small hotels, and other businesses this may be a useful solution in the future, to reduce many waste containers to a tolerable level. Also the aspect of cleanliness should be observed. At the fair in Nuremberg had lively Allpress Ries about this product. For the first time, Allpress Ries presented a sealer, the Vacumet, for a clean and hygienic disposal of incontinence bags with deodorization and sterilization. He filled incontinence bag during the vacuum process with an odor neutralizing agent type BDCL 501 handled the company AirNeutral GmbH, which deals with odor neutralization technology for many years. This is fully automatic and easy to use. Once the vacuum in the vacuum chamber, the special is 5-layer bag hermetically sealed and once again sprayed with BDCL 501. The neutralizers is a chemical biological active ingredient, which completely again dissolves after evaporation. This completely eliminates the foul smells that otherwise exist when all conventional vacuum devices. Through an integrated UV lamp that is now incorporated in the Vacumet, the exhaust is hygienically safe and clean from the vacuum chamber in addition sterilized, which significantly reduces the risk of infection in old people’s homes. A corresponding product film about the Vacumet you can see on the homepage of Allpress Ries 2.5 minutes. All press Ries performs also the proper review of all waste compactors and vacuum devices according to the valid regulations of the accident prevention with specially trained technicians. The tests are checked after a special check list, worked out with the TuV product service electrically to the VDE 0702, if necessary, hydraulically and mechanically. Also, we have a short movie on the website under: uvv test and reparaturen.html Allpress Ries hydraulic service and Pressen GmbH at any time under the telephone number + 49 7249 9477-0 accessible. In addition, you can write us at the mail address.

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