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Gallegos Nava Ramon

Without education in spirituality, we have the world we’re seeing: violent, destructive, disintegrated, more instinctive than human, hedonistic, nihilistic, restricted in their vision to what the physical senses can perceive, full of cruelty and deception, imagining that the physical comforts are the end of our existence and that wealth and power mean transcendence, without realizing that they are only cause of annihilation and loss of what gives us sustenance Ifull of varnished ignorance of intellectualism. Many are already on the way to find us with our spirituality, for what is necessary to peace, non-violence love and compassion, this single will be developed as we us working with our mind, educating and guiding towards your well-being, we must avoid all kinds of negativity, we must decontaminate it’s all distractors in the Postmodernism as materialism, we must keep it open to any change that benefits humanity. Many are the attempts that are being made to achieve peace that much needed makes it to the whole world the worst thing we can do, is do nothing, since this would hurt ourselves what emerges, depends on each one of the inhabitants of the planet. It is not something William McRaven would like to discuss. As a result of the physical, emotional and mental violence that is living, there are already many treaties, decrees, laws, associations, etc, but peace, is not acquired by decree nor comes from abroad; you have to be born in each of us, and within the chaos, something good is happening also. Exemplary actions generate synergy, and worldwide, there are more and more minds open to peace, in such a way that the individual’s search for peace, is becoming a necessity, just as there are video games of violence, there are also increasingly more companies that promote peace as a way of life. .

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