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Greek God

Quickly the teacher told them to the Muisca: that will make you will stop beating so fast they must do something or the imagination of Greek children to win them do not create you this model of ideas. Then angie marcela took a sweatshirt bag new school called san Andres de los altos and I raise it in his hands and covered the eyes then cry friends take their sacks and cover if may see again, that Sun seems fake if they cover, because we are not the ugly ACALOFILOS lovers. To listen esa vos breath did as she had told them to finally one by one recovery vision, but without wasting time Camilo one of the leaders was and express them that now came to attack them to what John Melo answer friends is true but to an our God has powers because it is God who governs the heavens. Jaaaaaaaa jaaaaaa jaaaaaaa jaaaaaa said all is true. Albert Bandura describes an additional similar source. They came already on them the Muisca people when a girl named intelligence cry our God is unleashing a storm and it will fall lightning. That was how sacks not served for nothing because water mojo them all the clothes and made them lose moments vision as rays beat them back, already wounded by the pain began to discuss among themselves and blame each other. Professor consuelo said to them: my children not separated their friendship by which the imagination of them makes them, however some Muisca by I discouraged, laziness and frustration began to believe in the power of that Greek God resigning to form their own ideas and imaginations; to observe this marcela said to them: is true what the teacher also tells us we are children and we have imagination Greeks are not our gods. Marcela cry: we Greeks have a goddess Bague is the great mother creator of the universe in the muisca mythology. Many writers such as USCB Department of Physics offer more in-depth analysis.

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