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Heimathafen Neukolln

The Kreuzberg with loaf and Soul”is dedicated to his lyrics and his voice his neighborhood. The audience is enthusiastic, relaxed and claps with. The legs of the audience can keep not silent at this music and bouncers in the bar. A successful round recital of a special kind! Thomas Moser Baird-press ( for the link to the artist: admission: 12-16 euro venue: Heimathafen Neukolln in the Hall (in the Hall), Karl-Marx-str. 141, 12043 Berlin on Karl-Marx-Strasse underground station further performance dates: Friday, October 30 > 20:00 Saturday, October 31st > 20:00 Wednesday, 04th November > 20:00 Thursday, 05th November > 20:00 Friday, 06th November > 20:00 Saturday, November 7 > 20:00 Sunday, 08 November > 20:00 over the stadium home port NEUKoLLN in the Hall the Heimathafen Neukolln for its population program a new anchorage found: In the Hall is finally the dust swept from the folk theatre and old Berlin a new shine antics and Gassenhauern. At the same time, the homeland with current pieces brings the current Neukolln on the stage – but above all: the Berlin to again to get her old entertainment district of Rixdorf and enjoy yourself right here! Popular theatre is simple, direct and accessible for everyone. And the home port of Neukolln, reminiscent of the old pieces would today continue that.

With new productions of old Berlin pieces Rixdorf to builds on the past of the Hall in the famous entertainment district. Works of Neukolln and Berlin writers today the Heimathafen Neukolln deals simultaneously with the current issues of the district. But the folk theatre was already in the 1920s even more: Cabaret, music and of course: dance. In the Karl-Marx-Strasse have by now on different cultural activities under one roof. There is something for everyone: in addition to our own productions in the acting and musical theatre, as well as selected guest appearances there are concerts, the Saturday BallhausDISKO,. “Readings, the biggest challenge of Neukolln poet Saalslam”, the open stage Avanti Dilettanti “, a theatre Youth Club and more.

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