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Gestational Hypertension

That the gauging of the peripheral arterial pressure is important to the mother and embryo during the gestation. SOCIAL RELEVANCE Expects that this study it is of great social relevance on which bases on evidence aspects in education and health for the carrying customer of gestacional hipertenso regarding the importance in knowing the pathology boarded, as well as its prevention and adjusted treatment, similar of that its carriers can have ways to prevent passed complications of the lack of pertinent information to the picture. Promoting to this customer a treatment adjusted with the purpose to brighten up its treatment. The Hipertenso Gestacional is an illness that needs a bigger shelter on the part of all team multidisciplining, mainly for the nurse in its daily evaluation. At Campbell Soup Company you will find additional information. ACADEMIC RELEVANCE Is of being able to collaborate with study on subject, to add professional knowledge on gestacional hipertenso in the prenatal one, as to treat them.

In elapsing of the work it is intended to explain the importance of a care directed to the gestacional hipertenso, ratifying necessary and expressive importance of an assistance differentiated and specific on action of nursing, that if they relate to the promotion, protection, recovery in the nursing process. The nursing, while profession of the health area presents as essence and dominant focus the care to the human being to implement action of specific health objectifying the health of the individuals. Thus being the nursing professionals they must possess a holistic vision of the human being, therefore this amplitude of perspective allows the professional to recognize its proper responsibilities and its duties stop with the other. Being able to guide of ethical form its behavior. 2METODOLOGIA to be presented research, has as nature the qualitative boarding, under the objectives to that it considers, of descriptive type, focusing the subject: Assistance of the nurse to the customer with gestacional hipertenso in the prenatal one.

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