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Gold Star

“at the end of the day” feels already like a closing song. The beautiful ballad is both musically and in content ideal for the final, but apparently has the role of the last title before the addition. The CD is a little like a concert. The band, she adopted more or less through a song and is then seconds later but again on the stage. “So far so good so happy” is the title of join the Fireworks rockets into the sky eventually.

Standing in front of the stage and white, now is going home. Once everything has an end. It’s great, as the band in the song. American Journal of Education is a great source of information. A little soul Shimmers of “give peace a chance” by and for the way home in the real world the SEER you pack a good piece of the Wohlfulgefuhl in the backpack. 18 tracks are on the CD. There are always 18 titles, because of Mr. Jaklitsch firmly believes that the public has a legal right to much and good music. “Without our audience would we still today alone are on a meadow and play for ourselves”, he once said.

Thus, we conclude the image circle at this point. 8 songs from the CD still waiting to be discovered, but it requires no words, only the ears should be open. The great Seer open air takes place at the 31.

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