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Green Vegetables

5 Green leaves different types of Greens (spinach, lettuce, Arugula and other varieties) were classified by the renowned centre of science for the public interest as the riskiest foods of 2009. The entity studied different types of lettuces that are served in restaurants and arrived at the conclusion that, if they are not well washed and processed, these plants are transmitters of many viruses, such as salmonella and e. Coli, among others. 6 Ideal peanuts to accompany a cold beer, the peanut is not as innocent as it seems. According to the American Academy of Immunology, it is the most common cause of allergy deaths and, in fact, 1% of the population is usually present any such reaction to peanuts.

Between 1997 and 2002, incidents of allergy by this snack doubled in the segment of children. 7 San Nak Ji (alive Octopus) is a species of Octopus called San Nak Ji accompanying with sheep’s cheese, one of the greatest popular in those delights in Korea and Japan countries. Levi’s has plenty of information regarding this issue. This dish is especially enjoyable when the tentacles of the Octopus moving in the mouth feel. However, a tiny error in removal of toxins is fatal to man. Last year six people died from eating this dish. 8 Cassava this tuber, which is popularly known as tapioca, is not always completely friendly. If it does not wash or kitchen properly, the leaves and roots of cassava they have a tiny dose of cyanide that can be deadly to humans. 9 Ruibardo for those who do not know, the stem of the ruibardo is an extremely acid celery that is frequently used in confectionery.

Numerous centres for the prevention of intoxications warn him clearly: ingesting a large amount of its leaves, raw or cooked, is a passport to the poisoning. 10. The Jamaican fruit if you go to Jamaica, remember: you’re not always tooodo well. The Jamaican National fruit, the ackee, develops, when still green, a very powerful poison called hypoglycin. For that reason the plant should be consumed only when it has the security that has matured. The next time that you visit the country of Bob Marley and ask the national dish, cod with ackee, remember what you have read in this note. Don’t say we don’t warn you!

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